Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 23.07.17, 10:48*
Link that you threw, does not carry any information or from the category of "one grandmother said."

If you read it, you would see that the "grandmother" is said. There's a link to the original text of the press release of the company Proofpoint:
http:? //investors.proof...l.cfm releaseid = 819799

Goplex @ 23.07.17, 10:48*
P.S There are programs that send SMS. Or phishing web banking application. But to get to this can only be an imbecile.

At the moment, the main problem - it sklikivanie advertising and the use of smartphones in the bot-netah.

Usually, all it spreads through Pley.Market in which very little control over the applications:http: //news.softpedia....lay-store-502560.shtml
Although the holes in the OS too short:

Goplex @ 23.07.17, 10:48*
this whining and drooling.

And millions of $$$ for those who do :-(

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 22.07.17, 16:35*

But in the same article:
In common parlance, "virus" refers to all malware

And it is his androids enough. Infect even SmartTV and refrigerators with built-in android:

But even if we just follow the definition, then:
Goplex @ 22.07.17, 08:29*
the system itself is designed so that it can not be a virus.

In fact, may well ...

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 21.07.17, 22:22*
never seen a virus on your android neither myself or other people, including a blonde.

The fact that they are not visible - does not mean that they are not.

Goplex @ 21.07.17, 22:22*
It depends on the browser.

Well, I say - Lynx still pull.

And so, you open any account at Vinsky - and browser otest 250-500mb RAM:
like this (if you see how much she ate memory - pre-scroll to the end, that would be all the photos to load)

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 21.07.17, 20:37*

In any "Blonde," which pointed the rubbish from the convenience store.
Or lover polygonal apk with left sites ...

Goplex @ 21.07.17, 20:37*
concept of surfing very relative. Someone has to keep a dozen tabs open.
1-2 Open site will be. And there is no other desktop operating system that would cope with it better.

Only now the average page takes the RAM to 100MB. And some, especially overloaded graphics can eat and 300.

Rep: (87)
mkudritsky @ 21.07.17, 03:05*
Only under vynyu I saw completely zavirusovannye PC completely deleted information!

Because it is a mass OS. And beneath it sit ordinary users, putting the software to obscure sites and ignores all warnings OS.

There are completely zavirusovannye Androyd smartphones (and androyd, posuti, the same Linux) ...

mkudritsky @ 21.07.17, 03:05*
Well, what is now the MS-glyukodrom became less infected - the merit of routers, switches, ONTov on Linux.

Which, incidentally, is also good break, due krivorukost manufacturers make firmware for devices of data.

mkudritsky @ 21.07.17, 03:05*
WIntel clan decided to throw the old PC to the new build of Win 10 to force users to upgrade the iron!

It should be read not only the headlines, but the very news. The problem with the old atoms from the built-in graphics core based on PowerVR. With wood there from the beginning of the problem.
By the way, Linux on these Atom-ah did not work (even after bypassed UEFI protection of wood under the PowerVR was not).

Goplex @ 21.07.17, 08:36*
Minimum tasks such as surf in the net and edit documents, it will be possible to implement.

On the 256MB of RAM it is now possible to surf only with the help of a Lynx.

Post has been - 21.07.17, 15:21

Rep: (87)
kosta26 @ 05.07.17, 17:43*
And are you so afraid? Get used to that any product, the site conveys information.

So he was still at the time of the collection of information manages good shipping system, especially the HDD (because 10-ka without the SSD is not particularly comfortable to use, even for a relatively powerful hardware):
pay attention to the process Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, which is not little ship drive. This is just a spy MS - Windows service that collects data about the user's actions on the computer: which applications have been installed, which removed the information about browsing the Internet, log files running programs, devices. In this case, everything that could disable an official way - I'm disabled.

And as in this screenshot interesting memory consumption EDGE processes and Opera.
I took a page with more photos: Opened in EDGE and Opera (besides this page is nothing in the browser is not open. Page Scroll up and down progruz all photos). Memory usage of browsers in the screenshot.
In fairness - if EDGE is not to touch a few minutes - then its memory usage will drop to 280mb. But it is necessary to touch him - again fly to 500MB.
In Opera also consumption is reduced, if not touch, but on a smaller scale.
Attached Image

Post has been editedAlexanderL - 17.07.17, 00:26
Reason for editing: Pictures under spoiler

Rep: (87)
Alex Klein @ 16.07.17, 23:23*
But now, with two browser tabs open when you switch to them from the cache to recover.

Modern web page has become very severe. On average - one tab 100MB of RAM. And there are those who eat off of 300.

For comfortable browsing today need at least 4GB of RAM.

And if the work - this word, or 1C with a small base of a small business - is 2GB, 1GB ... perhaps enough with win10 ... I do not know ... she always 700MB otest ... What is enough remaining 300MB ?

