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1 (rokr): I work as a dispatcher of Komienergo, a branch of IDGC of the North-West, JSC. The work is interesting and responsible. Education, the first secondary technical, mining electrical engineer with the right to conduct drilling and blasting, received in the evening, the second is a higher engineer, an energy engineer, he studied in absentia, since right after school he practically began working, leaving his hometown to the Far North. Divorced (4pda is not to blame), son is 11 years old. I’m doing everything that’s interesting, at the moment it’s just smart animals. In addition, a little music (self-taught guitarist), sometimes a gym, meeting friends, clubs / bars / discos .. In general, ordinary life.
2 (slesarr): Only personal experience. The first smarts on Simba began to appear in my 2003/2004, in 2004, the first computer and communicator on Windows, and immediately 4PDA, from which a lot of my current knowledge was obtained. Especially nowhere did this study and did not even plan.
3 (Trump): A lot of us, and our name is the team)
4 (- = Dirk = -): I'm a cat owner. There is one cat, not a Himalayan, not a Burmese, picked up on the street 5 years ago. Photos of him surrounded by smaller electronic brothers here:
Animals (Post # 3889957)
And who might be interested in our memoirs, interesting?
5 (l-e-v-a-p): A community of friends / mates / people with diverse tastes, interests, aspirations, currently united by a common interest, hobby, and hobby.
6 (damir4er): It was different. When moving from the North, I left the Forum almost for half a year, but I had no doubt that I would return. It delays, as well as everything that is really interesting.
7 (Pante59): Now I have HTC HD2, Acer laptop, XP mini notebook. In principle, the whole evolution is in my signature.
8 (UE1): How to say. Sometimes it is unpleasant that such a stereotype develops. Personally, with a height of 185, I weigh 83, and I feel quite comfortable. In general, in winter, of course, the lifestyle is more homely, but mostly quite mobile.
9 (- = Dirk = -): My surname is Izmalkov, that's all)

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1 (rokr): Andrew. I am 35 years old. I work in a company engaged in video surveillance. Until a certain time, he was intensively engaged in musical - producer activities - he played in a rock band, wrote his own album - this gradually passed into the category of a secondary hobby. Since on my life path All my free time, I try to give my favorite resource. I am engaged in firmware and writing FAQ.
2 (slesarr): In the summer of 2007, when I registered on the resource, I didn’t even know how to install the cabs - not to mention programming languages ​​and tinkering in the firmware. Moreover, I searched on the BB shnoy clave - where is some "book" - according to this for about 4 months, I just read - even without thinking to write something in the forum.
3 (Trump): (in a whisper) And here you look at visitors for the last 15 minutes - reds, dark-violet and blue ones - we are here
4 (- = Dirk = -): Cat - Zhorochka, and hamsters - Zhirzhiki 2 pieces. Regarding the memoirs - personally, I have still achieved very little here - for writing memoirs.
5 (l-e-v-a-p): Good, kind, sympathetic - Real people.
6 (damir4er): Nah, the current of time is sometimes sorely missed.
7 (Pante59): There is a fad above reputation - your device - each member of the Team - is indicated. I think the preferences are different as in many people.
8 (UE1): Alcohol - I do not use at all. For the rest, you described exactly me - the current I am thin - thin
9 (= Dirk = -): Well, it's generally fun. Before registering, I wrote Andrey for the first time — well, they told me that there was already such a nickname, I removed y — it came up to Andre — what a surprise I was when the engine told me that such a nickname exists.
I stubbornly began to add a letter to Andree first - and in the end I got it And I became Andreee

