Rep: (182)
max1mn @ 03.04.20, 18:50*
Yes, it would be nice to see it in a future version, I think my ISP is not the only one that does not put the suffix in the channels sd

Yes it will

vmkogeretla @ 03.04.20, 19:11*
What's the difference whether or not a valid certificate, tv channels, televizo everything works. here the problem is what I have to emulate the host, and he was as you know is not mine, and a certificate for him I do not get, and to http not change, the decryption key in zashyt pleylist.m3u8, so I substitute to your host on the LAN network with nginx could, who knows where to get the key, and to give.

Big difference. You choose SSL - then think about the security certificates, and the left (as well as the wrong time, and other standard test) must be discarded. However, add the setting to ignore ssl mistakes you can make

Rep: (182)
max1mn @ 03.04.20, 16:03*
Ok, here's an example - ISP, in the provider is set to settings
How to make hiding sd channels and remained xg?

In so detailed, it is now clear

channel quality without suffix is ​​unknown. This option will remove the SD channels if there are HD, HD channels if they 4k / uhd etc.
But I agree in principle that it is possible channels without the suffix in the presence of the suffix considered worse quality

A gluing duplicates option will not work correctly - see duplicate 2 - A1 and A1 HD and combines them into one, leaving the one that was first on the list

Rep: (182)
kos86 @ 03.04.20, 14:10*
It took 3 days already, everything is loaded.

That loaded? Screen hangs loading epg? I do not believe)

max1mn @ 03.04.20, 15:29*
that is the case in the manner provider channels as cd come first and they remain? Leave can not be HD?

No, it affects the order configured. That is, if the channel hd version was disabled group will be higher on the list, and it will be the first collapse, and the rest - as duplicates.
And what you call leave hd? they remain on settings such as clean if there sd hd and so on. Let's take a concrete example - by providers, which feeds out which of the other, and as a result turned out. With clear titles. And it makes no sense to discuss, in general)

Martin G @ 03.04.20, 15:29*
man is not a local, focused explicitly on Russia for their $ 15 is not much

Yes, but the subscription options in Russia and some other countries is cheaper. Purchase - no

Rep: (182)
kos86 @ 03.04.20, 13:41*
He writes something like "Download". More than 1000 is a penny ?! I agree that any work should be paid, but something much.

Now wait for the boot screen and do. or if there's a long hang - it is possible at this stage screen. 1k is not a subscription, and purchase

Rep: (182)
7731595 @ 25.03.20, 21:28 *
I specify the path to the folder with the movies. CODY himself still looking. Do you wish to put it on and see where it takes all! It's worth it.

In general, everything here and take

The problem is that the title may be a lot of options, plus the names (especially Russian) periodically so randomly generate ... Once the navigator took description from Wikipedia and more from somewhere, but accuracy was not very high, and as such it is It does not make sense.

voland 2 @ 03/26/20, 14:22*
A gluing duplicates included?
please tell me where to include it and look at what the menu?

setting-enhanced provider-duplicates

vmkogeretla @ 27.03.20, 07:35*
iptv is not playing with the self-signed certificate on nginx
java cert erorr what that says

and should not be. self-signed certificate - this is an invalid certificate. and why do you need in this case https? and there is the same let's encrypt, finally, with free certificates valid

diabolusss @ 27.03.20, 12:06*
It turned slightly abridged version of the possible scenarios.

In the case of plugging basically throws off the top of the record, if in the beginning was the same error, then 3 attempts and resetting to another channel (if the file can be distinguished from broadcast, then in my best just to throw on the broadcast).
Sometimes (or periodically) in the case of an error the slider stops at this point and try to the bitter end, which is 100% fails if you manually run through the front (can in the case in the archive such an error trying to rewind forward? Because back lead to the same result ).
Sometimes the best of circumstances, particularly if in the case of discharge to the beginning want to return to the previous point, is immediately pass on (mine) the same error, and resets back to start, and sometimes when it (and perhaps always) the counter is not reset and the subsequent catching error counter 3 and already activated with standard logic transition on the first channel in the playlist.


ssmaster @ 28.03.20, 02:11*
After neither version does not work on android tv 8.1 x86. Start, a black screen and all. Tell me what could be the reason, and the version before it works fine.

and where you are such a strange device found, and what is this device?

