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* fishinn I think justified, I would not dare to wet. If there were on hand Cheerymoon glass, could stick it, it would have concealed a crack, and would add stiffness. If you go without protection, crack nabotsya dirt. I would have stuck to the screen temporarily transparent tape, and ordered Ali glass Cheeerymoon. But to change the screen would not, while he is working. It may not have had to change it. In the future, may refuse the touchscreen, and can not refuse ...

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* Goryna , Cheerymoon disappeared from the market, and never will. Ali was just one reference - Shop selling the firm Cheerymoon. They sold stocks, and produce new course will not be, because the phone is not new, and not popular. A small batch production - is currently at the expense ..

On sale there is only one close in quality glass -Imak Glass-Pro .

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* Julia_story Unfortunately, yes, a couple of weeks ago "Cheerymoon" were on sale, and that's over. Since the manufacturer was selling them, they most likely will not be. Voyadli they will release a new batch for such a rare phone as our ... You're just one decent glass - Imak Glass-Pro .

* Goryna Something too fabulously painted and pathetic. I do not believe. According to the description it seems that this is another scam artists sell films that come unstuck in the second or third day. In my opinion, a good film does not exist in nature.

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I'm here in the next topic (for U11 + Accessories) wrote the whole explanation, different than the 2 most popular modern type of protective glass. And why in times of flat screens could take the cheap glasses for $ 1, but now it is impossible.

Protective glass: airlaid VS polnoprikoeivayuschiesya .

Perhaps here someone will be useful to understand. It's amazing how many people do not understand, do not know the difference.

Just in case. In our U12 +, polnoprikoeivayuschiesya windows - exactly the same 2 options, only the links others:Cheerymoon (U12 +) and Imak Glass-Pro (U12 +).

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* Cez , Buttons blunt often, but not always. Somewhere in the 80% of normal, but the remaining 20% ​​highly annoyed. I suffer just because in the rest of the phone is excellent, especially the camera. If it gets worse - Go to U11 +, where the camera is even better (especially shooting in low light).

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* Cez , I also cover "Ringke Fusion X", but the problem is not in it, I think.

Phone all very good. The only complaint - the disgusting touch buttons (!). They are often triggered by themselves (you take the phone in hand, without touching a button - somewhere somehow there is pressure on the housing, or bending body, and opa - crawled up the volume all the way). And if at this point to try to fix it by holding down the volume button down, it does not help, because the volume-up button jammed. Come play, press both buttons at a time, until the volume is no longer crawl up - is "entertainment" takes a few seconds of time, and kills more nerve cells. Once I left the unpleasant incident, when in a very inopportune moment I yelled in the phone sound, and the surrounding wondered why I was making fun of them, to play with the volume, rather than simply to make quieter.

And more often, just buttons are pressed, or pressed with the 10th try, or you need to push struggling (and that often does not help). You never know with how much pressure you need to press the button (it is as if the "floating"), and never can be sure that the button will work on the press. This applies to all 3 buttons, but especially - 2 volume buttons. A nightmare.

In general, when YouTube watch, and cut one loud advertising, it is easier to endure these 15 seconds of loud noise, than to try to clean up and to raise the volume. And with the advent of Android 9.0, I even developed the habit - to press the volume button a few times until it works and a volume slider will appear on the screen, and then adjust the volume on this slider. So it is much easier than to press on the touch buttons.

There is a suspicion that the buttons are particularly difficult to press when the phone is in the horizontal position (just when viewing the YouTube, for example). Most likely, this is due to the fact that in such a situation pushes a button other fingers that do not have as much power as a thumb.

Yesterday I was all in again vybesilo. I removed the cover "Ringke Fusion X", with the intention to cut it in the entire block of buttons (buttons that were open as in a complete cover). I felt them ponazhimat on the cover, and was surprised to find that they are very mild case. Then Use the buttons on the phone itself. And it turned out that blunt the buttons on the phone itself - no cover, just as with the cover - is pressed to the 10th attempt, it is easy to press, we must go all out to push.

