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Questions and suggestions on the work of the Android sections

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KirheassignedModerator in our section and all subsections.
Please love and favor: thank_you:

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Kontusassigned to our section and all subsectionsAssistant Moderator
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From the topic creation templateAndroid - ProgramsandAndroid - GamesThe item "Installation on SD is supported?" as more irrelevant for the latest versions of the Android OS. If possible, we urge you to remove unnecessary information from the caps of your topics, we will be grateful for the help.

In addition, we remind you that there is a topicQuestions and suggestions on the work of the Android sectionsIn which you can write your suggestions, including on the work of our section. But please, do not write about the catalog, digest and rating programs. : thank_you:

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vadeusassigned to our section and all of its subsections as a moderator. Please love and favor: thank_you:

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Made important changes tosection rules.

Added new itemInformation for software developers :
If you are a developer and actively participate in the discussion of your own program, answering questions from users, then you canin my profile (with the obligatory indication of links to topics dedicated to your software) to place information with details for donation (donations) for the development of programs. In the header of your topic, you can write about it with a link to your own profile.
Directly in the header of the topic and messages, it is strictly prohibited to indicate the details for donation!

This rule is retroactive and applies to all developers who have already placed the requisites for donation in the caps of their themes. We give a week, until October 22, so that you can transfer information to your profiles and bring the caps to topics in accordance with the rules of the section. After this period, we will remove the donation details from all the topics that our hands reach. For the first time we will delete without any consequences with the notification in the LAN. We very much hope that no one will try to re-place the contact information in the header after a single deletion.

We hope for your understanding, good luck with your work.

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2 changes totemplatecreate topics.
1. Removed the field for links to Google Play. (Links to Google Play Web are now universal, there is no longer any sense in separate fields).
2. Added fieldYouTube (Link to the video program from GooglePlay).

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A new section has appeared in our section.FAQ on the section and the rules for creating topics. Everyone must read and follow.

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A new item appeared in the section rules:
The basic rules for creating topics, without which the topic will not be moved to a subsection:
- Availability of a brief description in Russian. If the description is in English, the purpose of the program should be clearly understood from the brief description.

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A new subsection has been created -PC software
If you find a topic that corresponds to the subject of a new subsection in another place, please click the "Complaint" button and report it.

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Gridzillaadditionally appointed as a moderator in our section and all subsections: thank_you:

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Formulation of section rules

The presence of full-size screenshots.

changed to

The presence of full-size screenshots.Screenshots with watermarks of other sites are not allowed.

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I am proud of the Android program section - today there are more topics in it than in the WM program section. AT)
Thanks to our users for more than 5600 releases! : thank_you:

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Changed the FAQ section and the rules for creating topics:
Availabilityuntied from the market apk file on

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In our section and all subsections appointed moderatorfreemsk1

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A new tag has been added to the wizard[HD] that need to mark programs that are optimized (or created) for tablets.
Also, a new tag will appear in the digest.

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