Martin G @ 28.03.20, 09:57*
Wireless display, chromecast understand it is not supported?

wireless display is maintained (upnp / dnla). chromecast - no

3xwww @ 28.03.20, 10:19*
Vozmozhnl return or make a choice. vremyani scale resolution viewing on the entire screen length as the description of the ester.
Kamut can comfortably so, but with such a short timeline visually it is not clear how many passed vremyani. Ester or middle or beginning.

Bethke added in a stroke, it will be clear how much time has passed

Massolit @ 28.03.20, 22:24*
And for the renewal premium subscription money why day earlier removed? In the Play Store app - Renewal 29.03 and payment is 129 rubles. He was held today at 10:15 Moscow time.

no idea what logic at Google. but it creates a payment in advance is usually, but physically writes off a day or two after its creation.

Maverik @ 29.03.20, 23:59*
A developer can reconcile your navigator with VLC player? Work well in pairs, but only to the point when you need to rewind the film in your library provider. VLC from under your Navigator somehow rewinds into an unpredictable point. All settings have already had too much. Previously, it was treated in the settings selection system of the player instead of the outside, but the extreme version of custom firmware of my media player (Ugoos AM6) cut out system player and instead stuck VLC Light. Accordingly, the problem returned. Do something, move on to the premium I do not see sense in this form.

and navigator at what here? he simply launches an external player and passes to flow, further work has a specific player
but in the last Bethke in the application is built for a player library - so the external player is not used by default. and usually it works surprisingly well. try

Sigara @ 30.03.20, 00:50*
I want to run through advertisement in the archive, and the cursor is in the last start point in the transmission and not at the moment rewinding of the call. terribly inconvenient

uncomfortable, but I have already written about it. Only if you manually count the time that delusional. in the stream, so bear timestamp of curves

B @ tu @ 30.03.20, 21:07*
A good program, thanks to the author. I am trying to replace sdohshey Halva. I think to buy premium. Not found in the header which the recommendations of the player settings (number of attempts, buffer size, etc.) they have, or keep silence? Just often I get - a stream is unavailable. Sometimes it helps to channel switching forward / backward, sometimes not.
TV look like P2P file with the modified garbage.

if you look at the p2p put buffer is minimal, because the torrent proxy also has a buffer, and it is necessary that it does not suck. everything else must not fundamentally affect

Sumandr @ 31.03.20, 02:09*
All the good and positive beaver.
And when there will be version

I'm not all versions spread here, there will be .3 or .4

kos86 @ 01.04.20, 10:44*
EPG therefore loaded only once, when only set up, the extension download TV shows do not have or need to buy a premium for a fortune?

everything is there that he wrote when downloading a TV program? and money is not mad, but even a penny subscription)

klop6666 @ 01.04.20, 17:34*
When you first turn on for about 5 minutes the picture and the sound is hanging. Sometimes it can hang just so. Then there epeg updatings program and further work. How do I remove it?

weak device? you can reduce the number of epg sources, setting-epg put the number of days to load a minimum - this will reduce the load on the memory

max1mn @ 03.04.20, 10:46*
Lord, when "hide duplicates of channels" option HD channels disappear, leaving only their sd version. All the way or you can somehow get to it was the opposite? If you put in the settings provider to hide sd channels if there is a CD, then nothing is hidden. provider

not this way. options about retracting sd, hd preference and so on channel runs on the provider's load level (within the provider, that is, if you have 3 provider, this filter will be executed for each).
but taking away the duplicates - has been working on rezultruyuschem list. that is, if there climbed sd channels - so they come from the provider where they no hd.
and if the first row sd channels, so if disabled retracting duplicates, they would have been higher in the channel list

Rep: (182)
Martin G @ 25.03.20, 18:48*
empty, does not work

crookedly customized. configurable via template (provider-add-list-Eden)

Rep: (182)
asb99 @ 25.03.20, 13:14*
METHODS spear like found a solution for the usual display of catalogs in your library by Cbilling in OTT Navigator.
Menu - Media Library - provides a source library user and to enter your playlist (XML) prescribed in your preferences on Cbilling.
Appears (perhaps not immediately, I had a couple of times to restart the application) your playlist в„–1 with the usual display of catalogs and movies like Lost there too

Yes, this option has a number of versions. And restart is not necessary, enough to restart the library.
But representatives of service contacted will add a category in the near future in your details and add support for new versions

fayzullakz78 @ 25.03.20, 17:15*
But buy no other options, the premium version there is no money in the account in the Google Wallet pleymarkete and kiwi are!

