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Nezis @ 12/02/2010, 20:39*
But who has problems with GPS is the fault of the module itself. Who has a guarantee, change.
Well, what kind of nonsense again?
Update # 5 in the same place, it’s written in black and white, there is a problem, work is underway, so the problem is caused precisely by updating the modem or cracking it

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cool inscription appeared on the offsite
apparently this is still the announcement of the new firmware, the exact time is indicated, tomorrow is 7 a.m., i.e. 18.00 Moscow time

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redsn0w 0.9.6 releasedb2
main innovation, special DFU mode, as in pwnagetool 4.1
now in windows custom can be sewn on top of any firmware

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Dozk @ 10.20.2010, 21:45*
Does 3Gs support a new boot, or as usual only the old one ?!
all bout supported

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PwnageTool 4.1 is out !!!

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this is no longer a rumor; members of hacker teams have tweeted this several times
unlock for new modems will not be until the release of firmware 4.2
today MuscleNerd also said that for 3G and 3Gs unlock will be released with a 100% probability, work is still underway on unlock for iPhone4

Andrey1967 @ 10.20.2010, 13:39*
I don’t see the point in these custom utilities, which are already lying around in the net ...
tell me at least about one that can flash a custom 3g new bootr with the current firmware higher than 3.1.2, don’t see the point - pass by

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3GS New Boot This support does not include only iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4.
the news is mildly sucked, no one has yet said that the new pwnagetool will only be for a4 devices, the hack supports 3gs geohot, so pwnagetool should also

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for those who just want to upgrade and create their own 4.1 firmware without raising the modem version

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good news for owners of gray 3Gs (new boot) who want to upgrade to 4.1 without raising the modem version
Judging byto thisa tweet from MuscleNerd, a new version of the custom firmware tool, PwnageTool, will be released on Sunday

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greenpois0n is out
differences from limera1n not yet noticed
supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S, iPod touch (4th Generation), iPod touch (3rd Generation), iPad
iPod touch 2g and version for poppy later

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http://limesn0w.comthis is a geohot site is a mirror in case the main site is unavailable
everything is clear and accessible, if you want to believe in something that is not there - believe

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limesn0w is a fake
geohot personally confirmed this

by the way the version of limera1n is alreadyRC1b , fixed problems with installation on iPads

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igorho @ 10/08/2010, 19:42*
I turned around with my ms ipod. But they promised. And do not say no.
show where they promised?
By the way, with the MS iPod, you are still quite lucky, you have a reddish that you can do with a tied jail + devitmy promised to add a non-attached later

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Actually, as I wrote earlier, the owners of 3G with a new boot, the ipods of the MS series are in flight
this is officially confirmed on the team's main twitter

happiness on Sunday will be only for owners of new devices - iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch 4, and AppleTV 2

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