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jasoor @ 8.1.10, 14:04*
on 3GS?

Yuraks123 @ 12/23/09, 11:38 PM*
iPhone 3gs (3.1.2 jail and unlock via blackcreen). Weifai works, he sees all the networks, everything is pumping, but after a couple of hours he just stops finding networks and everything

Now cleared up?
Do you have a 3GS? What is the question?

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Not. Only the replacement of the apparatus, the problem has not yet been solved.

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Yes, they did. Look at the topic in the main section.

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About Bluetooth, update the repositories and install iBluetooth for 3.x.

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Option one is to pass back the guaranty and get a new device.

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Before complaining about life we ​​look here -[FAQ] WiFi router + iPhone

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