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AlexKF @ 02/01/18, 11:22 PM*
What a fake discount 119>15 in a post?

here, bought in a pose ... n ... last time for 15 rubles, as it is written:
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what is the setup?

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Yes, the campaign is only for the Russian Federation, thanks to everyone

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Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (Post Alan1405 # 64147557)
and where is the discount?
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Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (Post cry_san # 56403678)
But what, the action was for 1 day? - I get a sum of 69 rubles

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Galakti0n @ 09/22/2016, 11:43*
we have 30r

so inrubleshe was so muchBEFORE discounts - this is in hryvnias it has become 2 UAH more expensive "at a discount": P! I just periodically monitor this program, because I am aware of its price, so I am surprised - but where is the discount? : D

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Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (NPA Post # 53354693)
I wonder where infa about discount60 rub =>30 rub.? I just recently thought about buying a license, because I have been using the program for a long time, and it works fine, without glitches, but before the so-called discount, it cost10 UAH (30 rubles), and now (at a discount) - 12 UAH (the same 30 rubles): D

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OllieSilence @ 06/23/2016, 09:54*
I from Minsk can therefore =

Set your country / city on Google Payments and will be displayed in the currency of your country. The discount is valid only for the Russian Federation, which means that? - right! You must change the address to any of the Russian Federation. But as? - see in the hat

Posted on 06/23/2016, 13:20:

although .... it turns out that for Ukraine there is also a discount:
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so maybe for your country there will be a discount in your currency, IMHO

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Vosmerkin @ 04/21/2016, 18:39*
I would not ask questions here

Well, that’s why you need a forum - ask, and they will answer \ help;)

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Vosmerkin @ 04/21/2016, 17:02*
can I find out the reason for deleting my post in the topic with discounts on google play

Of course you can - all the promotional codes for that promotion have already been activated (checked personally), so that you aren’t minus the dissatisfied (the cat didn’t get the code), and also in the subject, and in particular, we were not spammed with questions like:"Why don't promotional codes work?"etc., the curator decided (and I approved) all the shares with promotional codes, cat. are no longer relevant, delete.

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Androfan94 @ 04/13/2016, 18:10*
how to change the region to Russia, and if you change, they will remove 10 rubles, or 70 UAH anyway?

1) see in the cap
2) if you do everything according to the instructions, then they will withdraw exactly 10 rubles, but equivalently in hryvnias (at the exchange rate of the bank) - I’m already buying everything from the moment of publication of the instruction

Galakti0n @ 04/13/2016, 20:33*
And 10p about three weeks ago it was ...

then I bought it this way :)
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Tolyapinsk @ 03/11/2016, 12:13*
however, I could not buy it for 10; (
Now for $ 1.98 I can buy.

and I can’t buy it either then or now - there’s a good one bought on Amazone, but it’s takee: we all know how “often” applications are updated there :)

Vitalk031 @ 03/11/2016, 12:18*
but the price is stated as in the action (Russian account):

it’s not a matter of price, but of the impossibility to buy in some countries ... and no tricks can help: neither changing the country of residence \ billing address, nor various programs for cheating the market, nor proxies with vpn ... not at all - Google tightly closed all the gaps, at least take a new account and register in the USA :(

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FedDia @ 03/11/2016, 12:09*
Acc registered in Belarus.

then once again cheated on us .... eeehhh :(

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and someone was able to buyShazam encore first on this - Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (Post Mou-N # 47352581) and now for this - Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (Post Erimator # 47775395) stocks? those. I’m just interested in what countries the purchase is available for, because, for example, I initially have a google account registered in Ukraine, and even after changing to the Russian Federation (according to my instructions), the purchase is still unavailable to me ((
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p.s. what is written that it is supposedly "incompatible with my devices" is nonsense, in fact it is simply "not available for purchase in your country" (this is exactly what is written in the market through the device) and Google says this if you google :)

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Is it possible to get applications from the Australian appstore (I have US)

HOW TO CHANGE A COUNTRY? - Instruction in pictures

Log in and go here:
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Then here:
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Next to the tab - Settings:
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Click on the button - Change:
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Fill out the form - take any Australian address from Google :)
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You go to your account and - PROFIT!
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Then you change it back to USA or others - all the addresses you enter once are saved there in autocomplete (for convenience)
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d -_- b @ 12/17/2015, 10:54 PM*
I bought a month ago for 10kop

Yes, I remember - I then missed this ball, because I did not know then how to buy shares for other countries))

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NSA2015 @ 12.17.2015, 10:15*
same prices

read carefully:
Sotik @ 12.17.2015, 17:48*
at the same time, the price itself in the Google Market is still displayed in the currency of your country, but when the payment is confirmed, the "correct" price will be displayed, i.e. in my example, in rubles.


Added by:

And againPowerAmppleases us! - The maximum discount for residents of the Russian Federation is only 15 rubles!FLY while it's hot!!!
p.s. Although I don’t use it, I bought it for a collection of 15 rubles)))

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NSA2015 @ 12.17.2015, 10:06 p.m.*
country address and when did google play adopt it?

1 minute, if not less - as soon as I clicked on to save the new address, I immediately got into buying.
Yes, and I did not completely change the address - I changed only the country, city (region) and zip code

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Duc, this generally applies to apples, but they all there are not like people, IMHO - Google has to do with it?

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is the Google market loyal to such "tricks"?

I don’t know, to be honest. Such an idea occurred to me for a long time, and only today I decided to try it out: the benefit and the "small" ones at the cost of the shares were just right - only for the Russian Federation. At least, remaining “living in the Russian Federation”, I was able to calmly download the previously purchased programs when I was still “living in Ukraine”: P and so far so good: superstition:

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Discussing all issues related to discounts and promotions in the Android Market and Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore / Google play
Discounts for Android programs » / Discounts for Android games » / Android OS game world news »

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Here we will discuss the shares posted fromTHIS TOPICS taking place in Android Market and Amazon Appstore , just on PROGRAMS .

Quite often there are promotions, someone makes something free for a day or two to rise in sales ratings, and we have a chance to download for free / cheaper licensed software. If you have any difficulties with its purchase, activation, etc., then welcome here - here you will always be helped or given advice on how to use the action correctly!

The software that you managed to download for free, you can safely update even when it becomes paid.

Daily sales: Applications informing about promotions sales: How to change country in Amazone AppStore? - Instruction in pictures
COINS expiration date from Amazon AppStore
One of the ways to purchase applications for PrivatBank users, in order to avoid double conversion
How to buy stocks for "other countries" (use at your own risk) !!!

In this topic, only a discussion of the purchase and activation of promotional programs.
Links to promotions of programs and games posted here (outside the main topics) will be regarded as offtopic.

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