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* andrey1mex,
I have the original way at exactly the same action disk space (16 gig) over very quickly. After various experiments, I chose my above option. And yes, my windose not 5 minutes after installation and 1.5 months a specific use. Nothing to anyone argue. I write just for information and only my opinion. When the disk size of 64 GB, I would not bother in any way.

Dear do a good deed! perezalil image with 3 pages per torrent.
Thank you in advance.

Today, I can not fill, there is no way with me. What's the problem? Link working, just checked.

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I look easier to put people not adoptirovany image of Windows and then tormented with fire wood, accelerometers, than to roll my factory image)

Of course not easy. But worth powder and shot.
Although, frankly, little gain in terms of space left I did not notice.

I noticed. The Charter Win 8.1 32bit c Bing on the link to the third page. I install the driver. All additional software located on the internal flash drive. Windose with all updates and google chrome takes me 7.3 gigabytes from 16 available.

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_elvis @ 01.02.2015, 11:38*
With an accelerometer in general, its own history, if there are problems with it, I will tell you how I solved it

After installing the drivers win8.1 and rolling with him there are problems. All Inverted (running in opposite directions). I would be grateful if you tell how to solve.

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I will add information to my previous post. The disk image created by CRASH cannot be written to a USB flash drive with a capacity of 16 gigabytes due to the fact that the volume of the image (15.1 gig) exceeds the physical volume of the flash drive (14.9 gig.)

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"According to the method of CRASH
The second option is to remove the recovery partition and split the entire screw under the C: drive and install the system there:
- After Troubleshoot, select Anvanced - Command Prompt.
- in the console in console, enter "cd / d / D: \ install" and click Enter.
- Enter Install.bat and watch the process, click a couple of times' eniky when asked, before restarting the tablet.
- Done. "

Checked The method does not work. After entering the console "cd / d / D: \ install" I see the inscription The system cannot find the path specifield.
After logging in to drive d and trying to run install.bat, I see the following: install.bat, operable program or batch file.
The first option did not check, because it is the second one that interests. Sorry, but there was hope. :)

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