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Out of habit, Twitter looked today, and found a forum where p0sixninja is inhabited.
There in the news found:

Heads up!
Veence via twitter tells itzhak7 the jb will be released this week!
(Take heart! Veence (the author of the iPhone wiki) told someone-there that the jailbreak will be uploaded this week.)
Published today. I didn’t see the correspondence myself, but it’s going to draw a rumor)

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And this article was ... hmm, 4 or three days ago? - I do not remember. But the fact that he is almost ready for exactly two months is frayed in all possible forums.
Oh update.

At the request to lay out what is ready, one of the participants chronic-dev (chpwn)
replied the following: Trust me.
(You do not want to get what we currently have. Believe me.)

He called pod2g too optimistic. Let me remind you that it was pod2g that said that before the release there were not weeks, but days.

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SOLID39 @ 10/04/2010, 12:40*
Uh ... translate then please

OK. Literally: "If you are waiting for a jailbreak just to install hacked applications - do not follow (this is an option on Twitter) for us."

The point is that they do not want to be equated to electronic pirates - their goals are different, and the crowd of freeloaders in the followers is already tired of them. You can read the correspondence of masclnerd, if not deleted yet. He writes that it is useless to delete a pirated repository - anyway, they will rename or change the repository itself, with an open file system it is useless to fight pirates.

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