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DTS, I have a problem with all devaysa for vertical photography. If, for example, a document on the table it is necessary to take a picture. Can somehow detect orientation. Otherwise, everything is normal is determined.

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Alihan1998 @ 02.28.2013, 16:29*
Perhaps in C3 module Samsung costs.

It seems so far no one has yet seen the difference in the photo between the modules from Sony and Samsung in SGSIII. Absolutely equally removed.

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It looks so poorly when someone behind him and in the rain and snow, and in the store for bread in a backpack carries polukilogrammovuyu SLR. But even more pathetic it is when he solemnly said about this topic in the comparison of mobile cameras. : Rofl:
Amazed people =
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A normal camera in the huavee, taking into account its price and other characteristics.

In budget Chinese - worse; in branded tops - better.

Here is the N821. Noise and din, for VK is good
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quoter-qq @ 12/18/2012, 19:08*
learn materiel. these effects cannot be done using software. only their miserable likeness

What do you mean! You can not blur the picture with the help of software! People over the huavei themselves without special lenses can. : D
From the same series that you can not listen to music without Hyfayman.

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quoter-qq @ 12/18/2012, 16:28*
tilt and shift are not instragram, it is the tilt and shift of the lens on the camera, on a normal separate camera, and not built into the phone

Also tilt-shift is the name of the visual effect, which is achieved either by "tilting and shifting the lens", or soft in various editors. ;) Do not be an old-bore. =)

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Yes, it's free tilt-shift. : D No instagrams and snepsids are needed.

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