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And how not to argue, I generally had a goal purely informative to find out the answer, the theory. I will not change the firmware on the phone, I need a guarantee. And my ears are already nothing to do with it. Therefore, I will sit and use what I have, no miracles)

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Well, there is no practical benefit from such tests, they will not solve the problem anyway. Just have to somehow live with it.

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Phone redmi note 7, miui 10. But the question is that if you close the phone like this with your hand, is it normal that the signal is interrupted? Or should bluetooth penetrate through the flesh?)

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There was a question about the quality of the connection of bluetooth 5.0. When I close the top of the phone with my hands (as I understand it, there is a bluetooth), the music is almost interrupted. Is this normal for bluetooth version 5? And a couple more walls in the house the signal passes so-so (a private old house, metal in the walls, to be supposed not to be the idea) - is this also the norm? Or do I just have clumsy headphones?)

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desesperacione @ 05/20/19 13:49*
with the quality of 44.1 / 320kbs you hardly hear something. Yes, and in the mp3 format is hard to distinguish. Alternatively try flac, wav (although not sure about the second). Well, it is also desirable to install another player that supports hi res. Say piweramp or neutron.

I wrote that compared with flac. And listened to the poweramp.

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I bought myself a new phone, which finally supports aptx and a question arose. Where is the difference? I compared the sound in SBC in mp3 format and in Aptx in flac format and ... did not hear much difference. Perhaps slightly, only slightly changed the quality, but it is not critical. Maybe I did not check on those tracks?)

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I noticed a strange problem right now. After I listen for a while through one left earpiece, then after putting it in the case, it does not turn off and does not start charging. So it was several times already. We have to get both ears and stick them back into the case and only after that it starts charging.

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In my status bar, the charge is displayed as a vertical bar near the Bluetooth icon. And can you somehow find out the charge separately? Maybe what prog there is ...

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PalychRv @ 04/29/19, 14:17*
clean the mesh

I didn’t clean the mesh, got rid of that membrane, as it is written on the site and helped then.

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Pridexx @ 03/27/19 18:44*
related article

Here is a post with a link on the topic)


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Ko_OT @ 04/27/19 18:45*
After reading the last 20 pages, I realized that there was some kind of trend with dumps and loss of sound in fancouchs in similar scenarios.
How did this happen to me:
Always connected through the left ear, but during the week the sound in the left ear disappeared. Connected through the right - did not help. Well, I walked with the right, after a day the sound in my left ear recovered itself, on the move, so to speak. A day later, the sound in the left disappeared, but not completely, but at ~ 90% volume. In the right, the sound was still 100% loud. Less than a day, and the right one also died. Now both headphones play at 10% volume. I tried all the tricks, disconnect connections, bindings. There is no difference between connecting to the phone or laptop. Play the same at 10% volume. So far I suspect that a sadness-misfortune has occurred with the loudspeakers of the fankles, called not high-quality Chinese components, but it is possible that the support of the torches will offer something more interesting.

So far I have been sitting on the W1 flares waiting for the dumps and deafness of the speakers))

P.s. bought from indie among the first (first delivery in rf)

Have you tried to remove the gasket under the mesh? The topic described like that, it helped me myself.

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It seems that I have not seen anywhere else in reviews, but the cover of the case is easily scratched (I have black ones), it is immediately covered with many small scratches and scratches. As well as the cover, and the headphones themselves are very easily soiled. I haven't tried it, but I think that White has fewer such problems (yes, for me, this is not really a problem), but I just wanted black for myself, that's why I ordered them. Just observations, I do not think that this is a particular problem, rather the ratio of quality for such a price.

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Dimaghghg @ 04/20/19, 12:27*
Without sending back will not return the money? And what are the general guarantees that they will return all the same when sent?

No, of course, will not return anything if you do not send back. Yes, and so even returned only after they receive the goods. And I do not know yet how much they will return in the end. You never know what you can expect from them)

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Margor090 @ 04/20/19, 12:15*
I think you are not particularly welcome for forwarding.

There 500 rubles will be worth sending, I learned at the post office

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Well, they approved a refund to JD for me, on the second attempt. It will be necessary now within 7 days to send them back headphones.

By the way, they sent me instructions to the post office, in which they informed me that they would refund the money for the transfer by coupons ... Something somehow did not really please me.

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I’m reading how people connect their headphones to laptops and don’t understand why they don’t want me so ((They just connect as a voice phone every time, update drivers, delete and reconnect again - nothing helps. Asked Microsoft to tell me on another computer, since there is no information about the headphones, no applications. Straight is sad (

P.S. checked on an old laptop, connected both as a microphone and play music. So something with a new laptop (

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In the meantime, I adapt myself to insert the headset so that it does not wheeze)

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Dimaghghg @ 04/17/19, 11:57*
And how did you show on the video that the earpiece wheezes?

He made a video comparison of the sound of the right and left ear, in turn brought them to the dynamics.

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If suddenly it will be interesting to those who have a marriage with JD and they opened a dispute. Today I received an answer on the dispute, the application for a refund was rejected. Here is this:
Dear customer, in this case, we advise you to charge again completely, and try, if it also wheezes, we recommend that you contact your nearest service center. If the cost of repairs is not expensive, we recommend that you repair the goods and we will compensate you for maintenance. Jd

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Dimaghghg @ 04.16.19, 19:55*
And what did you take on the video?

I made 3 videos where I included different tracks and brought my ears one by one to the speaker so that the difference in sound could be heard. Now I'm waiting here.

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