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* negatio,
Laptop, right?

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Does Windows 10 work less on SSD more quickly?

I honestly did not notice any acceleration after installing the SSD. The only thing that has become faster is the inclusion.
And this is despite the fact that I have a laptop, where the screw is even slower than on the desktop.

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* Evg127,
You suggest to choose from a sort of kaka?
Well, 7 kind of stinks like the least.

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mkudritsky @ 01.03.2019, 03:33*
similar to Win XP

Zhduny same OS like XP, most likely to use it only in the service pack 3: lol:

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skalana @ 21.02.2019, 11:38*
Well, to put it more specifically.
In Windows 7, there is no functionality, which is available in Windows 10. What specifically -. The Internet a bunch of articles on the topic "What's new in Windows 10"

In short, you and he (a) you do not know.

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* skalana
I asked a specific question, and received in response to a delusion driven into the head marketers.

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skalana @ 21.02.2019, 09:48*
I do not know what is now put Win7. I'm on my PC would not. She already hopelessly outdated.

What can Windows 7 that can be Windows 10?

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not_registered @ 09.01.2019, 16:38*
yes, "buggy garbage" - it's just your feeling of the narrowness of outlook and perception of stagnation

You do it out of a Public VC "is not like all the" learned?

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* not_registered ,
Ahh, so that's why hrinuks - is buggy rubbish! And I thought, because it makes low-skilled enthusiasts ...

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* not_registered ,
I tried to use different distributions hrinuksa and every now and then solve problems with your computer, instead of just using.
What kind of brain zasiranii you say - is not clear.

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not_registered @ 9.01.19, 16:58*
teach, but bright and open, and not messy blob spyware from MS

What for?
Qualitative proprietary software for the most part better.
Pro light did not understand, you probably ochepyatalsya.
not_registered @ 9.01.19, 16:58*
then it closed commercial software, although for a long time already has open analogues

And so what?
Analogues are generally worse and have fewer opportunities, as well as accompanied by glitches and bugs.

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not_registered @ 9.01.19, 16:46*
well, as it is taught from kindergarten children bad, you're here to teach windsurfing Ward ...

You again for his.
Anyone working with Windows is not taught.
I also have not been taught. A Word is a general software that are also available on other operating systems.
With this approach, even if it does not teach anything?
not_registered @ 9.01.19, 16:46*
but on the contrary it is necessary to wean - to explain what is good and what is bad

What's so wrong with the study of Ward and other programs?

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not_registered @ 9.01.19, 16:22*
type directly into machine code figachit)

So how in the school learn to work shindovs ?! SchA any detsadovets knows how to run a Word.

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not_registered @ 9.01.19, 16:11*
so you do not feed the rest of the life of another American uncle

Well, his American uncles we have.
not_registered @ 9.01.19, 16:11*
and "Maryvanna" on what there knopaet pissing in his Word?

Usually on a computer. It is unclear where does Windows ?!

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not_registered @ 9.01.19, 15:03*
train to work with open source software instead of commercial products such as Windows

What for? Why should students learn job hrinuksa and other debris?
And work with Windows in the schools do not teach.

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not_registered @ 8.01.19, 19:23*
school so it, too, public institutions - and to start just with the necessary school

Start what?

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* Papa [BOP],
What are viruses out there that 10.
It almost any malware is not executed.
Definitely need to go to 10. It's faster and generally works better and more stable.

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MastiFF555 @ 17.03.18, 12:34*
No problem is on my ancient netbook atom, node 32, works great.

I do not know why you wrote it. Keep up to date generally.

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mkudritsky @ 16.03.18, 04:50*
They do not live adequately to 1GB of RAM.

Yes, from what you get at all? In 2002 I was playing in GTA 3 on a Pentium 3, and I'm not sure that the computer was not even 512 RAM: lol: 1 GB, you can safely put 10 Windu and use it as browsing and viewing Kintz.
mkudritsky @ 16.03.18, 04:50*
a must have for any vyni, especially for Win XP.

For Windows 10 does not need anti-virus, so it is not any.
And for XP now find the virus is extremely difficult, a rarity.
mkudritsky @ 16.03.18, 04:50*
Modern Linux with a light shell OpenBox quite a comfortable feeling on FireFox 59. * and 256-512Mb RAM.

Oh, everything is clear. Linups adept in: rofl:

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mkudritsky @ 14.03.18, 04:54*
At the time of the appearance of XP (prior to SP1, even before SP2) on the market it lacked 128-256Mb RAM! It's hard to believe, but it was! And she worked on the 256MB of RAM is very fast.
But the years passed and the current Win XP SP3 + all updates already have to at least 2048Mb RAM! Here it works fine, but do not even live on 256MB.

Do not write stupid things for XP SP3 you need 512 MB and then she quietly put on 256.
A 128 is not intended without various frauds.

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