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Slazengerr @ 07.12.19, 20:45*
And if you connect Monique with 144Hz - through which port will it be possible to squeeze out 144 Hz? hdmi or minidispley?

displayport is generally better, but its firmware is curved. For desktop there is an official fix from nvidia, for our laptop there is no. If you use dp 1.3 / 1.4 (4k, hdr, 10 bit, freesync), then the laptop constantly freezes when the screen goes to sleep.
If you get to it, go to hdmi.

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MultiRW @ 07/09/19, 14:51*
Colleagues, anyone with a laptop on the i7-8750H wants to overclock the memory?

what's the point? Intel platforms gain nothing at all from memory overclocking. :)

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Bemrrabbit @ 07/02/19, 09:17*
We need an original power supply, on Ali crafts ... Help me find a good original power supply for 170 c, thanks to everyone who helps

look in your city where used equipment is being sold. Sale of old corporate or that type. there you can find the original for normal money. This bp is usually of such size that they do not need anyone :)

Rep: (10)
Bemrrabbit @ 06/30/19, 22:13*
Good evening, tell me please, is it possible to use the power supply for 170 w? I have a standard for 135, but it heats up very much and krehtit, sounds makes strange. And I think it’s more powerful to put. Tell me who will understand

Not only possible, but necessary, because 135 there works at the limit. Look for the original Lenov 170w, they are full in different form factors and sizes. I bought myself a healthy brick for 170 as an additional power supply, probably from the old P series. Fits great.
In no case do not take it with another connector and "we will solder you". It is necessary that the square was a connector from the BP from the factory.

DarkJoney @ 06/30/19, 23:03*
- Is it possible to charge a laptop by type-c?

not. only usb and displayport over usb-c.

DarkJoney @ 06/30/19, 23:03*
- what max. hard drive thickness? Whether to turn out inside, for example, Toshiba MQ03ABB300 or analog from Seagate?

7mm or less only. 9.5mm is gone. Not to mention the 15mm Toshiba.

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vengr by @ 06.28.19, 20:53*
Hello. Who will tell you how to overcome unstable wifi without replacing the module? It happens several days without problems, and then I suffer the day. Model 8300,1060. Firewood updated. There are no updates for lenovo vantage.

No Realtek drivers are bad.
Intel module $ 17 + unscrew 10 cogs.
If you are afraid to work with a screwdriver - buy a module and contact your local experts, even if they replace you, it’s about 10 minutes in total.

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what better? According to the stated characteristics, this is absolutely the same thing, and here the question is a little different. Does it support? visually compared 9260 intel and realtek 8822be they are identical, but the 9560 has a slightly different key, and as stated it is compatible only with CNVi interface M.2, does it support it lenovo or not?

9560 is a cheaper version of the 9260 with the CNVio interface.

9560 only works with some intel platforms.
9260 works everywhere, because it has Wi-Fi on PCIe, BT 5.0 on USB.

You can install any of the adapters in this laptop, but if you do an upgrade, then I see no reason to save.

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Then it is interesting with the Arctic Thermal Pad, if you can save 5-10 degrees, then I think it's worth the cost.

No, replacing the thermal pads will not help you.
the maximum that you reach is at full load the PCH temperature will be 75-80 degrees, i.e. almost CPU temperature.
which is logical, because the radiator is common to all.

Why do I advise changing thermal pads andwhy did I change them myself :
In this case, the body is slightly crooked, the radiator may be curved, and not everyone has stock gaskets fit properly. stock, as I understand it, 1mm. Need to take 1.5mm and 1mm I try on :)
From normal pads, which are found everywhere, which will not dry out and which are of any thickness - I only know Arctic Thermal Pad.

If you have a native thermal pad glued with a left Chinese hoof on a radiator curve - then welcome to the PCH temperature protection trigger and all sorts of glitches under load due to, in fact, the absence of mechanical contact of the gasket with the chip. Look, on half of the pictures on the PCH strip there is no chip print :)
I repeat once again, it depends on the instance. YMMV.
Here is a photo with my case:
Attached Image

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better intel 9260

9260 is much better :)

Rep: (10)
it is not good to remove thermal pads, it is better to replace them with thicker but softer ones (at least with the same Arctic Thermal Pad). Thermal grease instead of a gasket does not create pressure at all - this can lead to the blade of the crystal from the chip.

