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* Lamerok84 , hmm, funny, but it worked fine for me and from BP 5v 1A, although in usb it was less than 5 volts,
and you opened the router? can it Conder swollen, and guzzle a large current

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* stilvoll , if the firmware was taken from the post to which they gave the link, then in theory everything should be fine, try to flash again on tftp, but in the tftp server settings, configure as in the picture, it was only like that
and in the settings of the network card postavte 10mbit half-duplex

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* stilvoll , if there was no bootloader in the firmware file, it was worn

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* genius1010 Most likely, garbage was recorded in the bootloader, so you had to flash through the programmer

when flashing through tftp in the firmware file, before the firmware itself there must be a bootloader;

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