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sasha @: 5 @ 07/08/19, 14:57*
Will Intel Optane work?

Yes, it will work

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Helium @ 06/26/19, 14:02*
The cooling system in Helios is dumb, but the gaming laptop is not about cooling, but the screen is better.

WHAT WHAT? The very first thing a gaming laptop needs is COOLING, and then the quality of the screen. Although this and that is equally important
p.s. It seems it was sarcasm)))

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231190 @ 18.05.19, 12:41 *
spread on the cores of 10 degrees.

I have the same picture, I think it should be so

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* Mitrofan /,
Take it with 1060 if there is such an opportunity, as they say for growth))) with 1050ti I currently have enough to play fullhd, but I feel I will play in 768p in a year

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* eXc1te,
For some reason, I do not have the "maximum frequency" item in the power supply. What should I do to make it appear. I have windows 10 home

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d_7 @ 05/06/19 12:28*
Are there any living people who managed to install Windows 7 on this laptop?

It is necessary to take into account that modern applications and mostly games are optimized for 10. I don’t see any reason to put 7. In addition, there are no drivers for the chipset and 7

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AlexandrQWE @ 05/04/19 20:17*

Fits more than

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* raptor2-1,
Do not worry, the matrix can be changed in any case

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d_7 @ 04/30/19 11:28*
temperatures up to 75

It is the temperature of the video card to 75, and what is the temperature of the processor? For example, when I play GTA 5 gpu, it heats up to 65, and cpu up to 98

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* CAS161rus,
I have already looked there 45 watts, and in fact it turns out 35 watts and means that the percent will not keep their declared frequencies 4 Hz

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Tell me please, does the processor have a thermal pack of 35 or 45 watts? I run a stress test on cpu above 35 watts does not rise and at the same time it heats up to 98

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1050ti, as it is not sad to realize, it is already getting rid of its own, thanks to the 8gen process that drags it in this laptop.
And so, if the maximum emphasis in the work, then a great solution.

This laptop is not gaming in essence, it is more like a multimedia

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And I have a intel wifi ac 3165 module, where did it come from? Something in the specification of the laptop did not meet. Does anyone have this module?

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* CAS161rus,
A rollback to 48 did not help, the same garbage does not wake up. What could be the problem? Throw off please 49 bios

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Now just ran into a problem. Updated recently to Bios v50. I had to reinstall Windows, I went to Bios and it hung) Carl! Hanging pancake bios. I barely rolled back to 49, because the BIOS hung on when it went to the next tab. Who faced this?

I also updated to 50 and I have another problem, if you leave the laptop for example for 30 minutes and don’t touch it, it doesn’t wake up after sleep, it hangs, only the reboot doesn’t react to anything.

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Attached Image

Does anyone have a thick bottom frame crunches (see photo) when pressing with a finger? Particularly noticeable when opening the lid

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* mad_sam
1050ti I have above 70 degrees does not rise in games

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Fan73 @ 04/15/19 12:30*
1 - Windows 10 Update
2 - Update via Lenovo Vantage
3 - Dolby Audio and Lenovo Utility

And where to download dolby audio? I did not find it on the official website either. Only realtek

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