Well, there are still purchase through aptoide store. But this is not recommended - the play of market allows, for example, the ability to use the application on a variety of devices that will not allow the purchase of hand.

7731595 @ 25.03.20, 17:33 *
The provider has an archive - a bunch of movies like tie description of the title, such as how to Cody? There is a possibility?

A description of how you tie up the title in Cody? Where and how the mechanism descriptions are taken? Maybe the provider has a right option of a list of films than playlist (where there is a description)?

Rep: (182)
Martin G @ 25.03.20, 12:16*
it we can not, but in ottplayer works and in your program is not

working in the Navigator. if you need order it by date - I have described several options for how to achieve it

dmkov9 @ 25.03.20, 12:50*
Noticed such a thing, while watching a program, if the view of transmission properties, that is, its description, when switching channels at the same everything, but if you open the channel description (default down button), then this transmission in general not just in this place empty , shows the description of the other transmission time runs later.

but that's not (enclosure)

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (182)
Martin G @ 23.03.20, 13:55*
Like on the first list by the time and the other all in a heap, her?

so the archive section is not a program of transfers. a library of archival records

it shows in alphabetical order (if it is a section, rather than a program to open a channel transmission)
Program Guide is available when viewing or in the list arrow to the right channel, or through the EPG
there is an adjustment in the past Bethke switch this section with respect to time, but IMHO it does not make sense

diabolusss @ 23.03.20, 20:32*
Again faced with this problem. Now connect additional gloss, which archive to 7 (or 8 days). Today I see the replay of today's movie, but the program was not for today. At the same time the old program (s) present, and the record of the oldest of the day to run for 7 days. After I ran the STV updating and as a result, all of the old records have disappeared. Or I misinterpreted your words that the old records remain (glued), or it can be a mistake?

All this was without exiting the application?

diabolusss @ 23.03.20, 20:32*
And in recent years began to write from edema often throw a 404 error, then reset to the first channel in the list. I checked whether there is such a player in the Perfect: there on these plugging buffering occurs and the floor kick play is underway or can slip through. Is it possible that this is done? (In terms of settings, but not change the provider of flow technology to me -. Did not help)

A number of repetitions you do in case of an error put a 0? By default, it will try 3 times to rediscover the exit.

Dmitry D @ 24.03.20, 11:15*
Please tell me, did not find the possibility to rewind the program after setting a pause. Is there such a possibility?

In theory, the rewind button on the remote will work .. well, or tachem

pavelklishin @ 24.03.20, 15:35*
In devices 2 mi box 3 daily strays sorting channels edema then alphabetically, by viewing frequency. In the setting of the frequency. version

nomes07 @ 24.03.20, 22:26*
On MI TV 4S (Chinese) is the same story with sorting on cbilling. It appeared after the update to version

A gluing duplicates included?

DX100 @ 24.03.20, 21:43*
Tell me, please, how best to enter Eden? Earlier like for keyless entry, and now only the address of the playlist?

Always had the address, even when / if you enter the key, it was not the key, and the file name. The key there is another and it in the file they

Post has been editedVjaka - 25.03.20, 12:13

Rep: (182)
Martin G @ 21.03.20, 19:33*
when I started to use the program, the file displayed as a screen on which the television program is now if you open a file channel screenshot, it is not clear what. It depends on the service provider, or that something has changed in the program?

