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My acc the same from Belarus, but I could not buy it in 10-ku; (
Now for $ 1.98 I can buy.

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Sotik , With the updates they have that, but let's say Weather, Barometer, Warnings completely updated, can not often, and share-buy should think only of coins (coins), which we then get all;)

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Here's what discounts are on Amazon
Attached Image
Attached Image

They are easier to get through the phone by pressing the rebate application and the day will be just below the discount application, you can also search through the title.

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d -_- b , Establish yourself, set up, all the while working

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I'll write a little instruction on the coins:
1. We do everything through the computer! in thispagewe change / add the address of america (account settings, then address settings) - here you need to fill in all the fields, only then you can add the address, he himself was tormented for 30 minutes until he added all the fields via the Internet.
2. After a successful change of the region, we go to thisthe page, we put all the applications from this list - there are 5 of them, for each give 200 coins, if someone has already installed 3, which he could deliver and did not receive coins, then throughsettingsdelete them from your account and set a new one. Thus, the account will be 1000 coins.
3. Next, buy yourself a toyGTA, for what 742 coins will be written off from us and 2000 coins will be given (thanks to SpellCaster).
4. After all these applications, you can delete the shares and the coins will not be lost, but you can’t buy GTA twice (you can check it yourself, you can delete it, you can buy it again, but the second time you don’t get 2000 coins;))
5. Further, according to the list on Amazon, you can search for a program that you have long wanted to buy and purchase it for coins, even for them they will give you a 50-percent refund of coins. (I personally bought myself - eWeather HD, FlightBoard, Root Explorer and GTA twice! 860 coins are still left).
Good luck to all. ;)

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Sotik @ 26.5.2014, 21:28*
but how to do it?
and by the way, I changed the address to an American one, even from the account I went and went, but as these 3 (already purchased) applications hung, it still hangs - another 2 were not added for some reason ...

Through the browser on your computer, find your applications and delete, as well as on the tab of the application of the day, there will be a link to these five applications, tomorrow I will send a link to the person near the computer.

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So I changed the region because I was able to “purchase” three programs from this promotion out of five (two were not available because of the region), then only 400 coins received bonuses ..
Sotik BUT! By removing the program from my account and rebuilding it by “buying”, I achieved 1000 coins.
Spellcaster Thanks for the GTA (+ left). Instead of 1000 it turned out 2259 coins.

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All this I found on the BB in the browser, how are these coins and Where then displayed?

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Yesterday I installed three applications through applications, but I don’t see 1000 coins anywhere else? where and how to find them?

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Today I downloaded from the German Amazon application for android phone, installed, asked to replace the existing one (I downloaded and used the same from the Internet, apparently com was), after replacing all my programs remained, I found and added new ones through a search within the application on them.
1. just check whether the applications are located through the search.
2. If not, try my method.
p / s did not find only the translator / phrasebook of the application, all the others were found and put.

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Spellcaster , through the settings there is a line, enter the code there and write appsales, put it looked, deleted

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