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* Sergey_Taskin , github generally long ago in the ass
the consequences of the fight roskomposor


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* Canopy , the first lines are important
3020 = 2.4 GHz
902AC = 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Rep: (477)
* Canopy,
Internet deprived?

Rep: (477)
show who the thread output dmesg please

my lede does not start, maybe there is a difference in the gland

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* Ageron
No, it does not help, it is too small, the wiring is not visible on the board

Rep: (477)
Is the power supply to the USB port pass-through from MicroUSB or is it filtered (besides the GPIO trigger)?

Rep: (477)
So the patch has already been included in the general branch, it pleases

Rep: (477)
650 mhz
8mb flash
64 mb ram

Patch for Lede not lying around?

Rep: (477)
* Ageron , if you have sewed Lede, please show the dmesg log

Rep: (477)
Is there such a thing on Ali?

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