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Who will advise what instead of this laptop (Lenovo), but with a better cooling system (coolers didn’t howl)?

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Vidmak_zorro @ 05/18/19, 13:45*
it's just my opinion from personal experience

Namely, about the 7580 model you have no information? The review read about 80grad. under stress test, which is very good (percents. I5 8300). He also has a weight of 2.8 kg, which I think should also have a good effect on CO.
Ps. Also I choose between this business and lenovo.

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I do not know which one to choose:

And did not look at the dell vostro 7580? There, judging by the reviews, the temperature is below

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he is more expensive than good MSI

This is what, please tell me the model

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Theoretically, all Intel H / HQ processors of the 6th generation and newer support this amount of memory.
The guys set themselves up - it works.

As far as I know (maybe wrong), but it also depends on the motherboard. And in all specifications indicated 32GB maximum for our laptop.
At the expense of the guys who put - who, where, and so on. I would like more information as it is very interesting.

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shadowcaster @ 04/01/19 11:08*
Buy 2 strips of 32 gig and forward

And where did you get the information that our laptop supports such a volume of memory, can you link?

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If you really need to have the opportunity to put 2 x 32G = 64G in total, it works fine too.

And what kind of opportunity is this, do not share? It would be very interesting

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Hello! Please tell me, if you take the 8GB package, how to choose what memory to add later? What to look for besides the frequency of 2600 MHz? And is it possible to deliver, for example, a 16 GB bar (so that there are 24 in total)?
I read somewhere that you need to pick up the memory in pairs, how important is it? Or is it better to take a complete set of 16/32?

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