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Good evening.
Myst1k777 @ 4.01.18, 23:51*
The laptop was without a system, immediately installed 10 pro assembly, but something did not like how it works

Actually, here is the answer to your question. Put 7, but everything will rest against firewood. If there are seven on the manufacturer’s website, there are zero problems. But, recently, fewer vendors are supporting the seven

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Nick Nikals @ 3.12.17, 14:55*
If the problems started after the updates, then in theory
you need to fire the Hindu coders. I repeat. Fail creators update calls bsods. It is treated by reinstalling Windows cleanly. What are these updates?

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Trumpo @ 2.12.17, 13:55*
this OS does not reach Windows a little less than completely.
With what? In my opinion, there is only a lack of specific application software and games. In most cases, wine solves this problem as well. From the well-known - only smart firmware comes with wild dances and hacking games with artmoney does not work from the word at all. Can you tell me what linux still cannot handle, unlike windows? Horror how interesting

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* Slasar_technic , I , if anything , I am creating games and editingyoom video, paral l I play it

And how are the games? Are they starting? : D

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Goplex @ 11.30.17, 11:03*
Yeah, their computers are hanging, because everything is done to take out. No, their calculators just can't handle linups. Although somehow everything worked with XP.
definitely, a sketch: rofl:

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Goplex @ 11.28.17, 17:41*
Is there any evidence that someone is migrating?
I: D six months ago started this topic, as you can see, and then jumped off.I don’t argue, not everything is under the line. But, it satisfies 85-90% of my requirements with interest and advantage in speed. And for the average user - 100%. An example is my girlfriend. Web surfing, documents, playing media content, a little photo editing, running shooters on the grid, all with a bang

I want to note, I did not completely abandon Windows. But, recently poyuzav 10, for the sake of interest, spat and put 7k. Just for FL Studio
Goplex @ 11.28.17, 17:41*
But in fact, no one needed him, but to this day remains the same. Well, not counting the red-eyed, which computer to bathe in it.
rave. When was the last time you used it? And what exactly?

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Goplex @ 11.28.17, 17:13*
no normal
there is. It wouldn’t be, people would not migrate from Windows

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Mgorkin @ 11.28.17, 0:19*
There is Debian, which pulls them to ubuntu ...
Yes there is a lot of that. Ubunta is the most publicized. In fact, it exists in order to show Newby "on, look, Linux, it’s not scary, understood everything? Take it to hell, put a normal dist"

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Deeg05 @ 11.27.17, 23:21*
I wanted to roll my second laptop 7
so with any Windows. First you need to install the older version
Deeg05 @ 11.27.17, 23:21*
Set ubuntu, also does not get up
this is your ubunta glucodrome, look for another dist

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Mkudritsky @ 11.26.17, 12:18*
Is v1706 so meticulously reworked that it was necessary to change the driver 10 years ago from the manufacturer ?!
But what about the notorious compatibility with all previous versions of Windows? (actually a set of crutches)
Mkudritsky @ 11.26.17, 12:18*
but after updating the screen from 1366x768 suddenly became stretched to 1024x768.
Everything is stretched, like in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

I think you are lucky.My task is to pick up my mother’s laptop. Decided on the iron, everything is fine, but. In 95% of cases, laptops come with a pre-installed windows 10. I thought, maybe the devil is not as terrible as it is painted. But no.Fail creators update 1709 calls BSOD. BSOD, Carl! In some cases, I saw here on the forum, after this event the system crashes and it is not possible to restore it normally. Last, I hope, the last time I saw a BSOD on Windows 98. Let me think. And, that's right, this is compatibility: D

Rep: (79) @ 2.07.17, 23:52* @ 2.07.17, 23:52*
others, however, tabs. For the purity of the experiment, it will be necessary to repeat with the same)
CPU utilization 3% !!!!!

This is yulmart's curve lol site

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Goplex @ 06/28/17, 11:28*
This is, of course, the most important thing in the OS.

The system should be a pleasure to work with. And 10ka is some kind of Frankenstein: D

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Decided to stay in the seven, though. There is a little performance gain, dx12 is not needed (for me personally). And if you look at the appearance and convenience, then three (!) Control panels are a bit too much)) and the new launch, in my opinion, is a crash. Different icons hurt the eyes. The calendar, yes, is beautiful, but to the point) again A.R.S spoke about supporting the newsoftwareiron is only 10th, but what about the old? Yuzayu fl8, on another forum wrote that it does not start. I do not want anything else: unsure:

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* scalar there was such a thought. But for my laptop there is no firewood on the off site: unsure:

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* A.R.S 8.1 used, not for long, true. not delighted. DirectX 12 is not needed, I do not play games. Iron is not top far: stump 4405u, 2ghz, 2 cores, 4gb ram. Xp, of course, does not make sense, I've heard a lot about whist

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And still. What's better? Internet shoveling did not give a clear answer to this question.

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