Rep: (1613)
Ulululu @ 10/28/18, 15:57*
Vista worked fine

Poor in speed, it worked. There was a laptop with Vista (Sony VGN-FW11MR), although why it was, it still exists and works ... Now it’s 7, also sometimes dull, but it’s quite possible to use it.

And if we take into account that then (at the moment Vista was released), the hardware was weaker than the current + there was a boom of all kinds of netbooks / nettops where this Vista did not fit the minimum system requirements - alas ...

Vista was an important step forward in terms of system concept, interface, etc. - but everything was brought to mind only in 7-ke.

Yes, I admit that if Vista gives Super Iron, then it will work fine, but the trouble is that the system and the execution of basic (browser, text editor, file explorer, viewing photos and movies, etc.) actions on it should not require the presence of super iron.

Rep: (1613)
* RIZ2,
for all the time of my life I succeededTWO system blocks:

1. Intel Pentium 4 2,6GHz (2004)

Of major upgrades determining system performance - were only the expansion RAM from 512 MB to 2 GB. Yes, I like to open a lot of tabs :-)

Everything else there remained the same, except for the video card, but that has been replaced due to combustion (has ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, put some roughly equivalent from NVIDIA, can not remember).

This system has been written out of the use mainly in connection with the acquisition of the family of the first device (camera) that supports Full-HD-video recordings - these files (MTS format) sanity opened only one player (JetAudio) - the load on the CPU in this case was about 100 %, all the other player plays, at best, with eerie "stuttering". And of some, even simple editing / installation of these files on the system - could forget.

OS: Windows XP. Never (!) By the way, do not reset. Yes, there were viruses, and all were - but every time I get out somehow, improving as they grow older their knowledge in this field ...

2. Intel Core i7 2600 3,4GHz (2012)

This system did not change anything major determinant of performance parts. On the keyboard of the system (by the way, Claudia herself is the same from the 2004 "Sven") and written by me this post :-)

So what, here who wants to say that I am a victim of marketing? Where the planned obsolence? Yes, the "iron" out of date, what do you want? The task is complicated, with an objective - not necessarily to look towards the worsening of newer versions of the same Vind - look at the volumes of multimedia files (permissions growth), look at the growth of the Internet connection speed (at the time of purchase of the first system is a standard type of access was the Dial-Up * c * a theoretical maximum speed of 56 kbit / s), etc.
Ryazancev @ 14.02.18, 13:15*
Guys, system requirements and Seven Dozens same.

A little different ... ka-8/10-ka, even theoretically, does not get on your computer without the NX-bit processor (as my old Pentium-4) ... and 7-ka - can ...
Ryazancev @ 14.02.18, 13:15*
Both work fine on most calculators budget 12 years ago.

Well ... ever all to see - yet there is a difference ... laptop Sony FW11MR (Core 2 Duo P8400) even in the office and work of simple tasks, alas, much slower than the computer on Core i7 (described above) ... and monoblock lenovo C200 (Atom D525 1.8GHz) - is generally a hell of a "calculator" ... (the Windows 7 on them worth it) ...

But - still - if you take my main computer, I bought my new little as 40,000 (the price of the finished assembly, in a luxury housing on the Zalman, with heaped silent cooling) and signs of aging is not so far - the Windows 10 only flies: - )

A demand that the configurations of the ancient era of flying - it would be stupid :-)

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Rep: (1613)
TED @ 10/02/18 16:13*
So much better than the infamous x Seven

And what? Horse car better? Street public payphone best smartphone?

Today The Windows-XP in fact there is an outdated facility.

Posted 02/13/2018 23:01:

Ryazancev @ 27.01.18, 17:29*
10 Windu just need to learn how to cook. 40-50% of the service is disabled, etc. But any unnecessary function can be disabled 4-5 different ways.

What purpose?

Microsoft afraid of surveillance?

Or "brake"? So that if the brake, then - going back to the analogy of a horse and car - no need to poke the hay in the tank! To pour gasoline! I mean - I use the normal "iron"! On the Intel Core i7 2600 nothing hinders :-)

Rep: (1613)
mgorkin @ 14.12.17, 10:29*
In their stupidity, and we are cashing in, would all be clever - would have to work harder. And I already old, I really want to do nothing but get money.

Whose? Those people who can not remove (or prevent) the virus set up a device driver, etc.? I'm not such - a computer with a child, at the moment the level is very experienced users - software configuration PC and gadgets do only person himself. So in my case - "professional knopkodavy" - smoking in aside ...

