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Put a special version of Skype. :) So you amerikosky phone.

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levanchik95 @ 10.04.2011, 11:15*
Skype video calls when no one promises not know ???

On XTC SanderBolt yesterday released a Skype video calls. Already you can download and dig. :)

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E.X.C.I.T.E.R @ 17.03.2011, 00:17*
When a version of the video will be something no one know?

In America yesterday released yesterday Sanderbolt which was supposed to support, this service. But yet we have not yet managed. So we wait.

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GreenMuzzy @ 10/05/2010, 13:15*
and the legend (2.1) works. Has anyone already figured out how to bind a contact in the phone book to a Skype contact?

Just like the others. In the edit menu, click the settings button again, and there is a join item. Andyrush 2.2 works like this.

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