I do not understand what is the difference in the screen. and here and there a list of transfers

Yakup010 @ 21.03.20, 23:37*
Or you can tweak the display fps. All channels with 50 fps writes that goes to 25 (Provider - antifreeze). And if possible, please add the sound quality display (mono, stereo, 5.1) in the info panel.

and anything that 50fps is 50 half-frames. that is, as many as 25 frames? the only difference is how frames are counted in different applications.
sound quality, if not 2.0 is shown if you have selected to show parameters numbers

vershko1970 @ 22.03.20, 15:24*
The library Cbilling new movies added daily. After the last update them in the application can not be found, even after a forced update your library. Normally, new arrivals are in the category of "What's New". Now in this category there are films that came about two weeks ago, new no. If you roll back to an earlier version - there is a whole new content there.

category completely filled on their side. perhaps they are not added into this category while putting through this api. write to them to support

MrZen @ 22.03.20, 19:40*
On the latest version ( category "Favorite channels" instead of the beginning of the list moved to the end, how to fix?

kir_jeka @ 22.03.20, 20:06*
A 18+ to the top of the category list.

yes, it is corrected in the next. special order catalogs lost in this build

Sigara @ 23.03.20, 09:26*
Is it possible to add the ability to measure the speed of the selected server provider? The fact that some providers, such as Glanz given the opportunity to select a server, and the speed of these servers are no checks. And indeed a useful feature.

to do speedtest need at least to know the list of servers. for Glantz, for example, the navigator does not know of the presence or of the server list.

Rep: (182)
rom @ ni4 @ 21.03.20, 12:07*
Another question how something once done something and opened in the player controls (subtitles, audio track, etc.). How did it I'll never know, all settings are reflected but did not find anything.
As this show again?

during playback, the menu - settings

Zamir70 @ 21.03.20, 15:22*
In my opinion it is not entirely correct. After selecting a favorite, I very rarely go "left." I would like to return to a favorite.

not obvious. Switching left and right must comply with the current category.
switching the category number is not defined. one can be comfortable favorite, friend, for example, want, jumping sports, walk on the sports category.

Zamir70 @ 21.03.20, 15:22*
By the way, just I checked - it was actually works! Duplicates, though there are, but this is nonsense.

Well it's not quite duplicate. it's the same movie, but in the other categories

Zamir70 @ 21.03.20, 15:29*
That is not entirely clear. To be honest, in older versions of the program, when the names went in one list, and the right arrow on the remote gave the alphabet of the first letter (also as a list), the search was much easier and faster! Why it was necessary to remodel? ...

Well, it is logical that Streck right can only work if the list is vertical. and now he is not vertical, and that's all)
about convenience - it is left in the archive, and yes, it is convenient if the list is not very big - just jump in alphabetical order. but on a large list that is not enough

Rep: (182)
DX100 @ 20.03.20, 10:23*
I'm sorry, I blundered. This occurs if the cause of the channel number. I'm just the most beloved of the favorite appointed rooms. And when you pass by number, it then returns to its original channel category.

Yes, in this situation, will the original category

true-bass @ 20.03.20, 10:29*
What is it?

A wish

odem @ 20.03.20, 11:26*
That's right, but it is broken (or I did not understand in your player settings) is likely in your area of ​​the chain, because there are two other WCPM player that I use at the moment, who do it, ie, are forwarding the sound directly to the receiver.

It is possible, of course. But all this is hidden from the player and is going on inside the library, working with codecs.

rom @ ni4 @ 20.03.20, 21:41*
And it is possible that output channels apart from each provider as it is organized in ottplayer? Those. in the "live" to see not all channels from all providers at once and each provider individually

Sure. For instance fast switching providers.
Or adjust to different categories of providers do not stick together.

Zamir70 @ 21.03.20, 10:36*
at the same time, if the dialogue starts, the author, please do not forget about the search in library cbilling, as was the case in older versions of the program about a year ago, for what we have now - is virtually no research! Because of this, it was necessary to go to HDVideoBox, which to search all super!

So with the new api to search too, everything is super. Go to the search on the home screen, enter what we want and we see results from your library.
Or do a search in the library section (but take into account that there searching with the recommendation, therefore, shows the current directory, but there is a catalog of all the films that effectively the same as a global search)

Rep: (182)
I think there are all of the content just is not raskopirovan for some directories that you used to see
And the provider decides your script

Rep: (182)
odem @ 20.03.20, 07:02*
The device supports forwarding through the sound, but I have to order, and my receiver will understand him better :)

That's right, only if not included sofvarny sound decoder, hardvarnogo codecs (if the firmware says he does not understand the codec) automatically throw sound passtru. If this does not occur somewhere in this chain that something is broken.