Posted on 12/14/2017, 14:12

mgorkin @ 14.12.17, 10:29*
Again mate in 1 move: make a tool - not to become a slave to it. Substitution of concepts at the level of 3-4 class correctional school.

Anyone inclined to rationalize behavior, and if the rational for this person ready to use the tool, which is the de facto standard for the whole world - why not?

Rep: (1613)
mgorkin @ 13.12.17, 22:50*
And even make a beginning with the kernel. But only if you're smart enough. In windose this is impossible, unfortunately.

On the manual transmission can be more fully control the car.

Lada can repair itself or in the "amateur" garage much easier than modern "sophisticated" foreign car.

Oddly enough - to both of these "vsetsenneyshih" thesis (note - never say that they are false) the average person and the user, which the car is needed for a comfortable movement of his earthly body on the routes "work-home", "home-school child "," home-supermarket "- for some reason suddenly still.

And the idea that the system everyone wants MUST control - is not absolute :-)

It's like the same argument iOS vs Android - fans of Android love is fair to say that there can be a lot of things forbidden in Agios (starting even with the type of interface the change font, for example), but that's just to many being wanted this - somehow akin to the importance of the possibility to fix the Lada -2101 in the courtyard of his house ...

And with
mgorkin @ 13.12.17, 13:41*
fight with her insanity

(Windows) - the more ... Are you afraid that "espionage" in the 10th SUDDEN WIND will open the mystery of your search queries or Word files with a plan to capture the planet Earth?

Rep: (1613)
mgorkin @ 12.12.17, 20:19*
The servant said, Microsoft))

And what slavery Vind user? The license price (even if the same to be honest users who did not have it when you buy a PC, and go to the store and buy *) Vind home computer. economy - not so significant updates ... in the presence of unlimited channel (which includes all kinds of home internet, besides the rare occasion that you are somewhere in the middle of nowhere and sit on 3G / 4G or via satellite space communications) - not pose problems. Antivirus (complete with resident scanner) - is not a significant burden on any more or less a normal PC, but if you have some frank ancient rubbish - the problem is not in the operating system and not in the antivirus ...

* - I mean Home license in modern times (10-ka) or "Home Premium" in times of 7s. Steeper version Vind ~ 95% of home users do not need at all.

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Rep: (1613)
mgorkin @ 06.12.17, 09:02*
In comparison with superb Debianom. Obviously the same.

Oh, this blue screen (I mean to you attached the pictures) ... Does anyone regularly sees BSOD on proper equipment when working with modern versions of Vind? Even XP, not to mention the 7-ke and newer ...

And yes, if we talk about
mgorkin @ 06.12.17, 17:51*
with increasing skill

- this kind of problem most often be corrected. That's straight-every-day-the BSOD-and-unclear-why - it does not happen.

Post has been editedA.R.S - 11.12.17, 22:13

Rep: (1613)
mgorkin @ 02.12.17, 13:52*
And why would she do you?

In Soviet Russia, the operating system needs you?

The operating system, I do not need to, but I need it to ensure the performance of my tasks - typing, Internet, games, etc.

Rep: (1613)
mgorkin @ 02.12.17, 12:52*
This is your home computers with porn and color ponyami anybody especially does not need

In fact - is often needed. Same-ransomware viruses have shown that many have valuable data with k-E users would not want to leave.

More relevant topic today bitcoin-miner-virus (stupidly hidden miner, which loads the user sends the GPU and extracted a coin purse to the author of the virus).

Perhaps stealing all sorts of personal data and passwords ...

And so on ... In general, the economic benefits from the PC home users to extract it is possible ...

In any case - it was that the choice of OS for the server and the home PC are carried out on completely different criteria.

And the importance of the criteria "support different applications," "ease of use" for the server often tends to zero, as, say, a Web / HTTP-server is sufficient to support most HTTP-server and programming languages ​​(PHP-server, etc. .), and ease of configuration ... so many experienced administrator for many tasks and command line interface is missing ... Only here and here the home PC, which must be supported different bend, games and be friendly to the user?

Rep: (1613)
mkudritsky @ 02.12.17, 07:29*
A sense now put 16-32Gb RAM, if you are guided to take out?
Will take 1-2 years, and take out after the piles and updates on a machine by itself will hold 26Gb of 32GB.
Another 4GB devour antivirus database, as required vyni.
And applications will remain 1.3-2Gb RAM ...

