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andrey1mex @ 25.04.2015, 20:45*
bluetooth or radio? bluetooth mouse have a tendency to lag and lose touch

It bluetooth, I say that the first cheap mouse buggy with active vayfay and regularly lost.

The remaining 2 Drogo mouse worked fine.

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andrey1mex @ 25.04.2015, 20:34*
and you use them?)

It is not the first year.

The first mouse was cheap and buggy.

The second was good, but the winter was drunk and fell in the bag and broke it: D

Now some gigabytes, without any problems.

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andrey1mex @ 24.04.2015, 00:18*
Now, recently remade mouse module, more ennobled, and made higher than it would have caught the better, for details on the LAN.

Can not you use a bluetooth mouse, what's so KOLHOZEN tablet?

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Mr.Droids @ 01/26/2015, 21:26*
Creating a USB recovery drive:
http: //windows.microso...ate-usb-recovery-drive

Has anyone tried it?

This is the image I laid out.

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my bios flew

More please, did you do something with him, or did he himself suddenly die by himself?

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Original Recovery Image

- You write an image on a USB flash drive, or just files from it.
- Booting from a flash drive (Esc during power-up)
- After Troubleshoot, select Anvanced - Command Prompt.
- in the console, enter "chkdsk" and click Enter.

The image is different only in that it does not have my script for repartitioning the screw, and the image with a bare Windows, without recovery.

And since both images are completely original, I did nothing in them.

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Update immediately after purchase is disabled

Then load in recovery and try chkdsk

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Checked The method does not work. After entering the console "cd / d / D: \ install" I see the inscription The system cannot find the path specifield.
After logging in to drive d and trying to run install.bat, I see the following: install.bat, operable program or batch file.

Maybe drive D: in your case, not D at all:

So we look at diskpart which disks are in the system, assign the drive letter C: to the drive with Windows, and drive D with the flash drive:

Further according to the instructions.

In general, open the install.bat notepad on your computer, everything is simple, and the logic will become clear.

Posted on 01/24/2015 at 21:07:

No one tried to update the plates to 10 Technical Preview

What's the point? In a week, there will be a release, but for now I’ll spread technical support for prestige to the driver: D

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Another tip on freeing up free space from system and office updates.
By default, all updates are stored for 30 days.
Although there is a command to force them to clean
Dism.exe / online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup / ResetBase

She didn't clean anything with me.

Anyways, turn off the time synchronization with the Internet, transfer the clock forward a couple of months, reboot.

Then we run the standard disk cleaning utility, click the system file cleaning button and clean everything up.
Then we perform the command above.
And in the scheduler, we force the cleaning of disks.
Reboot and return time to the place.

I have released 2 gig: D

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Need a flash drive for 16 GB.…

You can keep within 8 GB. But I did for myself, so I’m 16.

- Write the image to a USB flash drive / external USB HDD.
- Press Esc before loading the tablet and select the download from the USB flash drive.
- Select the US layout and click Troubleshoot.

Now 2 options:
Recovery to factory settings including recovery recovery partition:
We press Reset PC and Prepare partitions - we quit smoking for 30 minutes. When we return, we get the tablet from the store.

The second option is to remove the recovery partition and split the entire screw under the C: drive and install the system there:
- After Troubleshoot, select Anvanced - Command Prompt.
- in the console in console, enter "cd / d / D: \ install" and click Enter.
- Enter Install.bat and watch the process, click a couple of times' eniky when asked, before restarting the tablet.
- Done.

I am writing from memory, not much to kick.

Posted on 01/20/2015 23:19:

All info on the built-in screw will be removed!
Micro SD will remain safe and sound.

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Made a recovery disc for this tablet.
All on one flash drive: restoring the system to the factory state - including the recovery section. Even if the screw is fully formatted.
And on the same flash drive a script for formatting the screw and restoring the factory wim image of the system to the C: drive, deleting the Recovery partition.

Thus, drive C: becomes about 15 GB.

If anyone needs to - write.

Here is the official info on cleaning disk C:
http: //technet.microso…/library/dn251565.aspx

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