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d -_- b,
In Amazon, applications are updated less often - this is a fact. Are updates important for you? Is something not working?
In Google Play, as far as I remember, it was displayed that this application was installed, you can even start from there, but it was not updated via Google’s store. Signatures are different at the apk-nis, which is logical.

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SergeyBarvinenko @ 4.3.2014, 12:32*
If you purchased the programeWeather HD Weather, Barometer, Earthquakes(discussion onsavagemessiahzine.comhere), then we give you our other program for free:Animated weather map:
1. Install the Animated Weather Map ofGoogle play
2. Click on the phone: Animated weather map - settings - about the program - report
3. Enter your order number for the purchase of the program Weather, Barometer, Earthquakes (if you cannot find the order number, then write where, when and on what e-mail you bought eWeather HD)
4. Click the Submit button.

Those. It turns out that I am sending the order number by mail. And then what and how?
Upd sent a letter about the activation of the program. All normul

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p / s did not find only the translator / phrasebook of the application, all the others were found and put.


Well, the rest is not to be searched.
Weather ex
Weather live
OsmAnd +
Rain Alarm OSM Pro

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linux-void @ 01/31/2014, 06:36*
I hate Amazon and Google ...
I have long had the impression that when I buy an application it soon becomes free ...

Buy more and more often. : D
But seriously ... Well, what do you bother with the little things? Well, overpaid 500-1000 rubles in the amount. You pay the authors. Periodically, many popular applications are on sale. So two ways out:
1. Add an application to the list in appsales (or another similar application) and wait for the discount.
2. If the application is needed here and now - buy at the current price.
In the list of my purchases there are also several applications that are either deleted from the market, or later sold at a discount (or free on Amazon). Some are abandoned and / or incompatible with current devices. What now - hair on the priest tear?
The main thing is that the money went as it was intended - to the authors in gratitude.

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