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* hundred1983,
The fact that the boot is unlocked is very good. And what globalku you sewed now? Given that boot unlock - for starters, try using commands - right away with the boot command (boot).
And look at the status of the bootloader through fastboot
fastboot oem device-info

just in case ))
P.S. I'll think of something else - I'll write in the LS.

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* hundred1983,
Taxes .. Seem I misunderstood you. Ie - TWRP itself loads, right?
In the course of your memory is encrypted. Insert a memory card. Or, without having data on the phone, connect it to the PC if it sees the rules as MTP (it will not be visible if the device is encrypted) - you can only wipe + format data - 90%, which is problematic in encryption Maybe without a format to succeed. Somewhere in the bookmarks was a way. I'll try to find and throw off
P.S. Try to make a clean installation of any firmware via TWRP. How to make a clean firmware - look at the instructions in my signature. The appliance is different, the principle is the same.

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* hospital,
then it is not clear O_o
You can try to flash the recovery and immediately go into it - with such commands:
fastboot flash recovery ***. img
fastboot boot ***. img

After that, or immediately sew custom, or rutanut.
where *** is the name of the recovery file.
Just sometimes the system itself trits custom recovery.
P.S. Well, through getvar check in fastboot - whether the boot is unlocked.
P.P.S. Shili is a recoveryXiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China - MIUI firmware (Post bullik01 # 71144424) ?

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* hundred1983,
theoretically you have a Vietnamese or crookedly flooded globalka. He was in the hands of Redmi 5 Plus - the same story - he wrote that he was unlocked, it turned out that he had not: D
Something I think that you yourself did not disintegrate the bottle, but you got it like this))
I had to sew through a test point to a Chinese and break it in 14 days.
P.S. How did you get the device so quickly?
P.P.S. Are you sure that you have Redmi Note 5 on SD636?

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Getting root rights in one click (MAGISK or SuperSU).
XDA thread
Original techgaud theme
What do you need:
1. PC with Windows on board and installed NET Framework 4.5.
2. USB cable (well, where without it)
3. The device itself Redmi Note 5 (Pro) with unlocked bootloader.

Download here- check the relevance of the link in the original topic.

The procedure itself:
1. Turn on USB debugging in the developer’s menu (who doesn’t know how - there is a video on the "all understandable Hindi" at the bottom, but with English subtitles, where you can understand what to do and see from the pictures
2. Install the downloaded program itself.
3. Connect the phone to the PC. In the program, the "red light" will be on, the phone will ask for debugging - allow, then press the "update" button in the program, until the "light" is green.)
4. A large circle appears with the text "ROOT", press it. We wait.
5. A menu appears with a choice of what to put - MagiSK or SuperSU. We are waiting for the end. Enjoy the root.

Video with the procedure (from unlock boot to root rights)

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