DX100 @ 20.03.20, 08:39*
Perhaps we have with you different approaches to viewing. And if you add a chip, "Remember / do not remember" provider?
About recall - can be in the corner maaalenky icon (provider number). About denyushek - not all, but that smotrel.Kak usually the main provider for a long time rarely falls. But as the difference of channels - forever.
And I come back to the old desires. The plot: from the "favorite" includes a channel Culture. Look. I want to choose something else. Go out "Back" button of the viewer and is unable to "favorite", and in "Cognitive".

It's not the approach. I explain the consequences of specific requirements.
Pro category - I will not be repeated. How do you integrate culture? I think that it was included and there was no information on the way, so in the future it is not used.

asb99 @ 20.03.20, 09:16*
Yesterday I spoke to the forum admins with cbilling, they promised tinkered and chat with you. request to respond to their questions. Player you wonderful, but after the last update from the media library cbilling has become, unfortunately, indigestible porridge.

Well Player renders what he comes. If enough other directories / names - be they

Rep: (182)
DX100 @ 19.03.20, 15:18*
Smysd my spitcha that it is necessary that the program registered provider for each channel and keep it after the restart. Well, if you dropped the main provider, it is possible to handle and switch.

It was after this if it is to keep have to go back and switch the channels that 3 days ago switched hands (and we must remember!) And then suddenly everything will go for the coin

Posted 03/20/2020, 2:45:

odem @ 19.03.20, 15:44*
Not played 5.1 in any of the options, like everything went through already, you have a lot of them.

Then the only option an external player
If the device does not support what's to do?

Posted 03/20/2020, 2:46:

kim_85 @ 19.03.20, 19:47*
Zdravstuyte, disappeared premium subscription is valid, what to do?

usually enough to clean the cache Play Market and the navigator and restart the device

Posted 03/20/2020, 2:47:

asb99 @ 19.03.20, 14:09*
You mean setting item Display catalogs separately from the video?

well yes

Rep: (182)
odem @ 18.03.20, 06:26*
You understand my question? I want to sound 5.1 is a software codec is not.

on software codec or software codec sound? usually on the second and just 5.1 runs where not work by default

DX100 @ 18.03.20, 07:32*
"When the first provider does not work" - it happens very rarely. "If one is poor" - the quality is not all, and 2-3 = x channels. Let's say I want to watch a part of the channels from 1 provider portion of the second and the third pair.

hide the excess is not an option?

stylish_me @ 18.03.20, 09:41*
Ideally, we would like this: watch the channel in the highest quality among the duplicates, if the channel down - switch to the reserve for XX hours (the time set by the user), or until the main channel in the highest quality did not come to life (but then need some kind of shadow votchdog, that a large hemorrhagic).

determine the quality of the software is not possible. even if the player is turned on for a moment all the options to get permission, for example, it can not be correlated with the image quality, because it is more dependent on the parameters of the codec processing

asb99 @ 19.03.20, 09:48*
Good afternoon! Prompt, Sony TV on Android TV, after the last update changed the usual notion of categories in your library Cbilling, TV shows and movies or in a heap, or by genre, there is the usual division into UHD, Foreign movies, etc. Prompt can somehow cure or set up? Thanks!

used a new api, which are divided into categories may vary slightly. discuss the best option with support CBilling
but disabling the removal of categories (Settings - Media Library - make directories) will be more familiar look

Rep: (182)
DX100 @ 17.03.20, 22:30*
And can do so, and after it maintained? One and the same channel from different providers is the quality and resolution varies. And if he had chosen, as a rule a long time.

That is why not do it. A typical scenario is when the first ISP does not work - use the second. If we keep the switch after the first error you will always see the 2nd provider by default.
If one is poor - I recommend to disable collapse, hide the channel, and turn back

Rep: (182)
DX100 @ 17.03.20, 21:29*
Many thanks to the author for the "Switch to another media source." In my opinion the most useful feature for recent (who several providers - will understand). I understand that for each channel is stored last selected media source?