What kind of horror-tales? : D o.O

Rep: (1613)
mkudritsky @ 02.12.17, 07:57*
And as if to be according to your logic with another mega OS - with OS Android ?!

Yes, Android is full of viruses.
But the virus is installed on the smartphone / tablet on Android, the user must own hands, giving a passing virus program all the permissions to install a virus on your smartphone!
Feel the difference?
On vyni viruses themselves quietly climb on your PC without asking permission from the user.
And on Android viruses are forced from the Internet user friendly wink

Mass of such attacks "self download and run" has no, WannaCry was a rare exception - so the vulnerability found the US government itself.

It is in the Windows XP times this happened, and now users 7 / 8.1 / 10, provided timely updates (well, and the presence of any anti-virus, the benefit of 8.1 and 10, it is built for the lazy) - under reliable protection.

For me these current 3 versions of Vind update protected WannaCry came before started his "work" itself this virus.

Rep: (1613)
Alientared @ 07.10.17, 17:31*
1) a cattle limit. In order to properly and legally use fully bought a computer, you had to steal a pirate Ultimate. Since the Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium was the most bestial limits for memory - it is 16 GB. Even at that time, not to mention now, it is not enough. When Windows 10 is the limit is 128 GB, which rarely go even now 100. In Pro altogether 512, which, even in theory - a rarity. It is much more culpable figure. I already keep quiet about the wallpaper, themes, and so on and so-forth.

In fairness - even now, not to mention about the era when out 7-ka - PC with a volume of more than 16 GB of RAM - not a frequent ...
Alientared @ 07.10.17, 17:31*
3) There was built antivirus. Yes, he did not sugar, but at least free is better still nothing.

Depending on what criteria, it is believed that the same Kaspersky Free better and the bases virus, and the impact on the rate. But still, yes, the appearance of the built-in anti-virus greatly improved security - now and do not want to / are not able / Lenya put under the protection of anti-virus, and, in principle, normal.
Alientared @ 07.10.17, 17:31*
4) Remove the sickening Aero interface and replaced it with more sane Project Neon.

I do not know ... I and many Aero interface quite like it. Enjoyed quite (and now have a new laptop with a 7-tuple, but there is disabled because of the am show through a projector on a large screen, and Wind-enabled Aero with the straight during the presentation of demands to turn it off just like that, type on this resolution not pull the laptop power).
Attached Image

Alientared @ 07.10.17, 17:31*
Appeared OS recovery tools

Wow. Yet now it is possible to reinstall Windu Windu itself through preserving personal files (in my opinion, done through the Windows Defender - select "start with a fresh install" or something like that). This is a definite plus. Another issue that I'm not sure that the 10-ka at this very "zagazhivaniyu" (which forces reinstall) is not worse than the 7-ki, as it does for stability ...

P.S. As you can see from my post - I use and that, and that running on different PCs. The main PC - 10-ke. I think it definitely is functionally better but in terms of stability and design - not sure ...

Rep: (1613)
I just did - reset Vindous to save the file. In the 10-ke there is such an option through Windows Defender. Particularly important programs which could not be easily reinstalled - I did not. A file - remained.

Posted 08/26/2017, 1:14:

mkudritsky @ 15.08.17, 13:58*
Although viruses and take out often enough with all updates ...

I do not know, maybe I do not get along where it is not necessary, but do not see a virus recently. Occasionally there is still found autorun.inf viruses on USB flash drives, but much less than in the days of XP, where it was almost everywhere ...

But I put updates. Because worms type WannaCry - apply to any user ...

Posted 26/08/2017, 1:15:

mkudritsky @ 15.08.17, 13:58*
most secure and most reliable system in the world (to my great surprise MS Windows suddenly has suddenly become just such)

In my opinion, it is enough that it is most convenient to fit and familiar to the average user. The rest is not so important ...

If you choose the OS for some embedded terminal, which is important 1 program - is another matter. But! Surprised the majority of terminals and ATMs run on Windows.

Rep: (1613)
* Gooplex
If you want to run Windows 7 on your PC, here's what it takes:

1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor *

1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

On the same my old man in hisoriginal Configuration 7-ku not run on the amount of RAM.

In its current form - the 7-ka should be installed (I will not try, it is in my "mothballed" form it stands without HDD). Vidyushka relatively normal (for those times), etc.

10-ka - will not rise ... NX-bit is not able old Pentium-4 ...

Posted on 06/28/2017 22:03:

Goplex @ 06/28/17, 9:00 PM*
XP is an old piece of cocoa

100%. That does not negate the fact that a number of computers will pull at least somehow its maximum ...