I said this. percents and gpu are normal thermal grease, and thermal pads from lenovo as a replacement should be 1.5 mm thick and an additional 1 mm just in case, because laptops are a little walking along the quality of mechanical assembly. but cheap :)

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advise what thermopaste tried?

GELID Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound
Of those who do not conduct talk - one of the best. Safe and tight, does not leak.

I also advise you to take the Arctic Thermal Pad, they are sold everywhere, 1.5mm thick (and 1 mm just in case), and replaced over the chipset. There, the gaskets are very thin, and at the slightest joint assembly there is no thermal contact and overheating.

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d_7 @ 13.06.19, 22:26*
made an undervolt up to 0.975v, for a total of + 2-3 fps and -2-3 degrees.

that's all the benefits. The laptop is already tormenting iron to the maximum, do not squeeze it out of it anymore. 2-3 fps and 2-3 degrees are not worth it.
much more effective (-5 ..- 10 degrees) to replace the thermal grease, but for some reason everyone is afraid to pick up a screwdriver :) :)

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Tell me, can anyone solve the problem of the lack of reader cards by buying an adapter? Who can something advise? I would like to normal speed

Usb 3.0, I bought myself, measured the speed - excellent.
microsd only:
https: //www.aliexpress...311.0.0.e01a4c4dRyaTGJ
all in one:
https: //www.aliexpress...311.0.0.27424c4dNNmUEn

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EspadaGr @ 06/04/19, 10:24*
do not climb if everything is in order

And if you don't like something, you can easily fix it. This is the essence of this laptop.

Rep: (10)
Wolfyteze @ 06/04/19, 09:03*
In general, it is better to go there for the first year. If only the dust to remove).

why would it suddenly? Warranty is not broken. buy a laptop with the ability to upgrade and upgrade does not do - it is somehow strange.

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Radomirr @ 05/31/19, 03:31*
Hello. If i5 8300H processor, then it is better to take with Nvidia 1050 TI or 1060?


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SoulStealer @ 05/27/19 22:30*
And does everyone cooler so loudly when nothing special is running?

when nothing is running - it works very quietly

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Wital LT @ 05/27/19 2:00 PM*
In theory, he should also see headphones with Type-C

Headphones are usb audio device. they don't care what to work for.

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Maxart8707 @ 05.25.19, 14:06*
Guys, why do we have a taip with a connector in our laptop just to connect something? Or you can charge through it? Pliz advise if there are such on Ali, for example, I need an adapter for the place of my native so that it has at least one usb to charge the phone? Native unit from the laptop 135 watts

This is a USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 that performs 2 functions
1) just usb port 3.1 format type-c
2) displayport over usb type-c (DisplayPort Alternate Mode)
Through this port typeyou can connect a compatible usb-c monitor . In this case, the usb speed drops to usb 2.0 if there is a usb hub in the monitor.

DOES NOT SUPPORT usb power delivery (without charging function)
DOES NOT SUPPORT thunderbolt (this is the same plug, but a completely different standard)

Posted on 05/27/2019, 14:24:

VipCODe @ 05.26.19, 12:11*
The role of ordinary USB, only Type-C.

and DisplayPort Alternate Mode.

displayport for usb-c is connected to nvidia. freesync via usb-c did not work for me. may depend on the monitor. through mini displayport works.

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ShimoN19 @ 05/23/19 10:05*
Low screen contrast does not cause inconvenience? Something is simple in comparison with competitors, it is directly noticeably lower than 670 against 800-1400 in other similar beeches.

depends on the model. On the 144hz panel from lg, everything is fine. Of course, given the fact that this is a gaming laptop, not an ultrabook with 4k uhd hdr 10 bit.

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Elektrikons @ 05/19/19 05:54*
Well, that's okay. Conflict happens only with old routers working on the 802.11n WiFi protocol (2.4 GHz).
It is enough to change the settings for the 802.11g protocol (2.4 GHz) and the problem will disappear ...

will disappear along with the speed. 802.11g - a maximum of 54 Mbps.
it was necessary to control more thickly - instead of 802.11n (260 ~ 600 Mbps), advise to enable 802.11b - 11 Mbps in the jump.

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