Yes, but only until you exit the application. Then begins the first priority

Rep: (182)
pavelklishin @ 17.03.20, 12:12*
Many thanks for the "perfect" update! Advertisement appeared on TV

Nothing can be changed. Perhaps before that you do not pick it.

pavelklishin @ 17.03.20, 12:21*
how to synchronize all of your purchase on the device? Or to pay for each separately? Channel sorting all reset? It also can not be synchronized among your devices?

Google synchronizes itself. But sometimes slows down and then cleaning the cache Play Market, and restart normally helps.

Posted on 03/17/2020, 22:17

piotr1978 @ 17.03.20, 12:59*
The application is very pleasant. But there is a problem with the supervision of the channels are not pinched called Premium. Shatters the picture at the bottom of the screen. I look at the Sony TV to 8th android. Normally it works only if you select a third-party player (ViMu, MX), but it is not very convenient. I read somewhere that this is a bug Sony. Can someone faced with this problem?

I have not seen that someone wrote that probelmy corrected. I understand that this is a problem on some models / firmware when working through mediacodec api.

odem @ 17.03.20, 13:34*
If my memory serves me with pleymarketa, but not the essence, has already removed the old version and put the last hand. There is another problem that can not make the correct play channels on the embedded player with 5.1 sound track, or the picture is but the sound is stereo or hanged picture and sound 5.1 which eventually also hangs so I had to choose another player when codec HW +, but there is a setting in which all the cars correctly reproduced. Went through all the options like codec settings in the playback menu, even the system sound settings tried to change, but without result, iron: Prefix H96Maks by hdmi to the receiver, Android 8.1. There is a chance to watch with 5.1 audio? On the external player played all right.

Just do not play with the Market, there is no such versions. Moreover, it would then put on top.
A sound - switch on softvarny audio codec

Rep: (182)
rom @ ni4 @ 16.03.20, 11:34*
Flat on the payment. There are 4 payment options. The first is for a month, the second half of the year on the third and fourth year for life?

yes, n for better oriented; not on the 1st, 4th, and the fact that there is written)

Diver600 @ 16.03.20, 13:36*
Yes, there was a problem in some cases, but as far as I can remember, I have several versions ago, her corrected. please unsubscribe if more relevant in the last 1.5.9. * assemblies is the last

OK, write it down, you look. like a visual, I saw a couple of times, but in the old version of the real spread to another gear, and on these - there is no

true-bass @ 16.03.20, 19:57*
In general, I had to switch from the channel? To prevent the bottom panel at all! It is superfluous for me because the information screen on the floor! Further, in the image below for the settings:
Question? Is it possible in such settings, when the panel is hidden when switching to live, to make sure that when fast already in the archive would appear the same over time slider at the bottom of the screen, as with the usual settings !? I really hope that all donos right) thanks !!

I realized. but the difficulty is that the band Rewind is part of the interface. I think

Sumandr @ 16.03.20, 21:59*
these buttons are enabled in the Auto Transition archive / timeshift mode
This remote is supported? (Sm.spoyler)

Yes. there is a rewind button

odem @ 17.03.20, 07:03*
I have not installed, run the installation, the installation stops on the band 3/4, skips and jumps to the end of the message is not installed! Prefix H96Mah, Android 8.1, a version of Navigator 1.5.7

1.5.7 means that you put a aptoide. so expect an update on aptoide and all updated. at least upgrade to 1.5.8 1.5.9 ... there is not yet published

diabolusss @ 17.03.20, 10:48*
Thanks for the update, the general management worked out with a bang, but there was a problem with the choice of the default source for the channel. Before it was enough to place the correct numbers that would govern who will be the main, and now, just dormitories - ie, the same for all sources in one channel, and the first set, if I am not mistaken, the title playlist. Possible until the default source for the channel can not be changed to make the numbering as before it?
And that means "weight," as it is used?

you still have the same priority Provider? here and do it first. Why swap?

weight - this is the order if the sort of frequency

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