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ExtrimVF @ 16.02.2016, 12:26*
Tell me, could not find. Where or where to write in Saporta Xiaomi?

[email protected]

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StiviHome @ 13.02.2016, 12:14*
You activate Smart Search, Smart Online found ???

I have disabled Smart Search, unlocked with pink floor. So most likely a coincidence and does not affect.

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* lost1980
What firmware is installed?
the same accounts on your phone and in the program?
home cable?
Version unlock the latest download at with approval?

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January 14 applied through three days was denied, wrote on the forum en.miui in different themes, the result nulevoy.vchera wrote a letter in support of [email protected], at 5am responded were asked to specify the number id, phone number, model phone firmware and the country. Now check the status of the site, with the failure of the variables on the approval, gave permission to unlock.

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It gives me this on all accounts. As I understand it, they translated that mistake they said it was not allowed.

The same is written "your device isn't supported"

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but for what market (geographically) is it intended

So only mipad is officially sold in the Russian Federation, the other models are bought out, so it is not an option. Here is my Motorola nexus 6 also does not ship to the Russian Federation / CIS, but nevertheless, the boot unlocked in 5 minutes

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* mixercraft
Do you really have a redmi note3?

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How many phones were there, and in Nexus the easiest unlock, one command entered and everything, no Internet, queries and so on. Why is xiaomi so incomprehensible? They on the forum FIG know what's going on, a lot of left accounts, flood in order to fill more posts, the darkness

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* Sevpilot,
Yes, it is clear, but if you read the forum ga and even, the people received permission to unlock without having a phone in their hands, that is, they bought the bodies while they went from the seller to register an account, submitted an application and received a positive response. So it's not a fact that the firmware affects. If so, I don’t understand my refusal at all, everything was on Feng Shui. Is that the avatar did not like

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There is a feeling that approval / rejection is given in time.

If so, then this is nonsense. Moreover, I still have three accounts waiting for the result, the time of submission is different
* Devilsoft,
At the time of failure, there was a weekly office. Yes, and many have been given good at all without a phone.

It is sad that the Chinese are silent, at least they would write something in time and how to continue to be rejected, or write in the subject, and there is nothing in the subject except for curses

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* ilya0103,
Generally, the system of approval and refusal is not clear, and why did they refuse it? My phone is what I want and I do, I want to unlock, I want to throw out and so on. If a person submits an application, then by 98% he realizes what it is for.

And how to re-apply, too, there is no information anywhere, I suppose I don’t want to create a couple of dozen accounts, but they do.

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Ilya0103 @ 01/29/2016, 11:45*

As it does not really work tips. I have been registered on the forum since 2003, the information is 100% filled, the phone is activated, the visits to the forum were, at the time of the refusal was in the status of gold.
SMS did not come, the site hangs a failure. I submitted applications with 3 more accounts, they are waiting for approval for more than 10 days.

Judging by the forum miui, gold, diamonds are refused, and just registered accounts receive permissions.

In general, the situation with unlocking is not clear, they also blocked the figs with it, but the normal unlock method is the same as on a Nexus or HTC

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