In general, I miss mechanical buttons of his broken HTC U11 +. Nothing better than normal mechanical buttons no.

P.S. On the HTC website there is a special instruction,how to use the touch-sensitive buttons U12 +But it does not have anything useful in my case.

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urik27 @ 21.11.19, 22:37*
Put Youtube Vanced No-root version and forget about advertising (and with it the problems of the volume)

Offtopic about YouTube Vanced
And I just enjoyed it, and so far (so had no problems with the volume), but YouTube has announced a few days agonew rules for use of the service, which will take effect from 10 December. It is written there:

"YouTube may terminate your access to or accessible through your Google account to all services, or part of it, if it considers that giving you access to the Service is no longer a commercial sense."


"YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account's access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable."

Referring to this point, they can block all accounts that block advertisements. Now, to continue to safely use YouTube Vanced, needed in the application "MicroG" login is not their own, and some left the account. But to create a left-account, you need a phone number. And it needs to go and buy a disposable SIM card. That is, until the hand (foot) did not reach to do so, temporarily, I try to use the official YouTube app.

P.S. I wrote about this topic in the "YouTube Vanced" on this forum. It is true I immediately replied the man, that twice already wrote about this, and the administrator has deleted him twice. And my message is also deleted in one hour. I hate these admins, which is easier on the quiet several times to remove the wrong message than once a reasoned response, with which they disagree, and why.

The author wrote "YouTube Vanced" application in chat Discord. But the people there said that in the first place, like the item was in the previous version of the terms of use. And secondly, they believe that this point is not about point locking accounts, and about the possibility of closing all of YouTube. Allegedly because of US lawsCOPPA(Child Protection), advertising may be banned on all videos that are available to children, and it will be death for YouTube. In support of their point of view, given this screenshot - response from representatives of YouTube on Twitter:

Attached Image

In general, reassured. You can continue to use without advertising.

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* Alexiys Online store that works. Here DAC: The original adapter Type C 3.5 mm (DC M321)

Rep: (258)
Goryna @ 17.10.19, 9:20*
And I have today more and the crack has spread from the cleavage.

It is normal that they are disposable. Think you have paid the price for it to protect the screen from cracking and chipping on one bounce. And that's not counting the fact that it protects the screen from scratches.

Glass struck end of the metal angle, if I understood correctly. It gets hit with a sharp object. Any protective glass during such a collision would be cracked, because the entire glass thickness of 0.3 mm, and moreover, an oblique edge. What would happen to the screen, if it was not protected? I think it would have been chipping because Gorilla Glass, hard, but very brittle.

Replacement glass - up to 1000 rubles. Screen Replacement - about 20 000 rubles. Obviously, with protective glass is cheaper.

Goryna @ 17.10.19, 9:20*
No other worthy glasses are not met?

Worthy - only two - "Cheerymoon" and "Imak Pro". Only these 2 glass cover the entire screen fully, and are glued to the screen over its entire surface.

Other windows - either flat, and then they are less than the area of ​​the screen - does not cover the curved edge of the screen (when hitting the end, how did you blow would have taken the smartphone screen, and have turned on him cleavage, at least). Other curved windows, and cover the screen, but ... glued to the glue "frame" on the edge of the glass, so that between the screen and the glass layer of air remains. It looks disgusting. Added 2 extra reflective surfaces, so that the glass is terrible mirror, and does not look black, and gray. Approximately looked like gray screens in the cheapest smartphones, produced commercials 5 years ago.

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* urik27 , * qapa I walked for a long time with wireless headphones (Samsung Gear Icon X 2018 sound very well for this type of headphones), but then I got hold of measuring the intensity of electromagnetic fields and radio waves density measurements, and ofigel ... they (and not only they, and any wireless headphones, even Bluetooth 5.0) when playing music, emit 20 mW / cmВІ . It is 2 times longer than in Russia, the legal limit, the irradiation of the clock. But in this case, this irradiation takes place, though not around the clock, but in close proximity to the brain . And by the way, the "norm" of 10 mW / cmВІ should not be trusted, it was invented in order to permit the development of cellular communication. Previously it was considered the maximum permissible 1 mW / cmВІ. This "normal" regularly improve In favor of the development of wireless Internet. For example, in Moscow until 2009, it was only 2 mW / cmВІ, Ukraine until 2016 this urovent was 2.5 mW / cmВІ, and the United States have already raised right up to 100 mW / cmВІ. As the saying goes, Sapienti sat . It is clear who and what enhances the "norm". Big money is involved, it is very large, and not just money.

