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Introduced "Star A1200" in Google, "image search" - SINGULARLY, this is it !!! CONCORD !!! :))
The characteristic appearance, the camera with a folding "stand", the antenna of a non-working TV ... EXACTLY!
You can make a clear conclusion:

"Globus GPS GL-800 Concord" == "Star A1200" !!!

Here is a search:

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I'm not right!
Upon closer inspection, it turned out that my device is not "Globus GPS GL-800 Android", but "Globus GPS GL-800 Concord ".
Differs significantly in appearance: the "Globus GPS GL-800 Android" has four physical touch buttons below, and "Globus GPS GL-800 Concord " - three.
That is, these are different models ...
Here is the "Globus GPS GL-800 Android":
http: // / WyYFpnM0E1Nr9ZX / http: //www.globu...00Android_b.jpg
But "Globus GPS GL-800 Concord ":
http: // / WyYFpnM0E1Nr9ZX / http: //www.globu...0Concorde_b.jpg
My - the second ...
Who he was "in girlhood" - a mystery ... :(

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Applications transfer programВ® Link2SD, With the creation of an ext partition on the memory card.
Remove standard unnecessary programs described here.

Thank! I read the links. It says that for this program to work, you need to get root access to the device.
I read the forum - there are their own described for almost every device,various Ways to get such a super access. So anyway, I need an expert: how to make root access to this mysterious gadget, it is not written anywhere :(

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Well, am I really the only owner of this mysterious “Globe”? ... :(

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I got a smartphone "Globus GPS GL-800 Android "on board Android 2.3.6. , still writes that kernel version, build number - ALPS.GB.FDD2.MP.V4.5

Unfortunately, on this forum I did not find a word about this model at all! Given that the model is legal:
Here it is in the Yandex Market:
Here is the manufacturer's website: only this site helped me nothing in my questions ...
And then the search for the word "Globus" does not give anything at all, i.e. On this forum, such a gadget has not yet been mentioned.

Prior to this, no experience on Android was notI do not know the details of the system. Not linuksoid.

Everything seems to be fine, I figured it out, but there is a problem:

On the "Internal storage" shows "147 MB ​​busy, 17 MB free." And this is despite the fact that all applications that had the “Transfer to SD card” button active were transferred to the card. That is, only those remained in the internal memory of the device, which do not allow themselves to be transferred to the card, while practically all of the memory is occupied. : ((
How to solve this problem? How can I free up more space on the internal memory of the phone? Are there any ways to move everything to the card to the maximum, and at the same time to delete the necessary pre-installed software, for example Mobile TV, which still does not work and is not needed?

In general, where can I read more about this version of Android, how to manage it? And about this rare device?

Izvingite if something broke ...
Thank you in advance!

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