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I would like to know who we have here from the beautiful half of humanity ...

Dame already:151 + Magnat (honorary lady)

will come in handy:
***La Femme +
***Pocket woman
***Magazines, articles for women
***Knitting magazines and books
***Young ladies ..., Links for girls (topic nik-0)
***Notes wise bitch in FB2 (fromlenhenster )(: Actually, the link is broken, but (maybe) this is it: tyts

not useful:
Barsik(Useless personality, does not sculpt the launcher on the net: D, he has age, ecology, stress ... (so that they do not build illusions and dare to hope))

Live Corner "Devishnik"

***Black diver
***da108, yasha lose!(March Cat - Mkot)
***Firepower(invites gape girls)
***muza9 Admin W / Angle(motto "I have not loved the oval since my childhood, I have drew a corner since childhood!")
***nigga_tive(sent here, get acquainted with the girls, follows everyone (-;

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W ==== W

can measure :)

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Tyson ,
ugh .. praaativny :)

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Girls, please help .. write a list of software that I install my wife, on her first JAM.

She never held the CCP in her hands.

Added @ 11.02.2006, 12:05

Girls, please help .. write a list of software that I install my wife, on her first JAM.

She never held the CCP in her hands.

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no one mind :)

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La femme ,
We will try to correct :)

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You have no idea how pleasant it was to me to hear from the mouth of my girlfriend, about what is the prefix Play Station2 ..

I had to buy. But talking about gadgets, she does not indulge me.

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Zyabra ,
After being translated into human-readable language, Lenso will include all this in a journal.

Cool to read. Write more..

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By the way! Guys can also help for the article if they write something interesting about how their women belong to pockets.

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Thank you very much! Discovered a lot of new things.

ps: Guys please flood not to breed!
Our wonderful girls, I beg you to help Lenso.

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http: // here is a program for women .. anyone can help.

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Do not swear!

Tomorrow I will do a red cross in online.

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Yesterday, my girlfriend explained to me what Play Station2 is, explained everything
details of the subject, conducted a cost analysis, found where to reflash it, in order to
run the game is not for 1500 rubles, but for 200 rubles .. the conversation took 20 minutes.

I got great pleasure from talking about gadgets with my beloved.

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Added a couple of ladies, without their consent
ELENKA, Aniron

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Question to the ladies:
Is it easy to give you .. kpk?

And then I have my girlfriend - I can not force to take him in hand.

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How do you like us?

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did you tell her where she was waiting to be counted?

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irzik ,
Very glad to see you here! Even more would be glad to see your avatar.
I hope you stay on our forum :)

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Well, we already have an elite women's unit :)
You can arrange a beauty contest :)

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The best way to remember your wife's birthday .........
.......... forget it once

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