Rep: (416)
Saabath @ 3.04.20, 9:11*
Fresh delirium brought up))

The next spring aggravation that explanation. : D

Rep: (416)
NT User @ 25.03.20, 13:46*

Nah. I'm a fan. : D

Rep: (416)
NT User @ 25.03.20, 13:23*
And her language is RU

And then. : D

Posted on 25/03/2020, 14:25:

NT User @ 25.03.20, 13:23*
all supported frequency?

Xs. Tell me where provrit. : D

Posted on 25/03/2020, 14:27:

NT User @ 25.03.20, 13:23*
PPC ... at night sews androids o.O

At night to sleep, especially children. : D

Rep: (416)
Zmejj @ 24.03.20, 22:35*
Let's wait for the owner of a South Korean communicator?

It does not need to wait. He pripret. : D

Rep: (416)
Zmejj @ 24.03.20, 22:28*
If Sams on a dragon - It produces excellent bricks

I will not argue, but that's a topic for another discussion. : D

Rep: (416)
Zmejj @ 24.03.20, 22:14*
third-party software is complete,

For the side of the drain needs rollback, which is also an option. : D

Rep: (416)
Zmejj @ 24.03.20, 22:08*
rollback versions

I do not know how to bucket 10 at SAMS and on the 9th on the Thai official firmware on the 8th raccoon conversation recording plows on hurray.

Rep: (416)
Zmejj @ 24.03.20, 21:39*
A recording conversations and other buns depend on the laws of different countries

That's right. But the Internet is a solution of the issue, just need to not be lazy and find a solution, especially because it lies on the surface. But too lazy to look small, but not too lazy popidet. : D

Rep: (416)
Amarock @ 22.02.20, 22:41*
I could not go.

Tick ​​I'm not a robot and zhmakat weiter vayter in our Next. : D

Post has been editedmishanea - 23.02.20, 01:46

Rep: (416)
rori @ 27.01.20, 20:41*
while there is an elegant beer next to the house

Pivasik summer, in winter only in the sauna. : D

Rep: (416)
NT User @ 27.01.20, 20:56*
Hands still do not shake

I answer Odessa style, and you have that already shaking? And the bells are not my profile. : D

Post has been editedmishanea - 27.01.20, 22:24

Rep: (416)
rori @ 27.01.20, 20:41*
Where he then go?

The one I was mostly in place, a couple of attacks on Congress, where there is always a connection, no problems with roaming and wafers - in short, civilization where that bucket that iPhone - a crap. : D

Posted on 01/27/2020, 22:22:

rori @ 27.01.20, 20:41*
Here Andreyl unsupported bends

Well, it is a problem psychiatrists, I've nothing to do with. : D

Post has been editedmishanea - 27.01.20, 22:23

Rep: (416)
* NT User Hi low. I have long been out of your age and do not do any nonsense. : D

Rep: (416)
* rori Hello old man, you're back on holiday? I hope you all zashib. I am glad that you are happy for your second iPhone in the renovation plan for the 14-th axis. Say my raccoon, too, there is hope for an update on the 10-ku. Although I FSUs ... as well as my wife and do not care to update its iPhone. It looks like it adequate yabbloyuzer. : D

Rep: (416)
Trump @ 12/08/19, 22:29*
because the bucket was not created in order to use them, and for suffering

Why should generalize and project their problems onto others? Hit - sorry, but that does not mean that others suffered your fate. : D

Rep: (416)
AlexeyLetov42 @ 26.11.19, 13:16*
Just pozdrovalsya, is no longer possible?

Do not take it seriously - that he was a doctor, he dental technician, he knows what the hell, he is now the type of thug. : D

Rep: (416)
Nameless Anonymous @ 19.11.19, 21:41*
not cronyism, you two more years to pay the loan: rolleyes:

Minor, is that true? : D

Rep: (416)
NT User @ 19.11.19, 21:38*
We eploboyare,
: D: D: D
And you today form. : D

Rep: (416)
bas200 @ 19.11.19, 21:30*
I am a rogue

Nobody doubted, after you have raised an economic issue. : D

Rep: (416)
NT User @ 19.11.19, 21:24*
I want Ksiomi

Do not try to sit down again on ksiomi. Although former ksyaomistov not happen. : D

Posted on 19/11/2019, 23:58:

Nameless Anonymous @ 19.11.19, 21:25*
you even kukfonom stayed syaomitom, the loan did not help: rolleyes:

You have caught, small. : D

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