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Alex_kag @ 24.06.19, 15:14*
There is such a trouble, immediately jumps to the next gear

It is typical for Eden. Sometimes, even on another program, such as

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Guys, the program is already well adapted to tablets and smartphones. Test is added to the group telegrams

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this is the next stage after it works

but this is not a problem at alltelegram chat

This is not a chat. This is the channel.

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Yes, I have already unsubscribed. I'll pick up constants for the phone

And still desirable graphic confirmation of the increase / decrease in volume and brightness.
In the archive, you can add rewind with a fast double tap to search forward for 20 seconds. Left, back for 20 sec. It would not be bad to create a telegram chat for quick communication and testing.

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Latest version:
Phone Samsung A5 17 years old, android 7:
1. Svaypa volume and brightness on the screen do not work.
2. The program began to slow down. Very noticeable. When switching channels in the settings

With the brakes after restarting the program everything works fine

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Vjaka @ 01/26/2018, 10:50*

Yes. So it would be cool

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top 5-10-20.

It would be nice.
As for the information about the transfer in the archive, this is good, but I would also like to have a long tap and information on the air too.

I will test if necessary

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Simpatish and quick application. I will test. On the smartphone works well. The truth with the archive has not yet figured out to the end.
Any suggestions:

for users with touchscreens, the brightness and sound adjustment from the bottom upwards is similar to that of analogs.
Add channels to favorites

At the time of watching the broadcast, when choosing another channel with a crust on the right, with a long tap on another program or film of another channel, information about the movie is extended.

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