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choice of meal. It is worth taking this film
https: //ru.aliexpress....te&m_page_id=undefined
I had all the samsung note, from first to last, except 7, ordered, but not delivered. Glass is not glued. On not8 before selling caught a scratch on the screen. It was the sea. On my galaxy tab 3 and 4 glue uniquely.
So I think, is on notik lyapat.

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Today I received an adapter for dex, suchhttps: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.7a3633eds1qWm1
It is impossible to connect the phone to a TV set.
Writes: Make sure that the HDMI cable is connected properly.
This label pops up even when connecting the cable, and the only adapter to the phone. Power does not help, cable replacement and ports, too. The phone tries to charge the adapter. Resetting the data in the application and rebooting did not help.
Although remembered first Dex tried to connect on the phone, there was a touch panel, and then swore, saying, buy original pribludy.
Maybe there is some trick or adapter Rejection?

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ethernium @ 30.08.18, 21:52*
no compatibility test with note9?

I advise to take with meals, in rezhite Dax quickly discharged smart.

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semen.j15 @ 29.08.18, 23:20*
advise the holder in the car. pliz

From November 2017 to use a charging machine.https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.274233edpAnLOs
Very satisfied. Fast, keeps well in the climate lattice phone on charge with navigation cold.

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I have such a hub with hdmi

I think, anyway, the power to the hub will not be superfluous. You may need a long connection to the TV, so as not to discharge the phone. HDMI does not charge? It seems there were some Chinese, people took for note8

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Who ordered what hdmi cord for dex?

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Vladgir25 @ 08.22.18, 16:36*
power adapter

Oh, so interesting. Are there any on Ali?

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Do you think this cable will fit n9 to run dex on a TV?
https: //www.aliexpress...c6ee&priceBeautifyAB=0

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