In general, the more I do not dabble in wireless headphones. It is extremely rare to get them. If possible, use a wire.

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urik27 @ 16.10.19, 14:56*
each house wafer, or even two. In the car bluetooth.

There is one very important point. RF emission levels decreases with distance from the emitter. For example, these wireless headphones in the most vicinity emit 20 microwatt / cmВІ and 20 cm from them are 10 mW / cmВІ and 40 cm from them for 5 mW / cmВІ. Because all sorts of home Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not so terrible, compared with wireless headphones, which work in any of 3 cm (!) From the brain.

It is unlikely that all these maximum allowable "rules" were written at the rate that the device will be inserted directly into the ear.

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* qapa , * skitgum I would not say that the case " Ringke fusion x "it gets clogged with dust. I carry the phone in my pocket. I take off and wipe the dust cover every couple of months. The last time I wiped it a month ago (when I returned from vacation), now it looks like this, see the spoiler below.

From most angles of view, dust is not noticeable. Those around her all the more do not see it, because only I can notice it, close, in bright enough light. In the second photo - specially taken close-up shot the most dusty place:

Ringke Fusion X Case, not cleaned for a month
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* skitgum And would have proved Ringke fusion x , All would be well. More would have saved a little.

Rep: (258)
* Rudylyion , Any glass can be bonded perfectly and with his bare hands. Wash your hands with soap and water, wipe with a towel microfiber. To make a room free of dust (e.g., let hot water into the bathtub, so that dust has settled with steam or several times kettle boil, and steam jet his "fumigated" space around the working table). Kleite hands glass. If the glass is stuck crookedly, then slowly and carefully peel off it, and kleite again. If you got a speck of dust under the glass, peel off the glass, and take away her sticky paper. Glue can be any number of times While you are in the room free of dust. You will not be glue glass only after when the phone with the glass fall into the dusty environment (ie, within a few hours of use, or after the first socks in his pocket). And during the gluing of glass, you have an infinite number of attempts. And hardly need more than 3-4 attempts are usually enough 1-2.

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* Arfil I somehow once pokleit hydrogel film on the screen, and regretted it, since they do not trust. Immediately after gluing everything looks perfect - the film is so thin that it is almost invisible, just like matte screen. But for 2-3 weeks, rubbed her huge bright spot from the thumb (as I use a touch-screen in the main the finger). The film lost a decent view, and the phone began to look disgusting.

Rep: (258)
* Eppt Qooq They have even Ali ( SIM slot for U12 + ), But the quality did not know how.

Rep: (258)
* Prozak! , It is unlikely that someone there is such a combination. Glass Imak Pro has many and CheeryMoon there are a few people in all (because we found it to Ali only recently), they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And there is little chance that one of them has a cover Spigen, but certainly they have other cases.

Read reviews to boot and to the glass, there may be someone already answered this question.

But Spigen professionals and do great covers (among the best), I would boldly ordered their case, without being 100% sure of compatibility.

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* Prozak! , I do not know. But probably not, because " Spigen Liquid Crystal "Glass Imak Pro is not a conflict. I mean that if the company has one cover designed for compatibility with protective glasses, then the second most likely too.

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Rep: (258)
Prozak! @ 20/07/19, 23:56*
urik27 @ 21.07.19, 0:27*

Right -CheeryMoon . If you're looking for Ali CherryMoon, nothing will be found, and if CheeryMoon, it will find everything.

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* fishinn A few years until it starves. Easier to just take the card from proizvoditedya reliable maps, such as Samsung.

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