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The club was created to integrate all OSX users. Share your Mac OS installation stories, tell me why you chose OSX among many systems - free communication is encouraged here;)

Yablochniki: 3
  1. Koteiko - Michael, the creator of the club: king:
  2. ctich - Sergey, honorary member of the club, moderator
  3. Filislav - Slava, club member, moderator
  4. -SunLion- - Vadim, member of the club
  5. mfilonen2 - Mikhail, moderator, club member
  6. maxipon - Maxim, club member, moderator
  7. Yasha! - club member
  8. KISLbIU - club member
  9. Smolkin.georg - George, wrestler with assemblies, fighter of chameleons: vinsent:
  10. nothing_personal - Karina, the applemaid: daisy:
  11. Bad_korowwa - Konstantin, member of the club
  12. Lars_Maxima - club member
  13. dima_zaycev - Dmitry, club member
  14. zhogan - club member
  15. awtoset - Yuri, club member
  16. dimasik28051999 - club member
  17. Wlad5 - Vlad, club member
  18. Kingofshadows - club member
  19. skont - Konstantin, member of the club
  20. Bobko_904 - Nikita, club member
  21. dan1612 - Oleg, club member
  22. lensu - Alexander, club member
  23. andid - club member
  24. LeonFox - club member
  25. Ultor_Media - Andrey, member of the club
  26. DroidTab - club member
  27. dushkin_alex - club member
  28. shagaliev97 - club member
  29. Comunicatoroed - club member
  30. nokiotab - club member
  31. demonty - club member
  32. Demotion - Andrey, member of the club

Club Rules
    As in any other topic, all are fully operational.Forum Rules

  • The rule of zero and main - no questions about installing poppy in the club . There are special topics for this: nono:
  • Rule one - there are no more rules. Flood to health;)
  • Although no, the second rule . Respect the interlocutor, write correctly. Without ashibak. Remember that the phrase "about" is almost always possible to skip. Similarly, the ellipsis ... And the words in brackets (round and square) are also often not needed.
  • Almost forgotten . Many emoticons do not need to be installed either))))))) And respond to the message with one smiley too.

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We will be very pleased if you put yourself one of the following signatures:

Proud Mac OS user
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OSX Fans Club Member
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I ♥ Mac OS
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I'm a makovod
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Upon reaching three useful messages in the club, you automatically become a member of the club.

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The world celebrates Steve Jobs's birthday

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Good evening everyone.
* Glory, the channel is good, we are waiting for cool unique videos :) I subscribed, liked it, but why is Windows XP in the background? Where are the apples? : D

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* Filislav, Merry Christmas to you too!
On 10.9.5, the latest version will not work, if you do not need the latest, thenhere it is.In general, it would be good to buy a license: whistle:

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The club’s first post in 2016. I congratulate everyone on the year 2016! In addition to the standard happiness and health, I wish you a lot of time, effort and money in order to realize all your opportunities :) Let you remember 2016 well and for a long time: rolleyes:

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* Filislav, No, I want to make it blue.

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* Filislav, logo changed again. I just don’t like the color, now I’ll change :)

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* Filislav, keep it temporary, we’ll ask folk craftsmen to make us New Year’s decoration :)

Rep: (245)
* Filislav, last year we had a garland, it seems.

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* manlider2, I do not use anything from this all.
3D Touch is convenient, but somehow it has not become a habit for me, you can do without it. Live Photo was played continuously for the first week, yes, it's cool, but again, you can live without them. Siri was rarely used on all devices, and then, basically, I only ask for the weather. Improvements to the camera are not very noticeable, I mostly photograph the text and some moments on the fly, so 8MP was enough for me. And here is the new color of the case - nya nya nya, and you can immediately see that 6S, not 6ka :)
When the seven comes out, I'll buy it right away.

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* Filislav, oh, don’t bend 4 and 4S, 5C is the necessary minimum. Pleasant in the hands, not like 5 and 5S, it costs a little, you can wear it without a cover and do not lose sight, the piece of iron is still normal, the screen is better than that of fours :)
In general, something in the club is very quiet. But there were times when we did not go down the list of topics at all :) I have in mind one new member, now I will call: rolleyes:

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* Filislav, Yes, I have long had it, from the first days of sales. Honestly, I don’t really need it, I could take 6 Plus :)

Rep: (245)
* Filislav, We remember love :)
By the way, who has 6s, did you also have a bug when the phone was treacherously dying after charging? At first I didn’t react to anything, and then home + shutdown helped. I heard that only iPad Pro has it, but how am Ioverload ...I was frightened when, after a night of charging, the phone stopped turning on.

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* -SunLion-,
I have 10.11 :)

Posted on 07/16/2015, 08:47:

Our honorary member of the club became really honorable :) Will return to duty in a year

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* kolyanok I already set, could not stand it, I wanted to look at the multi-window. But it’s not worth it, because there was a bug with multitasking gestures, some programs crash, the keyboard behaves inappropriately in applications for iOS8, it does not turn into landscape mode. The system flips over.

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* awtoset through Alt + recovery shake. * Ultor_Media, I do not want beta, since the tablet is for work, I need stability

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* Ultor_Media, thanks :) Here I think, jailbreak or not. It’s somehow not in great demand on the iPad

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* Ultor_Media, good morning :)

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* Filislav, but I’m enjoying the new Air 2. It’s a pleasure to work :)

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* Filislav, I can’t believe it myself, it seems like yesterday Sergey and I discussed the idea of ​​creating it :) Oh, time flies

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