Rep: (87)
Pascale @ 05.07.17, 15:05*
And you are able to tell whether I can install Win10 from a USB drive? thank

You can even download the utility from the MS site to create the installation USB Key (provided that you have a product key)
https: // ...are-download/windows10

Rep: (87)
Pascale @ 05.07.17, 13:25*
The question of whether to move to 10-a-boo or simply reset the 7-a-boo?

If you pass on the fair (ie buying, provided that you have not booked in time free upgrade), it is not worth it 11-15tr worth Win10Pro (Home is not worth taking - dokanali nondisconnectable force an upgrade).

If not completely honest ;-) - try. Opinions on the opposite it. Maybe you are looking for.

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 03.07.17, 11:09*
exactly! When I put on too linups iron, I have magically changed drive speed!

I have not changed anything. All on the SSD opens instantly. The HDD little longer ...

Goplex @ 03.07.17, 11:09*
probably because the web programmers dopilivat sites separately for each browser, so they work in different ways.

In the best case, make mobile and desktop version.

EDGE is a problem in the fact that his scripts in background tabs Spahr full. While normal browser suspend, slow down ... leaving only important thing - push notifications, music playback. Yes, and to EDGE memory even more voracious than the Fire Fox.

Rep: (87)
FoxFox4444 @ 03.07.17, 00:16*
This is yulmart's curve lol site

Crooked, I agree ... But somehow, for opera, he is not a problem (this, incidentally, is not Core i5 2430M with 8GB of RAM, and a tablet with Atom and 4GB of RAM):
Attached Image

Post has been - 03.07.17, 00:49

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 02.07.17, 14:05*
Also garbage with linups. An elementary browser opens longer on linups, it is much more important than some kind of spherical tests.

the opening speed of the browser depends on the drive speed.
Sami browsers are about the same.

Although, here with playback 4K 60p on youtube linux does best (in my home as a monitor 50 "4K panel) Whether business in the codec, or in particular the distribution of tasks between threads -. Linux distributes the load between all 16 streams and windows ship only 8:
However, most of the video and the old man Xeon X5570 8 flows draws, but there are some which can not handle 8 (although you can always run PotPlayer feed him a link to youtube and use a hardware decoder GTX1060).

Here are 2 screenshots - CPU usage for Kubuntu and under Win8.1 (workstation with 2 Xeon x5570).

Attached Image

Attached Image

Video here it is: with this video frame passes there and in Windows).
But this video in your browser, see I can not in the windows (to Linux - can):

ps By the way, why browsers (Firefox free dough in Chrome and do not involve the GPU hardware decoder?).

Alex Klein @ 02.07.17, 18:39*
Wind Strong Georgia processor and more memory otzhiraet.

If you put the distribution with KDE / Gnome - the memory consumption is about on par with win8 / 10
Although, if desired, and using a lightweight desktop environment, you can significantly reduce the memory consumption on the environment.

As for the processor - background processes 10s (updating, monitoring, caching, ...) are often loaded on the processor ... Win8.1 CPU load is almost absent.

Alex Klein @ 02.07.17, 18:44*
In fact, quite normal. Especially on the tablet.

It is not normal. I recently lecturing tests ixbt as a miracle eats memory and CPU ...

The test was done on the Core i5 2430M and 8GB RAM

40 tabs. The memory occupied by 93%. Processor loaded on 84%
Attached Image

What opened:
Products with and
Ads for the sale of cars on the
Descriptions on movies
Yeshe a couple of news from the home page of the Age

After 46 bent tab browser.

For comparison - Opera on the same hardware. 90 tabs (the other, though the tab. To be repeated with the same necessary for the purity of the experiment)
CPU utilization 3% !!!!!
Attached Image

Because my primary browser on tablets - Opera. An atom with 4GB no tenses (42 tabs):
Attached Image

Rep: (87)
Slava733 @ 07/02/17, 12:07*
The EJ browser, with all the pros, very often lags and hangs.

And what, from your point of view, are its advantages?

I looked at him - he eats more operatives than FireFox. He can’t work correctly with background tabs (scripts on them work to the fullest). He put the Core i5 2430M with 8GB of RAM on the 46th tab ... Opera quietly digests these tabs on a tablet with Atom and 4GB of RAM

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 07/02/17, 08:39*
Your tests are not fixed in any way, therefore they are spherical.
Test benchmark performance ?! Really?
Yes, and one program for rendering is not enough, it may just be better written for Linux, which is clearly not the merit of the OS.

Tests conducted for myself (purely out of interest), and not with the goal of proving something.

Geekbench consists of very real tasks, such as html parsing, pdf rendering, processing sql requests, archiving ...
Geekbench stores them in an online database. Here are mine:

Here are other Geekbench tests
http: //deasproject.alt...s-windows-performance/(there are links to the Geekbench website with the interpretation of the results in the text)

Here are other people's tests in Blender

I also did a test in the Unigine Valley Benchmark - there under windows the result was much better. But under windows, the test ran under DirectX, and in linux under OpenGL

Rep: (87)
some kind of spherical tests in a vacuum.