Rep: (1613)
Goplex @ 06/28/17, 20:54*
on similar XP hardware will not work.

XP is clearly less demanding, I think, than even a very balanced 7-ka.

But this (apart from suitability for ultra-weak PCs) does not mean anything. Growth sys. requirements - a natural consequence of development. The functionality grows, websites become “heavier”, the standard for video is Full-HD, not VGA. And so on...

Rep: (1613)
750Mhz and 256Mb I had in 2008

Since 2004, I have my main system integrator (and at the same time, the first PC in life in general) - 2.6 GHz and 512Mb RAM. Then I increased it to 2 GB (I do not remember when exactly).

In early 2012, I switched to a new computer: D - i7 2600 3.4GHz, 8Gb RAM.

The needs have already grown - for example, there was a need to view (and sometimes minimally “edit”) videos from the new Lumix camera in MTS Full-HD format — the old computer could play them without lags only in jetAudio (seriously, by trial and error came out on this program), everything else - lag and freeze ...

Rep: (1613)
Steftim @ 06/28/17, 20:30*
Have you tried working with a laptop on a process pentium with a frequency of 750 Mhz and a RAM of 256Mb?

There is more a question, what is the need to work with it today ...

An acute shortage of funds unless ...

Or some "country" computer, which always lies in the country house - so that it would not be a pity, they would suddenly steal it ...

Windows XP is already in the past and it doesn’t support some modern software ...

And so - obviously it is unlikely to put even 7-ku on such a thing ..

Rep: (1613)
P.S. Snatch with a classic theme, that's what's good, andnot eating much .

Do you still work for Pentium 4? Although not, even he normally supported XP with the theme of Luna, or whatever it was called there. So that another topic had to be changed - this is Penh-3, probably ...

Rep: (1613)
* Slava733,
works automatically

allows the OS supporting this feature (Windows seems to be able to work with XP) mark the areas of the program code and the data areas that MUST NOT be run as program code

this increases protection against security vulnerabilities.

Windows 8-10 refuse to install without this bit

up to 7, inclusive, it was not required

the “Data Execution Prevention” function works without this bit, but programmatically

Posted 12/06/2017 16:31:

Since in modern computer systems, memory is divided into pages that have certain attributes, processor developers have added another one: the prohibition of the execution of code on the page. That is, such a page can be used to store data, but not program code. If you try to transfer control to such a page, an interrupt will occur, the OS will get control and terminate the program.

If the program is written without errors, the instruction pointer will never go beyond the code segment; however, due to programming errors, control can be transferred to other memory areas. In this case, the processor will stop to perform any programmed actions, and will perform a random sequence of instructions, for which he will receive are stored in these areas, the data, as long as it encounters an illegal sequence, or attempt to perform an operation that violates the integrity of the system, which will cause operation of the protection system. In both cases, the program will crash. Also, the processor can find a sequence interpreted as a transition team to address already traveled. In this case, the processor will enter an infinite loop and the program "hangs", taking 100% of CPU time. To prevent such cases and was introduced this additional attribute: if a certain memory area is not intended for storing program code, all its pages should be labeled NX-bit, and in the case of an attempt to convey to the processor management form the exception and running immediately crashes the program, signal the output of the segment limits (SIGSEGV).

The main motive for the introduction of this attribute was not so much the provision of a quick reaction to such errors as the fact that very often such errors were used by attackers for unauthorized access to computers, as well as writing viruses. There are a huge number of such viruses and worms that exploit vulnerabilities in common programs.

One attack scenario is that taking advantage of a buffer overflow in the program (often a daemon that provides some network service), specially written malware (exploits) can be written some code in the data area of ​​the vulnerable program in such a way that as a result of an error this code gain control and execute the actions programmed by an attacker (often a request to run a program, the OS shell, through which an attacker gains control of the affected system with the privileges Vlad dace vulnerable program, very often root).

Rep: (1613)
Mkudritsky @ 06/12/17, 13:13*
Seven has one minus - after 2019 it, like Win XP, will be covered.
But in fact, both Win 10 and Win 8.1 also work very, very well.

This is yes. I already have 10 on the main system unit (i7 2600 3.4GHz).

But 8.1 / 10 has stronger requirements in at least one aspect - the NX-bit of the processor. In a relatively modern kind there, but the same old Pentium-4 will not be able to run them even in theory.

This is a bit for hardware support of this function:
Attached Image

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