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Identifying devices by photo

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Do you have a device that for some reason could not be identified? That way!
The forum decided to post images under the spoiler

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This Hiphone f320. It is written in the title of the news, and is suitable in Google. Well, in the cap threads))

This is such a thing here Chinese

WonderMedia WM-8880. Well as the Google "WM-8880." For information about the Chinese company (and all of its issued plates) can be foundhere

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The information that you gave - is not enough. Imagine - you bought a computer box. Photographing box, upload photos (blurred) here in the forum and say: "Come uncover how I got there stuffed iron Although there Tell me what kind of model I'll give a hint - on a device 3 buttons (power, reset, and a button!!!! open the drive!). "
How do we define the 100% iron, if it can be absolutely anything! ?? From ancient Celeron, to the latest ay7?
Think about what you write. If you think that I write aggressive, then calm down. Just think about what you are asking. If nothing comes to mind, then read this post from the beginning. I'm not here to play the fortune-teller, and I want to help. If my help is required - I assure you, I'm not going to run after you.

When disassembling you can see the model of the processor, amount of RAM, etc., and it gives up to 90% of all information. Of course Old can try to pull out of the system. But how to do it - this is your concern.

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aleks683 @ 12.04.2012, 14:37*
some of it can be concluded ??

You do not come loose from the disassembly: D

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And then the website (especially the admins?), If you are so lazy that they can not see the model of the device on your own photos ??
You can clearly see on the pictures "MODEL: ANDROID TAB10". If you google the word, the first referring to give the full name of the device -SuperPad III Android Tab10 and topic-discussion on .

Perfectly I understand people who have passed by you and did not answer.

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He (CA-MID-B3)?

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Master YODA,
Perhaps this is one of the first tachflaev. Learn to model of the processor and the number of frames ..

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Like as inHelp me fix the device!

Not at all: wink_kind:

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Your initial hunch was confirmed: drinks:

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Do you think that there is something to say? .. Well, in principle, no harm in trying. The main thing to know what processor .. If VIA WM8505, it is no doubt this is the same model that sounded above ( "Flytouch (MID) WM8505", she also "Flytouch epad 7" and she is "Flytouch 1").

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He says that you need to prepare a suite of applications: scratch_one-s_head:
Without information about iron something predict - it is like poking a finger in the sky ...

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ShaDen636 @ 09.11.2011, 15:20*
Unfortunately, no it does not see ..

those. the device does not turn on?

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Please look (any system program) which CPU you have and how many operatives.

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I'm not a mind reader: D I have at least some remains of the need for identification))

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In! Another thing!
This Flytouch WM8505
For technical specifications and interface converges 1 of 1)
ZY Screen Resolution I watched based on the screenshots provided by you (800 * 480).
The names of firmware that can go on this device (takenhere) + a separate site(Of course, guarantee that at least some of them really fit, I can not)
ECOTOX android 1.7
ECOTOX 1.3.1
M002 Slatedroid Mercury RC (Logo Fixed)
M002 Slatedroid Mercury RC Beta
Slatedroid v1.1
update software for the item CVUK-PC06-2GEN
WMT 2.1.6_105_LF-C_v1.0b

Ortho @ 08.11.2011, 13:57*
how to make Claudia a Russian bukovkami ?!

Put any other keyboardSoftware catalog - Android OS: rolleyes:

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Perhaps, I can not give any guarantees. I have never had so / it similar devices. : Wink_kind:

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Judging by the processor and the experience that I got of Google model above, I think that this7 "VIA MID WM8505 +(Maybe without the plus sign, I do not know what exactly the differences). If you said the exact amount of RAM (android assistantthat's for sure knows how), then maybe I could have said more precisely it or not ...

P.S. You also android installed, right?found videoWhere it is shown that this tabletochku still somehow manage to run the embedded stuff version windose: scratch_one-s_head:
P.P.S. Incidentally MID stands for "Mobile Internet Device", ie Mobile Internet Device)

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On this occasion, there was nothing I can not prompt: scratch_one-s_head:. I can reflash only if there is any factor, or the device is directly in my hands .. In this case, there is neither the first nor the second ..

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I do not know what and help .. If well very strongly inhibits the device - set any program ubivalki-type applicationsAndroid Assistantand make sure that there is always free as much as possible the amount of RAM.
And what exactly you want to update the firmware? Last off the firmware available for your device - Android 2.2, ie you have the latest and worth. Or do you want to flash a custom?

Stary1980 @ 06.11.2011, 13:15*
MID WM8650

That this is the firm (MID) and model (WM8650) your tabletochki;)Referenceon specifications.

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The fact these things called "Chinese miracle". Sewn-it probably is sewn, but how and where to get the firmware itself - it does not know ..

On the surface and on the review - this is the same device as inStary1980 Only with older firmware: blush:

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