These are my tests.

Iron was:
Intel Xeon L5520 @ 2.27 GHz 2 processors, 8 cores, 16 threads
24566 MB DDR3 in 6-channel mode

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 4.4.0-31-generic x86_64

Geekbench 4.0.4
Single-Core Score 2088
Multi-Core Score 12563

Single-Core Score 2027
Multi-Core Score 10561

Blender Render of a famous scene from Reisen's presentation:
Linux - 58sec
Windows - 1:11 sec

Rep: (87)
reliable1 @ 06/30/17, 15:08*
Linux drives, works great everywhere (if not everywhere, then a lot where).

Of the 5 devices that I now have, fully Linux only works on one (and officially - there are manufacturer’s drivers and a list of supported distributions - HP Proliant. 2 processor server, which I use as a workstation), there are parallel to Windows 8.1 Pro and Ubuntu (LTS, also with Unity).
One does not work at all (HP ElitePad 900).
On one - well, you can run it, but there’s no firewood (HP ElitePad 1000).
Another 2x works partially - laptops from Acer and Sony. I use the latter to "play around" with the OS, now there is Windows 10 and OpenSuse with Gnome (the number of bugs and glitches in Windows 10 and in Gnome in shock - I’m not ready to see anything on my working machine).

reliable1 @ 06/30/17, 15:08*
Windows lays on all the computers that I had, and on many computers that I saw.

8.1 conquered me with stability (the first releases had bugs, but over time, the OS became very stable - uptime weeks without any problems).
For example, now the system has 8 days and 10 hours of uptime. Everything is stable:
Attached Image

reliable1 @ 06/30/17, 15:08*
there are problems with firewood

On Linux from much more

Goplex @ 06/30/17, 9:35 PM*
But what about atavism with the console ?!

Some things on Windows also have to be done through the console. And it is much less convenient in Windows than in Linux.

Goplex @ 06/30/17, 9:35 PM*
inability to update the kernel without crashing the system

Strange - did not notice this.

Goplex @ 06/30/17, 9:35 PM*
slower operation than other OS

Blander renders scenes under Linux about 20% faster than under Win.
The results of Geekbench 4.0.4 under Linux are also about 20% better.

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 06/29/17, 16:34*
and more you can?

Goplex @ 06/29/17, 16:34*
By the way, it is the updates most likely the reason for some mythical load on the HDD.

http: //www.tomshardwar...ssive-disk-usage.html \

System and compressed memory:
http: //www.tomshardwar...roblem-fixed-ways.html

Post has been - 29.06.17, 17:13

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 06/29/17, 16:34*
The site you provided can be used in mobile chrome.

It is possible, an option was made there for those who do not have Flash, but it is less obvious. In general, many construction companies still have similar functionality on Flash.

Well, mobile chrome is still not always correct in relation to ordinary sites.
I mentioned above - this is the attempt to send a private message via mobile chrome (the editor is not loaded):
Attached Image

Periodically (I will not say that very often), but I come across a similar one.

Only Windows have to do with it?

very much to do with. see above.

HDD has long been a component that slows down the computer.
And some 7 is no exception.

Undoubtedly SSD pleasantly accelerates any OS. But on 7k and 8k you can live with the HDD. On 10-ke - it is impossible due to system processes who like to load a disk 100%

Rep: (87)
Alex Klein @ 06/29/17, 16:06*
Of all the above, only fairly loaded when downloading updates.

Not only. Still, when reports on your actions are sent to the "center" (Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry process)
When something caches there (Superfetch service)
When indexing the contents of your hard drive (Windows Search service)

Also, when enough RAM is occupied, the process "System and compressed memory" begins to show inadequate activity.

By the way, the activity of Windows in terms of disk load on a laptop depends heavily on whether it works on battery or network.

Rep: (87)
Goplex @ 06/29/17, 09:22*
Bring at least one site that can not open chrome storyteller

If we talk about chrome under the android, then the problems with the display of sites he has enough. For example, the WYSIWYG editor on the forum does not work in it.

If we talk about the whole android - construction companies, for example, are very fond of flash on their websites for pages with a choice of apartments ( )

Goplex @ 06/29/17, 09:22*
just recently took a laptop. There is an ordinary hard drive and nothing like this is observed. The system is loaded in 15 seconds from switching on to the desktop.

It can be loaded quickly, but it has several processes that like to load the disc 100% which causes brakes and lags when working:
- rather aggressive caching policy
- update system (non-switchable at home)
- a system for collecting information about your actions (also not completely disabled by regular methods)

Post has been - 29.06.17, 14:36

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