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htc desire 2.2 rutovany running back camera, everything is OK, though not a test voice quality

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question about the traffic - minute call on the wafer to another Skype to 20 meters in both directions, is this normal?

pysy Measurement of total traffic program Stats 978Kb in both directions per minute conversation over the wafer to another Skype, the program TrafficInfo 24Mb at the reception, and the same on the return of the same conversation. In all other cases, the program shows all the traffic information is correct, what's the catch?)

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transferred to a memory card instead of 13.8 meters now occupies 4, only in connection with problems with login can not zatestit

even the fact that the notice given to the user of 2.5 meters, after the first login, that there is a data can not imagine))

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you can go fine example of googletalka and here it is not clear, it will hang in the tray indefinitely?)))

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omglalala @ 05.10.2010, 21:41*
Strangely, this afternoon is excellent to connect, and now says that it is impossible to enter, try again later, wi-fi connection is, Th he did not like - I can not understand.

By the way, yes, how to stop 20 minutes konekt, I thought I doeksperementirovalsya)

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please explain about the way out, I can not find such a ((there is a way, but he razloginivaet with your account, and does not display their programs !!!!

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wifi is working, the program is glitching PPC, it is not possible to get out of it, there is no exit button !! a normal phone, ate about 24 meters !!!!, if I'm not mistaken, after deleting, I had to restart to free up memory, otherwise it would still take up memory ... the quality of a call to a normal home phone number was normal

Pysy still work and work on this program)

Pysy and even after the end of the call - hung up, then flew out and then it booted again, and the phone hung up for a minute)))

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