Rep: (48)
Kornish @ 12/29/2012, 11:52 PM*
The fact is that if I want some pictures with a hint of artistry, then I’d rather not take pictures at all if I only have a mobile at hand


Rep: (48)
konvas @ 29.12.2012, 16:48*
but only if the developing and printing in a normal laboratory, rather than "Film development-print" in the metro

Film development and printing houses with their own hands
from Photoshop makes me sick for a long time, because it is my profession such

Rep: (48)
Lares @ 29.12.2012, 14:13*
It looks so shabby

this is not pathetic, that's when the shift and tilt are associated only with fotoshopovskim filter, but still aggressively insist on it - it's really pathetic

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I shoot without any matrix
what am i doing wrong

Rep: (48)
konvas @ 29.12.2012, 13:35*
Quality outright udelyvayut kropovye SLRs like the 450d

you're talking about pixels - and I'm talking about the photo

Rep: (48)
konvas @ 29.12.2012, 12:07*
Well, if it comes to that, you should always carry a "Markovka" +

you are one of those who think that the more expensive the camera - the better it takes?
If at hand it was a good camera and I made them a good shot - it can not be put vkontakt? that would not stand out from the mobilofotkobydla?

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levkovsky @ 28.12.2012, 15:56*
but also to get the camera to take a picture schedule of the museum, too, somehow not kamilfo) or contact put a picture such as "I was here - John" is enough phone

who is not comme il faut to remove schedule for the camera if she is proved? pulled out and removed, the only difference is in the services, a photo with DSLR harder to throw in the internet, it is necessary to make more gestures

and who prevents to take a picture, "I was here" so that it then do not be ashamed to hang on the wall in a frame? or post photos of this quality can not be contacted?

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levkovsky @ 28.12.2012, 16:58*
Mamiya voobscheto sredneformatka. do not you think? eg buy her digital back - I saw bu not expensive - a half Leman rubles in the bright world of 60 megapixels is not a fan too))

so what's the difference SF it or 35mm, talking about a technology - Soviet suitable only as training. pushing buttons, fill the film with her, but do not shoot

what for me to heel, if I am at home with the film print hands?
moreover, that backs to modern mamiyam, and I have 330 dvuhobektivnaya

Rep: (48)
levkovsky @ 28.12.2012, 15:56*
repairable zenith on their own home

let Cton other repairs home appliances. and I have a Mamiya, a minimum of 30 years, traces of repair is not and is not expected

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umaks way is not bad, if properly prepared, but domestic appliances - full trash without exception. technically made very pahabno designer who be repaired immediately after purchase and all the rest of the time until you use it. I saw Zenith whose cogs specifically smaller diameter, were simply inserted into the hole and covered with glue. trash

Rep: (48)
levkovsky @ 23.12.2012, 23:23*
ECHO film scanner

what specific scanner?

Tair - trash

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Lares @ 12/19/2012, 3:57*
What do you mean!
You can not blur the picture with the help of software! People over the huavei themselves without special lenses can.

the lens tilting causes a displacement of the plane of the grip, which allows you to make sharp those objects that would be far away in blur when shooting with a conventional lens. no software is capable of such processing, because it is an exclusively optical effect, and very complex

lens shift allows you to avoid perspective distortion when shooting objects at an angle to the film plane other than the normal. for example, to remove a mirror while standing on its side, without perspective distortion, but in such a way that the camera will not be reflected in it. no program will do that

for Wikpedia gugleeruditov, learn materiel:

and all these “tiltshift types” can only miserably and clumsily mimic one of the side effects of these optical effects.

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Lares @ 12/18/2012, 7:23 PM*
Also tilt-shift is the name of the visual effect, which is achieved either by "tilting and shifting the lens", or soft in various editors.

learn materiel. these effects cannot be done using software. only their miserable likeness

Rep: (48)
Lares @ 12/18/2012, 15:10*
Yes, it's free tilt-shift. No instagrams and snepsids are needed.

omg ... this young
tilt and shift are not instragram, it is the tilt and shift of the lens on the camera, on a normal separate camera, and not built into the phone

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