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1 (rokr): Vladimir, leading IT engineer of a large organization (management thinks so)
I taught ... in the year 1986-88 my father had a big piece of iron at work, on which one could either go for a drive on typewriters, or go with something about his staff ... that's where it hooked me up and look like. I did not learn anything special, but at work it turns out that if necessary, then I sit down, understand and do it.
2 (slesarr):
3 (Trump): I do not think that we work on an ongoing basis, basically it is a hobby, help to the same users as we were not so long ago ... with participation as far as possible and with some responsibilities.
4 (- = Dirk = -): Koshaki But at home I haven’t been keeping for a long time, I feel sorry for them that I have to wait all the time when they get their attention. At the cottage a couple of dogs running. I don’t let me go to devices. Memoirs ... I didn’t have much useful life in this life to translate the paper onto its description
5 (l-e-v-a-p): We are all people with our cockroaches in my head ...
6 (damir4er): Sometimes you have to take a vacation
The girl knows that I have such a hobby that does not bring income but is not demanding too much, especially not against it.
7 (Pante59): There are a lot of them ... The PDAs I use now - the profile is always updated.
8 (UE1): It is not necessary to generalize all the people behind the computer with the fat ones, and vice versa. I think that the people matching the description given in the question are units against the general background.
I was not extreme (although any driver in Kiev in the winter, thanks to the measure, temporarily falls into this category). I love new places, nature, therefore periodically enters on unknown paths.
9 (= Dirk = -): In my student years, I showed my fellow students a couple of times how to play Unreal Tournament, for how this action took place in cold blood, and awarded with this nickname. Why I used this nickname here, and not my standard one at that time, I don’t remember, but the first registration here was lost along with the mail to which it was registered, and to the second I had to add a letter on behalf of.

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1 (rokr):
2 (slesarr): Profession suitable: Operator EV and VM. In addition, I study on the forum and in general on the Runet.
3 (Trump):
4 (- = Dirk = -): I love dogs and cats. Getting along? Well, at first Thomas tried to gnaw off the PDA, then threw these attempts. Memoirs do not plan. Although who knows ...
My kitten.
5 (l-e-v-a-p): Martians, Arthur's knights and so on. In fact, we are ordinary people with their interests, characters and their views. But together - the team (as it does not sound pathetic).
6 (damir4er): It's easier for me to come, knowing that I am responsible for something. Although not particularly my "stressful" section. There was no desire to quit. Family life is not burdened. Therefore, I can not say. And the family resigned.
7 (Pante59): In the profile. Bye alone. There are plans for a new one.
8 (UE1): Stereotype. I do sports. Football, bike, martial arts. Extreme? Perhaps only parkour.
9 (= Dirk = -): Just such a nickname? Came up with the registration. Wanderer was busy. A nickname is twofold. On the one hand, it means "Wanderer from Bazaar Karabulak". On the other hand, "The Wanderer from Fight Club" Just was under the impression of the film "Fight Club".

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1 (rokr): Sergey. I work in a trading network that specializes in, among other things, on devices that the forum and site are dedicated Divorced, daughter 19 years old.
2 (slesarr): I did not teach anything, BB-user since 2003, in 2004 I bought Motorola MPx200 (Who is in the subject, he will understand))) and it started

4 (- = Dirk = -): All my life, there were cats in the house. Now there are not, before the year before last there were - a Siamese cat, and a “horse” of a Doberman exterior. With Tamagotchi did not overlap.

6 (damir4er): Not tired, but sometimes just arms fall. Then just turn on some shooter, and urine fffssseehhh
7 (Pante59): In the profile and signature. Several times, he heroically tried to jump off to simple mobile phones. But immediately began to sew them and customize them in every way. As a result, I returned to WM. Now I look at devices with interest, on Android OS, and (just ts-s) on iPhone.
8 (UE1): “I am a beautiful, intelligent and moderately plump man in my prime!” © Carlson. I go out on the street for various reasons, including for a beer. Previously, still went to the pool and a gym. Now, unfortunately ... ".. my health is not very, then my legs ache, then the tail falls off" © Sharik.
9 (= Dirk = -): Remember from Bart Simpson, ah karamba? Once to replace the MPx200, T-Mobile SDA was bought, and I, as they say, felt the difference

