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* shadowcaster,
depends on the model. On the 144hz panel from lg, everything is fine. Of course, given the fact that this is a gaming laptop, not an ultrabook with 4k uhd hdr 10 bit.

Yes, but only the response time in the region of 25ms is also not about the games ... I think that in 530 and 730 less quality matrixes are shoved. And besides 144Hz boast something special and nothing. o.O

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Low screen contrast does not cause inconvenience? Something is simple in comparison with competitors, it is directly noticeably lower than 670 against 800-1400 in other similar beeches.

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Who can plz throw off a link on the site lenovo, where they had a convenient tablet with models of laptops and their detailed characteristics by country, etc.?
Check on the model of what screen is ...

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* CokeyFlo,
Something negative can be read about any laptop of the average price category. People write about the bad. If a person all triples, he will not write about it on the forum.

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His ppi is worse and the text is more muddy, grainy because of this.

This is yes, but it seems to me that it will not be soon 4k will be available in the middle segment of laptops. And as quality 4k and even more so.

Ps while driving home this Asus which I dropped went up by reference to 4000r lol. Al as in general, for 64 he was a very interesting offer.

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Complaint quote
Honestly, I like Legion more. The body is quieter, but much cooler than the red lights and roga steel

Well, he has a screen of 17.3, which is also very important. And what is no ssd at 128.
Understand what else the matrix is ​​worth

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Good day! Found a version with 144Hz screen here:https: //msk.megabitcom...talog/noutbuki/301625/cheaper only on the player. Now I'm afraid that they will throw. Maybe better somewhere else to take? Tell me, rarely I buy iron, information in a million reviews like diamonds in a village outhouse, where is it better to take it in order not to chop up?

https: //
Take it and do not hesitate, the usual store. Reviews full.
On the joint, marriage and incompetent employees can run everywhere. Then how lucky.

https: //msk.megabitcom...talog/noutbuki/318674/
In the same place by the way interesting Asus lies

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I now wonder why he was made a lid that opens to 180 degrees? To go to rallies?

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And what is the difference between 530 and 730?

Other things being equal (this model has 530 and the matrix should be 144Hz 300nit) the difference in price is 15000r. I just really would like to take a beech of just 17 inches, for work and watching films this is a noticeable bonus. But if the difference is only 2 inches and can be more better than CO, then in my opinion there is no reason for such an overpayment.

Just there are options likeMCIYes, the matrix will be worse, but not critical.

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Logicsem @ 02.15.19, 15:18*
The laptop goes without a pass, I want to immediately stick, I understand that the second one will rise without problems if I am mistaken, correct me!

Warranty does not fly away from this? In the same place the seals will be damaged when you get inside.

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metalcorbl4 @ 02.15.19, 12:07*
Yes, and right now, over 500 € is taxed. Notably overpay)

FFFFUUUUu tochnyak, I forgot that the state of the new year and in this regard, we have had.

Lahn see what we have.

In general, compared 60 and 144 hertz matrices? Should I chase the 144?

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The people are considering the option to take this model card to CU.
How to understand which matrix is ​​in which model?

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