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* swelll Almost every day I use this program, now checked the music plays in the background.
Where to look for the cause?

I can’t tell you exactly, except for reinstalling, nothing comes to mind.

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The theme has not been updated for a long time, the program works well on iOS 8.3 / 8.4 and is adapted for iPhone 6/6 Plus
What's New in Version 5.4.3
- Bugs fixed
Attached filePhone_Drive__v5.4.3.ipa(18.94 MB)

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busterfly @ 10/17/2012, 5:25 PM*
And in the standard folder "Music" you can somehow go?


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busterfly @ 10/17/2012, 02:18*
if the photos were taken in a standard way, then it is not possible to extract them from the "Photo" folder and transfer via Wi-Fi to a computer. Is it or am I wrong?

Not right, click "+" - library and choose your photo.

busterfly @ 10/17/2012, 02:18*
This glitches Tuna

Perhaps, but I will not answer for sure. I do not sync my device with a PC

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Subarik2312 @ 07/23/2012, 05:23*
that is, to make it play a folder not in a circle is impossible?

Unfortunately yes

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Subarik2312 @ 07/22/2012, 20:03*
Explain to me as a child how to make her play all the audio files in a folder or playlist?

Click on the button (highlighted in the screenshot)
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luckystarr @ 06/26/2012, 06:54*
The built-in player of the song in Cyrillic shows krakozyabrami, is there a solution?

Rename the song, and then climb into the properties and rename there. It should work

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Simshitman @ 06/05/2012, 17:33*
But how can I transfer a film from an iPhone through a wafer to a Nokia N8?

Probably impossible, because Apple transmits only to their own kind.

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Riruk @ 04/26/2012, 20:01*
I run Phone Drive, trying to log in from my computer to iphone. In the browser I drive in the address, but I can not go. Writes that the address is unavailable. Tell me, please, what could be?

Computer and wi-fi should be on the same network.

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I understand the possibility to copy a folder there and there is no file. This is not very convenient for music.

The folder can not be copied, but no one forbids packing in zip and sent a collection of songs to the program. Then I think the course of actions is clear (unpack the archive, and rename the folder).

Phone Drive Version: 2.0.0
- AirPlay support
- Support audio player art and interface improvements
- In-app audio playback creation
- Save videos and photos to the library
- Thumbnail image
- View image performance improvements
- New PDF Reader with Bookmark Support
- Support / extract RAR archives
- Add the name search folder
- Ability to upload multiple files / folders to PC / Mac via a web browser
- Minor bug fixes

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DikAll @ 01/07/2012, 16:18*
And how to copy files to the device when using usb mode? Is there something to include in the tunes?

You connect the device to iTunes - you click on the device (name) - you select programs (at the top) - you scroll down and click on the program, the review button will appear on the side, otherwise I don’t know.

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Who uses this program do not update to version 1.2.2 because copy / paste / cut text does not work.

What's New In Version 1.2.2
- Add document viewer scroll bar
- Bug fixes for Personal Hotspot Connection
- Other minor bugs fixes

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The program has been updated.
Version 1.1.3
Change: Bugs fixed (fixed bugs).

Version 1.2.0
- iOS 5 compatibility fixes.
- File sharing UI improvements.

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