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1 (rokr): Michael. By education - mechanical engineer for aircraft construction. He was drawn to aviation since childhood. Even the course weaned at the flight school ... But, it didn’t. A year in the army, and in the MAI. Preparatory department, admission, departure from the first session due to meeting my future wife, construction work, again MAI, entered the afternoon and transferred to the evening, which he graduated with a red diploma and a blue face ... Work at the department, what kind of science, which ceased to be necessary in the dashing 90s ... Ilyushin’s company, introduction of a 3D modeling system at a company, work on a Boeing from a company, leaving the office, selling this same 3D system ... Work in an office that began to trade all that comes to hand ... Transition to a design company that makes and Midge Airlines. "We want to be recognized, on the ground and in the air." I work as a jack of all trades, from working on airplanes to maintaining the company's PC fleet in the right tone. Well, the three-dimensional, which is my skate. I like to mess with old guitars, mainly of socialist production. I love books. Different household appliances too ...
2 (slesarr): With the computer collided for the first time in 1991. He worked on VAX (Anvil, SGM), then AutoCAD, where without him, then - Unigraphics from 10 to NX4 (when choosing a system for Il, he mastered almost all three-dimensional systems available at the time) ... mastered ... On Boeing - CATIA ... First PDA - QTek-G100. He also forced to climb into the Internet to search for information. So came onsavagemessiahzine.comand a number of sites already associated with GPS.
3 (Trump): The student was long before Internet access. How many people work on a permanent basis? Do not know.
4 (- = Dirk = -): Favorite cat Dusya traditionally adorns on the avatar ... Excuse me, but I cross her in a cat for communication on the forum. He likes to lie on his knees very much when I'm sitting on the forum ... A little in the way, but reconciled ... Memoirs? I'm still not interested.
5 (l-e-v-a-p): Those with whom I want to communicate.
6 (damir4er): When I get bored or stop arranging something, I'm leaving. Here, I'm not tired yet, and it's nice when you see that someone has improved his mood, did some kind of good deed ... Just to pull under me is not quite interesting. I sit on the Internet and from work, when time allows, and at home ... My wife sometimes gets angry ... But I settle.
7 (Pante59): About BB I will not, they have been changing and modernizing houses since 1997. From small ones, in the order of receipt - QTek-G100, Ginza, ETen x500 +, EeePC 701 (4Gb), ACER Aspire 5520G-503G32Mi LX.ALX0X.511, Samsung Q1Ultra, TexeT-TN505, Archos 5 WiFi ...
8 (UE1): I have a constitution that I would like to overweight, but it doesn’t work ... I was engaged in sports in my youth (classic struggle), having pulled myself out of a pile of sores, now I am more and more engaged in watching games, but walking for long distances (10-15 km I don’t think I’m walking on a hook) ... Although, perhaps, here: I like to shoot. At home - several trunks of pneumatics. Auto, without sports, just the right trip. Riding on MSC is a pleasure below average. From other hobbies, the guitar is little by little ... But, this is not a sport. In the summer, I like to wind miles for boots looking for mushrooms ... PS. I have nothing against beer ... I even love it ... PPS. In the summer, parachuting. Then, it was no longer possible. (Is it extreme or not?)
9 (= Dirk = -): When I started learning computer technology, I inherited a Username to log into VAX. Miki. Since then, and hooked. In consonance with the name. 01 appeared when it became clear that in places this nickname is already taken. Here, during registration, the nickname Miki was busy.

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1 (rokr): Student SPbSETU "LETI", studying algorithms and mathematics. I think you can not talk about student life.
2 (slesarr): It all started back in the early school years. Then the house was mighty 386.
Familiarity with the world of the PDA began with the Motorola MPx200, like many. And the whole history of the search for the perfect device is reflected in my signature.
With programming is closely related to study. Studied Pascal, Delphi, C ++, Assembler x86, Lisp, Prolog. But in life I do not use it yet, although everything is ahead.
3 (Trump): If you understand the phrase "on an ongoing basis" as a duty, then no one. Everyone understands that everything rests on the usual enthusiasm.
And since the team is very large: administrators and routers, moderators and moderators, assistant moderators and FAQMakers, curators and users themselves.
4 (- = Dirk = -): There is a dog - a German shepherd - and 2 cats. Unfortunately, I rarely see them - I live in another city.
Memoirs - not, not mine, not a writer.
5 (l-e-v-a-p): "We are all so different, but still we are together."
6 (damir4er): This is not a job, even a duty is difficult to name. This is the main hobby.
7 (Pante59): Everything in the profile. Of course, with a certain frequency there is an update and modernization.
8 (UE1): So fat that I can't sit on a bicycle. I love speed and easy mountain biking. I ride only in Anapa, the climate and nature have. I'm thinking and in St. Petersburg to purchase an iron horse.
9 (= Dirk = -): And I do not remember. I remember that I added the number when registering the first e-mail.

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1 (rokr): Hosting, Linux, PDA, picking electronic (and not only) iron ...
2 (slesarr): He taught everything his hands reached. Comp for me started with HT at the mother at work and the Spectrum from a friend.

5 (l-e-v-a-p): Oddly enough - people.
6 (damir4er): He gets tired sometimes. But when you see that there is a benefit from your work, you start again. It would have been a job would have changed long ago.
7 (Pante59): In profile and in signature
8 (UE1): I drive on velka. Alcohol (vtch and beer) do not drink.
9 (= Dirk = -): My favorite avatar (Post # 2333240)
Appeared from the game Samurai Shodown. I have been carrying this nick for about 16 years.

