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* ham_yak , to boom, there is only a mini headset. She looks the same. I read reviews about these and Lenovo, Lenovo has a rechargeable case, but they speak better by sound.

That's about the sound and wanted to ask who will say what.

By the way, the paverbank took very cheaply, if you need someone:

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Wireless charging more:

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Posted on 03/29/2019, 23:23:

223.97 rubles. 16% DISCOUNT |CHYI3D curved Film for Xiaomi mi 9 Screen protector 9 mi SE explore full coverage mi 9 pro nano hydrogel film is not tempered glass

Cool-looking film, let's see what comes.

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* Leshik2 The question is not understood. What amok?)
CHYIthe best option.

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KZT 1,358.55 10% DISCOUNT |CHYI3D curved film for Xiaomi mi A2 6X mi mi X 6 3 2 Note Full Screen protector coverWith installation tools do not tempered glass

The holes came up perfectly. Along the edges of scoring there. Pleasant to the touch. Includes 2 film, and a full set of tools.

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Ordered Chewie tempered [URL =http: // 197,50rub. 41% DISCOUNT | 2 pcs. / LotCHYIoneplus to 6 m Screen protector tempered glass oneplus 6 tons protective film on the entire body for oneplus 5 T] Here [/ URL] As a result, it's two different windows. 5d and 9d. The guided selling, it is not clear. The dispute did not open, for the price of 190 в‚Ѕ per set. The difference, as they say, visible to the naked eye.

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dimoxa6233 @ 4.04.19, 10:37*
anyone seen on Alyx such case? It is this that is similar to I've seen with other inscriptions. In this I do not find.
267.64 rubles. 20% DISCOUNT |ChyiCase for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 First 5 6 pro Case luxury Tempered Glass Back Cover silicone protective frame carpet
Yuzal .. 2 of longer than a month or 1 is not the elderly)

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* A.X.E.Z. , chyi

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green-08 @ 06/04/19, 13:44*
On the sides are not "eats" the visible part of the display? You have itglass?

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In opposition to the treasuryESRvsBaseus
ESR vs Baseus
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ESR - frame already oleofobka +/- identical. Glued without problems.
p.s. ESR stuck feeling super (recommend), Was Nillkin 3D CP + MAX, ESR except the coating surface area of ​​the screen, nothing than not worse.

There were: NILLKIN Amazing H + Pro original Xiaomi (All with a cut under the brow) chyi / Matt (and not glued) and another 4 pieces of different nounemov (type such a It is quite good, as a temporary, yet normal, he took on 25p. : Happy:), as it was hydrogel film Which is ideal pokleit and could not: beee:

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1. Tried different window, sat a long time with CHYI Do not like the phone is visually looks much worse plus dust under it flies over time. Tried boneyir liked, but did not like the fact that even a standard cover it squeezes so took on the first day. Who I ordered 9d, then threw a couple of pages back, too, did not like that the edges are empty places. Now I think or walk without glass, or order the film. What is now fit the film? Xiaomei, qbcraft?
2. Advise where to buy the original power supply, bothered to use an adapter.

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everyone who thinks about purchasing a hydrogel film, I do not advise to buy it in the shop specified in the header (Chuichyi). Now it comes with no tools for flat gluing, supposedly more modern version (the new generation). in fact different from the one shown in the video instructions in the ad, glued disgusting and glueing decreased by vertikali.pri fitting on a substrate everything is OK, the feeling that it is spread out over the substrate and gluing squeezed. generally spoiled the seller, by the way paid separately at the film delivery were 22 days, as a result aliekspress one day decided in my favor, because the seller sent not understand that and did not meet the deadline.
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Posted on 09/04/2019, 20:43:

bubbles incidentally evaporated per hour is set off ...

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Hello, it's glassCHYI! Glass is good, even on the previous phone frosted glasses used this company! Pros - no glare, fingerprints less collects and rubbed easily, cons - is the screen brightness is reduced, not much but it decreases and is particularly noticeable in a good light, especially in the sun, but it does not glare, and due to this can be seen well, and on the white background there is a little ripple, I do not know how to call it, compared to iphone se with the same glass of ripples is almost negligible, otherwise good glass, and for me the best option, or go with the glass or no glass, the original windows have not tried! Glued hydrogel film of the same company, I did not like! On the sides of the glass evenly across the screen, and therefore paste it is difficult but it is possible, in my glass stuck without bubbles were first bubbles but I got all derived using a special card provided for this purpose, on the same iphone se the same glass stuck without any problems just clicked and it spread throughout the glass! The photo shows that got small speck of dust, because it is better to glue the glass when the screen on a white background, so it is better visible and easier to glue the glass smoothly, but because of it did not see a speck on the glass!

A photo
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Reason for editing: In the header

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* Fedorgalaxi78 Your link on a hydrogel film from CHYI dead to sozhaleniyu.Ya once again a whole and ischu.Perelopatil Ali.Ne nigde.Gde you found it on the A50 could be ordered?

