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newman_kg @ 17.10.2010, 16:15*
the news is mildly sucked, no one has yet said that the new pwnagetool will only be for a4 devices, the hack supports 3gs geohot, so pwnagetool should also

At least they did tweeted
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MuscleNerd has confirmed that unlock for iOS 4.2.1 will be released this Sunday!

About an hour ago MuscleNerd said in his Twitter that the update utility ultrasn0w, the tool to unlock the modem (unlock) is ready and its release will take place no later than Sunday, 28 November.

The new version of ultrasn0w will work with modems iPhone 3G / 3GS, iPhone 4, but users will have to wait for some time. As we know, Unlock iPhone 4 more trudoomkok and complicated. DevTeam has not yet able to report possible ultrasn0w release date for these devices due to the fact that still have quite a lot of work in this direction.

A source

Posted 25-11-2010, 17:06:

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dmitriyvid, GreenPois0n_JB who is, history is silent, but you would like to read the previous page, where about him and his message already written.

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Marlboro2206, but no one doubts it is just necessary to take into account that in the states yet to morning and Unlock can come when we will have the night.

JahMAn19s, better to wait for the first normal Ceyla. But this is not a question of this topic.

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jmaster, are two different commands. :)
Marlboro2206, and what new can be learned from your post? This is because all have long known.

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Flaider, let's wait for the release, and then everything will become clear.

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Spuner @ 26.11.2010, 05:04*
Remember, the Comex said that will soon be a normal jailbreak for all devices.

Well, at the moment he is working on a patch for not bound Ceyla.

MWRAZOR, But when it will be released, and then learn.

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Spuner on ayfonsah novostiniki most important writing only when everyone knows it already. Devtim about it wrote almost 3 days ago before the release of a new version redsnou.

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hamannOo, but many would like) That's just the question is not so much here, but to jailbreak authors, write to them, ask. Or immediately COMEX, it is he is doing a patch for this jailbreak. In any case, as it will clear up, a message will appear in the subject.

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KostuM2008 @ 24.11.2010, 14:46*

JahMAn19s @ 24.11.2010, 14:50*
this incriminating site in the first place !!! and in the Vautour, unlocking a long time since navreno nebudet

Well, actually according DevTeam for 3G / 3GS unlock should appear in the near future, and 4 later. Although, if the rumors about iOS 4.3 are confirmed, then unlock release may be delayed.

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Catechin, as you put it is untethered for iPhone 3G / 3GS with the old bootrom and iPod Touch 2G.

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zzzloj Firstly it is a site not Geohota and leftist, have Geohota no site or blog. And secondly Geohot unlock does. Believe any garbage, and then take offense that did not work at the appointed time.

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krik19, Man writing the news on the site or not at all in the subject line or something. How can get out version 1.1, if 1.1-1 has long existed? And about that unlock new modems will come about during the week after the iOS 4.2 release, it was written more than once. Now, as you want, and understand.

shtampik, and you, by the way, it would not hurt to check out Forum Rules .

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shtampik, in fact for a long time we have a version of Ultrasn0w 1.1-1, but about unlocking new modem spoken and written about a month ago.

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dozk, everything written in redsn0w 0.9.6b2

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Riesto it has already been written about a month ago.

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Nikit0z not.

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Rjocker long will flood? More about it in the beginning of the month mentioned.

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Den4e @ 19.10.2010, 14:07*
and that UTB zachit?

This means that people do not read the forum rules. and this topic.
In general, I write about it inNews and rumors rom, jailbreak and unlock (Post # 5433630)

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Axiscom @ 10.10.2010, 22:07*
They wrote very interestingly ... DO NOT USE LIMERA1N IF YOU USE THE ULTRASN0W CARRIER UNLOCK - wait for the mixra1n exploit.

It is necessary to read the source, but it is not clear that. In the original source there is a warning not to update the broken iPhones on 4.1, in order to use Limera1n

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