Rep: (100)
Mkudritsky @ 06/29/19, 03:40*
Why so little?

Quite enough.
Mkudritsky @ 06/29/19, 03:40*
Here the seven has such a support period: "while normal browsers continue to be updated under Windows 7".

And what prevents to be guided by the same principles in relation to 8.1?

Rep: (100)
Negatio @ 06/26/19, 17:27*
c) Set LTSB / LTSC

d) 8.1 Embedded. For a not too powerful PC from Windows, the best option. It is as if eating resources no less than seven; support until July 2023.

Rep: (100)
mailhoarder @ 04/12/19, 14:48*
7ka proven vesch

XP is even more proven :)

Rep: (100)
mailhoarder @ 04/11/19, 23:28*
On intel nuc hvk someone put 7k
What's the point?

Rep: (100)
James112 @ 03/29/19 20:09*
Linux (IMHO)
And the seventh or tenth? :)

Rep: (100)
Goplex @ 03/01/19, 09:50*
They are waiting for the same OS as XP, most likely they used it only on the 3 service pack

She and the second worked fine.

Rep: (100)
RIZ2 @ 02.27.19, 18:56*
I will put a piece of 8.1 years old from 2014 ... And no update ...

So why all these trim / builds?
Win10 - LTSB or LTSC
8.1 Embedded
And you can update, by the way.

Rep: (100)
Swxswl @ 02.27.19, 09:29*
And a lightweight 10 somewhere with cut rubbish?


Rep: (100)
Nerd74 @ 02.20.19, 11:27*
but even I suspect that if you change to 32 bits, then there will be no sense

Will be.

Rep: (100)
Why is x64 there?

Rep: (100)
RIZ2 @ 11.25.18, 08:07*
And LXDE is another matter, even if it is a little more gluttonous, but all the gnome, sneaker or xcfe functionality I need is available ...

And the window manager there is just OpenBox.

Rep: (100)
RIZ2 @ 11.24.18, 13:03*
Well, maybe something will have to google - search - configure ... But it's worth it !!!

Demyan tried - nothing of the iron does not work.
In addition, UEFI is tricky there, far from every boot flash it sees: you need an image that supports UEFI GPT.

Rep: (100)
Ulululu @ 10.30.18, 08:58*
In order to create a folder, you do not need graphics

Ulululu @ 10.30.18, 08:58*
Of course I hang, because I haven’t done this for at least 20 years, but I don’t say that I can do it.

Look! The kid may have fumbled, but only in the usual graphic environment.
It is possible that he grew up, registered onsavagemessiahzine.comand periodically shown inthistopic. A big fan of KDE and doesn't use CLI at all :)

Rep: (100)
Geralt09 @ 10.29.18, 20:58*

So I rolled onto the tablet instead of tens. Eats a little, works smartly. But there are several significant disadvantages compared to the top ten. It is in my particular case.

Rep: (100)
Ulululu @ 10.29.18, 19:19*
As a result, I installed Ubuntu Server for him and asked me to do just one single thing - create a folder anywhere. As a result, he simply lost his black screen ...
Just someone did not guess X to install. Probably give you some arj archive under DOS, (well, or offer to create one), so hang too :)
Ulululu @ 10.29.18, 19:19*
Which one? 4th? It was the most glitchy Microsoft system; under it, as many as 6 pack service was done.

It was normal. The number of service packs does not mean that the system is buggy.

Post has been editedAlex Klein - 29.10.18, 20:06

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Geralt09 @ 10.29.18, 14:36*
There, too, after the update, turned off services can turn on.

And how critical is this for the average user?
Geralt09 @ 10.29.18, 14:36*
There are also stable bugs from 2016.
Stability is our everything :)
But there are obviously few shoals there than in the editorial office for the common people?

Rep: (100)
Mkudritsky @ 10.29.18, 04:43*
Also Win 10 sample of 2016 and Win 10 sample of the end of 2018 are completely different OS. And in terms of speed, the current, current Win 10 is much worse.

There is also a branch of Windows 10 LTSB.

Rep: (100)
Not_registered @ 10.28.18, 19:59*
We want a cultural and polite communication and we will get it

And you can create the theme "They offended me in a meat grinder. How to live on?"

Rep: (100)
* not_registered that's how I discuss programs. And with reason. And if some comrades contradict themselves, then I also state this fact.
or you do not belong here (
Will you show a deed of purchase?

Rep: (100)
Not_registered @ 10.28.18, 19:21*
went personal, writing - "You are tight with logical thinking"

And what, the statement of fact is now called that?

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