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Tell me what kind of film / glass is better to buy?
Those that hat already ordered.
1) SHYI frostedStrongly distorts the image. Already I think unstick as the eyes follow.
2) Lamorniea UV. All phone smeared in glue, but one corner had not grabbed. The rest laid down perfectly. I think to order some more.
3) CHYI3D. Half a year passed with him. Protects against scratching, but disgusting oleofobka, the screen constantly dirty. And not on friendly terms with the original cover.

Maybe there is an option with full coverage without frames?
ESR found the frame to install, user-friendly, but glass with an incomplete coating.

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Guys. I use filmschyia long time ago. But they are not case friendly. I have to constantly cut with scissors 2 millimeters. Is there like a film but in the case? S10 +

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PutIN @ 03/13/20, 16:27*
I was on such Notes 9 .... chestno- not.

Well, then, for the Notes 9. At least a year between them. Changing materials changing technology.
In comparison with Ringke Dual Easy Film (transparent) andChyi, Araree best, from the factory. A matte Ringke I also have. I'll try it when araree poistrepaetsya.

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* Kotletos71 , Matte on the rear face and pasted. For a couple of months in some places Easterly (it becomes glossy) especially the rear side. But help from slipping. When the issue price can buy a few and change as abrasion (the process is not troublesome). I took with Ali Chyi .

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* Redsskorpions,
This has long been said, the choice of: a hydrogel or glass frames (ie% is not high-quality glass), if there is a desire and patience, the glass without a frame can also be glued entirely to the UV adhesive. I tried, but quite difficult and there is a great chance to fill speaker and buttons.
At the moment, there are two windows that I have arranged, but they are the same, the difference in price only
5D glass

It is also advised to try this glass (ordered), but when it comes is not known:CHYIredmi K20

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larik2133 @ 26.09.19, 23:09*
CHYI3D curved film for Xiao mi Red mi K20 Pro protection mi 9T screen full coverage nano hydrogel film with no glass instruments mi 9t

somebody in Ukraine met?

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CHYI3D curved film for lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Z6 Lite Screen Protector Youth full cover hydrogel film with tools not hardened glass

I bought films from this store.
really like the tactile sensation.
Imprint works well, I 2 times scored one finger.

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Hello everybody! If there were oldy amateur films on your phone, you can share the link with Ali. Matte film, glued simply superb, probably the first and only film that I'm stuck without any bubbles in the center and the edges dispersed all perfect. The film almost does not get dirty, do not distort the color. Links for some reason did not attach not the application is not the site. I attached a photo of the goods. ScoreCHYIVIP STORE

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vitalik89 @ 26.03.20, 07:37*
Bubbles of air is krivorukost when glueing and dust is a dust. On the hydrogel dust also is not going anywhere, like on a conventional film oleofobki only on the hydrogel is not at all

Bubbles from the air - a speck of dust in the middle of the bubble. On the hydrogel bubble disappears, a speck of dust will remain, too, can leave a speck of dust on a normal film, but is very tired of the bubble to expel. Oleofobka very good in the hydrogel, namely IMAK andCHYI

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Leave a review about the film - matte gidrogelkuCHYIcurved for samsung:
I do not like it - too much color grain. Of course, I understand that this is a feature matte film, but I do not like a grain.
And a great film: paste, like a glove, the scanner works fine, no cover is lifted up, the finger slides perfectly. Actually it would have been great if not for matovast.
Now I will order the usual, not matte.
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Tore factory film (all already pokotsali, fall generally does not tolerate because of the hardness).
pokleitchyi- a very decent quality. Slide your finger became noticeably better, glued quite easily. And most importantly - it's a hydrogel, it is soft and much better through various effects, even if it will cut - it will be pasted back and will not be as noticeable as on the type of solid films of the factory.

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BanditUrala @ 28.03.20, 20:54*
possible to find
I took 3 pieces here
#Aliexpress US $ 3.00 24% Discount | Curved foil 3d-CHYIHuawei Mate for 20 Pro, Screen protector Mate 20 lite X RS Nano, hydrogel film Mate 20X 5G tools, not the tempered glass

And by the way, there are now 10 years aliekspressu and very good prices, I zkazal for $ 51 1TB disk with charging for huawei, we have already sent. If you interested to receive a coupon

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* Katusha2392 And I ordered from the hydrogel film chyi At the same time and on the same camera. The film is awesome, 'oleofobka' almost like a native screen traces of truth are more visible ... And there's a big minus - the film camera on a triple did not want to go to normal. And it is not the same company as the film on the screen and the backdrop (((

Ps .: Can someone tell me the normal selling from Alisher to protect the cameras?

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Came two glasses from the companyCHYIFull of disappointment. Not gluing both about 0.2 mm along the perimeter of the stack, hoping that it will be night (((not passed. For myself, concluded that the most suitable glass for this model go on a white substrate with green labels.
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Prices for such glass is from 2.6 to 4.8 $, depending on the store.

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sukraM @ 31.03.20, 7:58*
hydrogel film fromchyiAt the same time and on the same camera
Cover film optics the main advantages of our system, IMHO, is not worth it. Whatever quality it is, certainly it will affect the photos and videos. Sufficiently high skirting cover from scratches.
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Redmi K20 / Xiaomi Mi 9T - Accessories (Post roman19050 # 94693986)
Aside from the price difference. # _B02ncX # and even cheaper
HaveCHYIalso edge poorly handled, there is a full round-offs, with the gestures, especially from the bottom, it is unpleasant (

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* Villeman , I now have a hydrogel CHYI - not very satisfied. In the subject written about Cafele glass without frames, but it does not reach the edges of 1-2 mm. I understand if the glass to the edge of what would not cursed due to rounding (have to pour the gel). Interestingly there are curved glass?

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I bought from a hydrogel filmChyi.
In general, the film is not bad, but there is no promise of bloat in the corner of the screen.

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Glued glass: € 2,10 25% OFF |CHYIredmi K20 Pro glass screen protector for xiaomi Mi 9t Pro Super Glass Oleophobic Coating full glue cover redmi Note 6 pro

Oleofobka good finger slides about as well as in their own glass. Fingerprint works without problems. The edges of the glass are not rounded and felt his fingers, but if used with a cover that does not. Paste the easy blistering after a week of use there.

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* Malachi ,
Without protection is impossible to walk, was shot a film that was already in the phone, a week later I noticed that there were barely visible scratches, so I quickly ordered a glass Mocolo, but the problem with it, so perhaps it will be necessary to buy a film from hydroCHYI.

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