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* genius1010 Do not know how to flash a chip? Write in a personal.

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* genius1010 , what you just quoted to update the padawan. We are interested in the firmware for the programmer. She is in the same post which was quoted.

Programmer with a clothespin? Put it? Chip chosen in the program?

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* genius1010 , a very interesting case. All tested before posting.
How do you manage to kill something? The benefit of the programmer was: i-m_so_happy:
And the flash was in my post for the programmer: drag:

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* ghl456 , already answered below. So better and do

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ghl456 , I did not quite understand what was meant by whatchdog for connecting via mob. network, but watchdog on the collapse of the kernel (hardware WatchDog) is present.
If you are interested in a reboot on a schedule, now I’ll stop by and check

upd: there are no separate features with a reboot, or I did not notice, but you can organize everything with a cron, the main thing is to be able to. On the Internet, everything can be found. The main thing in the endless reboot is not to send it: D all the same, time is lost.

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* ghl456 , you mean that Archer in AP client mode does not connect to the Mikrotik?

If I understood correctly, then in my case everything works on Padawan. OpenWRT did not check.
By the way, it is very stable: smile:

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Good evening. If you need someone, then I offer you the "update" of the padavan firmware mod fromlinaro :)

Differences from the assembled firmwaremerage :
Commit: 56960f9
Sawed out:
Appearance settings (standard theme is active. No others.)
Added by:


I already have Padavan
1. Download the fileAttached MB)

2. We pull out from the archive update.bin
3. Verify the hash of the update file..bin - MD5: D42AA9BD3D981EDCE878E20D087295D6
4. Go to the web interface of the router
5. Administration>Firmware update
6. Select the update file..bin and click send

I have stock
There are 2 options:
1. Tftpd64 (instructionin postmerage ).
Archive:Attached MB)

MD5 hash:D6DC9A7C7F74C22D1BA08156F0B77B20

2. Sew programmer (archive line above: yes2 :)

Attention: before upgrading Padavan, change the theme to the standard one, otherwise you will have to clean the cookies / cache, or the eternal page refresh will start on the web: D
I hope someone will find this useful;)

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