Rep: (19)
Pahan2k @ 22.03.18, 19:43*
A reader in Device Manager can be seen?

No, it is not visible
night there were a couple of suspicious "ringtones", I thought that the external NNM was dropped, and no, it turns out micro sd

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Rep: (19)
Stopped seeing sd card (live map) ((
What can reinstall the driver? What?

Rep: (19)
xndel @ 17.06.2016, 10:13*
If all of a sudden turn, I can tell how to get rid of sleep setevuhi.

Prompt! and then she lifted her already otpadyvat

Rep: (19)
That is also an interesting optionhttp: //

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Rep: (19)
* Obivan * @ 15.12.2015, 03:04*
And to RAM 4GB.
do you two do not have enough? ...
I recently reinstalled at 'SNOL' vin10pro so schyas finally beauty - employed usually 1,1-1,2giga open in chromoma 20-30 tabs and other running applications ...

Well, if I'd like something that's ready-made solutions:
http: //ru.aliexpress.c...44_0,searchweb201560_1

Or another

http: //

Rep: (19)
delanet @ 15.12.2015, 00:11*
There is a feeling that PiPo soon release a similar box with Cherry Trail x5-Z8300, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 802.11ac WiFi, USB 3.0 and Win10 (64bit).

Already ...;)

Rep: (19)
likolot @ 24.04.2015, 00:20*
I also thought that the office was activated prior to October 2015, but when activation brought to the end of it, yet, given a year (!) And a couple of days on top, and all the while pleasing buns in a 1 terabyte onedrive, and Skype calls 60 minutes per month, and so forth.
who managed to activate skype calls of 60 minutes per month ?! - Tell me how ?!

Rep: (19)
sergeich27 @ 01.08.2015, 09:13*
Since you still have deleted the recovery partition?

You can Akroniksom, or just run the installer from USB drive and Windows formatnut whole disk (for those who have no Android)

Rep: (19)
orstutby @ 31.07.2015, 15:49*
as well as the demolition? without reinstalling?

demolished before the 10s, I put 8.1 Pro - and it has stuck top 10 ...

Rep: (19)
e416 @ 31.07.2015, 14:16*
download the update files on the 10-ku? I decided against installing
I set myself the top 10 PRO and happy;)

Pipis. and Section rekaveri dAAaaavnooo demolished! ...

Rep: (19)
sirotkadadon @ 02.06.2015, 22:38*
that's what I came Moding
'The mind' need (at least) to pull out the teploblokiruyuschuyuchornuyu falgirovanuyu sticker on the screen, remove the screen well, or at all, and radiators to sit on the rocks (I did not take off, the radiator was 4h7 - laziness was cut)

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Rep: (19)
sirotkadadon @ 02.06.2015, 20:52*
good legs were glued. Now we have to something to replace them.

For example, you can nylon cork from wine butylo, cutting them to the desired height, and it is possible and on what a souvenir turtles or Apollos put ..: rolleyes:

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Rep: (19)
stndima @ 29.05.2015, 23:52*
Problems with sound all repit
not quite understand your problem, but if the sound is intrauterine metallic overtone -DISCONNECT AIDA64 And everything will be ok;)

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Rep: (19)
coolexer @ 26.05.2015, 18:03*
yet there is no way this piece of metal rutanut
and set to Google through the arc that way?

Rep: (19)
Madaleks @ 26.05.2015, 13:57*
load on the system after modding

Start the WOT tanks (if not laziness) on monitorte, and some FPS will ?!

Rep: (19)
coolexer @ 26.05.2015, 09:14*
Pts want to google play
and that it is not in x7s ?!

You can install yourself)
Through * .apk
Google play

You can use this rapids (s finally a lot to do / configure)
В® ROM Toolbox

You can set vzlomanykhВ® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS

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Rep: (19)
Melodycd @ 25.05.2015, 19:03*
on his old TV set (HD Ready Philips Cineos) and is not configured.

And you are trying to apply it 1080 ?! 720p try and poigrates zoom settings and TV
Melodycd @ 25.05.2015, 19:03*
But after 15-20 hours of beer goes offline.

Power Mode changed ?!
Prestigio Visconte Quad (Post @ luk @ rd # 36950776)

Pipis. Usually after a beer I'm faster in offline)))

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Rep: (19)
delanet @ 24.05.2015, 17:49*
Just got my hands on a black Pipo X7s, board version - 1.1

With cooling, as well as at all ?!

Rep: (19)
jaxxa @ 23.05.2015, 11:22*
I even know how. I, too, 2 to 8 "bought" it.
even in youtube has a dozen commercials tell you how it's done (Rushen tourists);)

Rep: (19)
scorpion31 @ 23.05.2015, 00:53*
You are lucky..

I vashpe Free (8Gig 10klass) Ali "buy" ...)))))

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