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* Yuri11076 , there are no such. Film Chewie order.
235.83 rubles. 10% DISCOUNT |CHYI3D curved film for huawei Honor Play Screen Protector 6,3 inch full coverage Nano hydrogel film with no tools Tempered Glass

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* heavenlight ,

235.76 rubles. 10% DISCOUNT |CHYI3D curved film for huawei Honor 10 lite Screen Protector Honor10 full screen cover hydrogel with tools not hardened glass

Think better of this film is not available on our phone. There you can buy on the back cover.

The only thing better than before pasting cut a thin strip from underneath the scanner, as it is very thin and straight for a couple of days is lifted and comes unstuck.

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Regarding the protective filmCHYI3D, referred to in the cap threads. Positive feedback, alas, have not been confirmed: on the adhesive along the top of the mask - clearly visible torn strip. The film is flat and covers the edges of the display. The only plus - Store some devil managed to deliver it in 12 days in the Russian Federation (actually the first time a watch).
P.S. Ali immediately returned the money. I looked carefully reviews with acc. Key words: damaged adhesive layer seems to have all the latest parties for various smartphones. It seems that from time to remove caps recommendation.

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himself withCHYII go more than a month, no complaints there.
P. S. A normal glass and is not found.

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* ogb
1) all practically soft films have this band - it is from perforation, look for a film where there is no separation into lower and upper parts, only it will be harder to glue, often in pictures they have a protective layer with a single layer, and in fact they are sent with a divided one. There is a 3rd type of filmshttps: //www.aliexpress...-6-3/32917936125.html?These are old films that were glued to flat screens because it is not full screen ...
2) In your case, it looks like they made the perforation too deep - but you got the money back (or maybe you pulled it badly, it is possible that it was flat and smoothed out over time)
3) I see that the film closes the screen, why should the film close the display so that it curls? The rest is usually covered with a bumper

In general, the film is very good, I have not seen it better, although there is a link to a specific film in the post from the header, but two types of films are described there, and it is not indicated that you only need to take this one - this is always a subjective opinion, so for Cheui My subjective view and the best, but it is not the only film of its kind with an adapterhttps: //www.aliexpress...e-20/32960791505.html? :)

Judging by the recall, you were unlucky with perforations, but this is Ali, where every 3rd product goes to a dispute, and every 5th is asked to return and he flies into the ballot box, because the return is more expensive than the goods: D
ps: the world has changed, if before consumer goods were brought to the market at the ~ 90-95% stage of "readiness" and then brought to mind, now this figure has dropped significantly and subsequent batches do not always bring to mind ...

I looked carefully reviews with acc. Keywords: damaged adhesive layer, it seems there is on all the latest batches for different smartphones. It looks like it's time to delete the recommendation from the header.
I do not know where you looked reviews in the official storehttps: //www.aliexpress...-Pro/32948714163.html?I read all 35 pages, the reviews are of course different and more positive, but most of those who have problems write about problems with the bumper, less about problems with bubbles (they just don’t know what they will then disappear), one review fool smoothed the film already removing the protective layer =>I scratched it)), I found a review; a person writes that, on the contrary, a small part of the protective lower layer is badly cut, but that the protective layer is damaged, I have not found a single response to this product ...
If you read all 3017 reviews in a crowd for all goods, then do not forget that they also have glasses - and here they may have a full hat))

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* xxxAppoloxxx I took this CHYI 3D curved film for huawei Honor 8X screen protector 6.5 Inch Full nano hydrogel coating film with no tools tempered glass

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Blantmen @ 04/01/19 14:05*
Zir0979, US $ 3.62 9% DISCOUNT |CHYI3D curved Film for Xiaomi mi 9 Screen protector 9 mi SE explore full coverage mi 9 pro nano hydrogel film is not tempered glass

Cable @ 03/28/19, 2:15 pm*
Miha148 @ 03.28.19, 12:07
On the Nillkin and hydrogel film throw off the link pliz


Today I took the phone and this film. Even she does not cover all the glass. Even 3D can be called it with a big spin. Here are the photos, so far not glued:

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

The first time I see the "hydrogel film" and I have a question. And so it should be? Or is the seller some kind of bullshit sent?
Maybe someone can throw a link to a normal film?

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* serruf,

Positive reviews, alas, are outdated. In my copy (04/15/2019):

- on the adhesive layer along the upper mask there is a clearly visible torn strip (judging by the reviews onsavagemessiahzine.comappeared in the last installments for different smartphones, i.e. marriage is not a single);
- the film is flat and does not cover the edges of the display;
- spontaneously departs from the glass along the edges without any mechanical effects, just a few hours after sticking;
- a high coefficient of friction compared to, for example, the factory film of Huawei, noticeably interferes with gestures with a pair of fingers;
- on the packaging there is no marking "chyi".

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