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1 (rokr): Vadim. Captain of the Medical Service, adjunct of the Military Medical Academy. I am writing (trying) a thesis. Married, have a baby.
2 (slesarr): In 2003 or 04, my friend showed me the Siemens SX1 and since then I haven't transferred smart phones. Specially studied nothing, I found a lot of information here on my favorite site.
3 (Trump): Nobody probably goes to work here, although I think it’s not relevant to the admins ... And the whole team is constantly working on the site as much as possible, as far as it’s possible.
4 (- = Dirk = -): I adore animals, especially capricious cats of all breeds and stripes, but unfortunately my wife has a terrible allergy to wool, so unfortunately I don’t have a single beast at home.
5 (l-e-v-a-p): Different interestnny people from different classes and classes. All with its information charge, so it is interesting to communicate.
6 (damir4er): If someone is annoyed with something, does not like it, or he simply cannot fulfill his duties in a team, he comes, speaks about it and becomes an honorary forumchan. The spouse used to boil, now apparently got used to and takes for granted.
7 (Pante59): Groupsavagemessiahzine.comuses different devices. They often change, because people are progressing, learning, wanting new things, learning it and sharing knowledge with you.
8 (UE1): Unfortunately now there is no time for sports, but nevertheless, he has put himself a horizontal bar in his office and occasionally combine various types of loads. And how can it be without it ...
9 (= Dirk = -): It's simple, my nickname is the name of my beloved wife.

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1 (rokr): Igor. At this time I work as a storekeeper in a trading company. I listen to an alternative, attend various events related to her extreme show, tattoo conventions, festivals.
2 (slesarr): Yes, like nothing taught. Acquaintance with the phones began with Siemensa m55, then vulgar patches, elves. Then the smartphone simba, now the PDA.
3 (Trump): Well, that you yourself can count-the main page of the forum-the bottom-administration
4 (- = Dirk = -): Red Cat . I love all animals, but especially dogs and cats. If you write at least one copy buy?
5 (l-e-v-a-p): You yourself have answered your question. Friends, colleagues.
6 (damir4er): As long as the desire is not lost, it is not a work-rather a hobby. My wife is sometimes angry (stop typing !!!!!!!), but there was no quarrel about it. Well, I spend the whole weekend with her
7 (Pante59): Personally, I have Nokia 3310 with SMS function, other team members can view profile
8 (UE1): Well, I am not fat, although I drink beer. First of all, everything depends on the constitution. I don’t do sports, I do exercises in the morning, sometimes I go to the pool, I go hiking in the summer.
9 (- = Dirk = -): Igorca is Igorka, and Igorka is Igor.Why such? I don’t know, I wanted to

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1 (rokr): Director of a small private company engaged in the development of microchips and computer architectures. Well, we program a little (for our projects).
2 (slesarr): By education a physical engineer. The first time I encountered a computer (1976) at school. It was "Ural" (lamp still, occupied a sickly hall). I didn’t understand anything - just that to add two numbers you first need to click different toggle switches for about five minutes, and then after a couple of minutes the result will be lit by red lights over there, and for another five minutes you need to bring it to a human form on a piece of paper closer (EU mainframe). Then (since 1985) - PDP / VAX / BESM-4 at work. Then came the DCK. Well, then - IBM PC.
3 (Trump): On the "permanent" - no one. All "volunteer volunteers." Students, by the way, not so much.
4 (- = Dirk = -): Now pets, unfortunately, no. There was a cat (this name is a cat), a rat ... In general, I prefer any. Delicious mostly. Memoirs? Well, maybe another 50 years later ...
5 (l-e-v-a-p): Very strange and interesting people. In general, all interesting people are strange, did not notice?
6 (damir4er): And I'm not a moderator, so I'm not tired. No, there are no special problems. From this point of view, it is much more interesting and useful to sit on our site than in social networks.
7 (Pante59): Groupsavagemessiahzine.comenjoys various good, reliable, convenient devices. Sometimes - different bad, buggy and with an idiotic interface. Then Groupsavagemessiahzine.combegins to reflash them, put different programs ... Well, you know.
8 (UE1): Uh, we met somewhere ?! Is it not with you that we drank beer on a bench three days ago?
9 (- = Dirk = -): Mine is a long story. In short, in honor of Karl Marx (nothing personal, it just happened).

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