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Probably in truth, because when you are deceiving yourself, your life seems to be passing by, as if you are watching a movie, but you do not live. When you are honest with yourself and the World, life slows down and you can live a whole life in a month. Live every minute!

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In truth

"I'm not the stars of fortune telling fortunes,
And astronomy won't tell me
What are the stars in the sky to harvest,
To the plague, fire, famine, war.

I do not know bad weather or weather
Promises winter and summer calendar,
And I can not judge by the sky,
What a happier sovereign.

But I see in your eyes a foreboding,
By unchanging stars find out
What is true with beauty will be together,
When you extend your life in descendants.

And if not - under the tomb
Truth will disappear with beauty. "

Shakespeare, Sonnet 14

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JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If they do not fall and do not germinate, then unfairly?
They may well have another task. All seeds are different.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
And sprout fair and not sprout fair.
Apparently, this word is of little importance to you. Anyway, in this matter.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If, for example, you use all the soil for your seeds, and throw mine at the stones.
This is a metaphor about cronyism and "social elevators", approx. So in this question for you that word is more significant.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If you are not satisfied with the natural law of order, which distributes success and failure randomly
What just do not come up. Now tell me again that this law has always been - this will justify everything.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
you expect a special relationship from life
A special attitude to all, "no one will leave offended," and even that, whether you expect such an attitude toward yourself or not, affects the attitude, like everything connected with you.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
everything is banal to boredom
It seems that you are completely satisfied with your worldview and do not want to, say, clarify, add, revise. When a person is faced with a task that he has already decided, he will be bored. Apparently, the question of the meaning of life is simple for you and you decided it a long time ago. My congratulations.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If you are going to answer me, then there is a request: please write, "You" with a capital letter, referring to me. This request is a response, to your request to apply to "you".

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JohnCr2 @ 05/28/19 12:59*
First, life owes you nothing.
Must. Because you are part of it. Should for every thought, action or inaction and idleness. And you owe her, because you are a part of life.

On this you can and finish - so do.

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JohnCr2 @ 05/28/19 12:59*
Offer to stand aside and giggle maliciously?
That is, I understood correctly - you perceive your role in the topic as the role of a teacher.

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JohnCr2 @ 05/27/19 15:14*
You limit yourself by asking questions, there are no other restrictions in the topic. Do you really think that your “clarifying” questions will help someone to understand something? A person either thinks or not, nobody asks for help.

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JohnCr2 @ 05/27/19 11:14*
offer to discuss
Why do you propose to discuss? In the "discussion" there is no goal, I am not interested in this. And the words spoken by a man from himself, not someone's, are always interesting.

If you have something to say - tell me. If I have something to say, I write. And write and write ...
JohnCr2 @ 05/27/19 11:14*
This is all that the creator of the theme "What is the meaning of life?" can say
I am. : sveta:

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* JohnCr2 ,

"Every soldier must know his maneuver."


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JohnCr2 @ 05.25.19, 12:09*
then after a while we are limited
We are not limited by time.

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* JohnCr2 maybe you didn’t want that, but what did you want to know?

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* Zahadum_shadow , each life crown in its own way. : D

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Life is meaningless, but if you took the pokofon - then you are the king
from here))

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* Zmejj ,
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* Zmejj as an engineer Garin?)

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* Zmejj they are killed for working samples.

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* Zmejj , the names of the scientist enough? He is still alive like.

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Fantasy, not even scientific.
There are many opinions. :)

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* Zmejj , no, other, ethereal.

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Zmejj @ 05/17/19 16:22*
normal energy sources for powering underground structures
This they have, it seems. But they do not want to serve themselves.

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* sir daniel , comedianthe joker is stationary.

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