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DENIS73REGIONIn the profileMy namesake)04.01.20, 00:43
IdaniarIn the profileIt's my pleasure;)05.12.18, 22:46
VenozerIn the profileLink12.03.18, 15:33
ferhad.necefIn the profilethank17.09.17, 00:02
klich007HTC One Max - Firmware+ From Grigor73200823.05.17, 18:20
Grigor732008In the profileATP from the heart23.05.17, 18:11
rrolaIn the profilefor his work on the new firmware!23.11.16, 16:33
Yar99HTC One Max - FirmwareI'll bet! :)21.11.16, 21:10
Yar99HTC One Max - Firmware"Home to a scandal with these firmware": D
Hold on, it is at the very early it was!
10.10.16, 17:58
EstupretaHTC One Max - FirmwareFor responsiveness to the request03.10.16, 15:13
Vlad J.S.HTC One Max - Firmware+ From Grigor73200830.09.16, 16:02
Grigor732008In the profilefor future firmware30.09.16, 09:44
vadolazIn the profileDuc will soon number 600 and 666)))27.09.16, 11:01
Yar99In the profileHappy New Year! :)31.12.15, 18:19
White RiderIn the profileIt's my pleasure ;-)20.12.15, 21:15
[-Aleksiy-]In the profilethank23.11.15, 18:15
begemontHTC One Max - FirmwareThanks for the link!13.07.15, 15:43
Neo_LioNHTC One Max - Firmwareuseful for referring27.05.15, 14:40
samsungovichIn the profileMutually! Congratulations!09.05.15, 18:26
GrigasproxzqtIn the profilehappy holiday12.04.15, 15:07
rrolaHTC One Max - FirmwarePleased the new firmware!02.04.15, 18:31
kindjal75Modifications and decorations for HTC One (M8)Thank !02.04.15, 17:08
GOROX1973Modifications and decorations for HTC One (M8)Thank you for the tip! The truth remains white headband where HTC logo with a red inscription any :(01.04.15, 09:43
GrigasproxzqtIn the profilethank!31.03.15, 17:18
doma999Modifications and decorations for HTC One (M8)For your works)
Though he understood))
30.03.15, 22:10
Grabs69HTC One Max - FirmwarePleased!30.03.15, 17:07
Neo_LioNHTC One Max - Firmwarefor splash30.03.15, 15:52
GrigasproxzqtIn the profilethank ;)25.03.15, 00:01
MARINA2543In the profileand thank you))21.03.15, 20:19
jkhfIn the profileThanks for the advice.21.03.15, 01:08
GrigasproxzqtIn the profilethank!18.03.15, 11:49
kalininoIn the profileHi, are you a developer? If so, and if you sit in contact through the android, I think you are interested in my offer. Look, please Club Mod apk (Post sanyok5050 # 38162789) thank you in advance21.02.15, 18:09
Alex0047In the profileThank :)14.02.15, 20:35
Neo_LioNHTC One Max - Firmwarefor the novelty! :)06.02.15, 13:01
Grigor732008HTC One Max - Firmwarethanks for the recovery06.02.15, 12:01
Alex0047In the profileThank you and happy holiday :)08.01.15, 01:09
rrolaIn the profileHappy New Year 2015!31.12.14, 08:54
Ximera13Order table (graphics only)Thank you and have a one, brother!27.12.14, 01:45
v.sereginOrder table (graphics only)Thank you friend!!! And you a Happy! Happiness and prosperity !!!27.12.14, 01:24
GrigasproxzqtIn the profile+30.11.14, 14:36
samsungovichOrder table (graphics only)From namesake :)30.11.14, 13:52
rrolaApplications for the Russification of applications!With Refresh you!23.11.14, 18:21
rrolaHTC One Max - Firmwarefor advice on one max21.11.14, 13:45
AndonexdHTC One Max - Firmware+19.11.14, 20:23
rrolaHTC One Max - Firmwarefor firmware Viper_Max_2., 07:00
AndonexdHTC One Max - Firmware+28.10.14, 11:43
rrolaHTC One Max - FirmwareThank!!!05.10.14, 14:39
rrolaHTC One Max - Firmwarefor supporting Venom team!03.10.14, 13:13
~ VADOS ~HTC One Max - FirmwareThank you for your assistance in obtaining rekaveri30.09.14, 14:47
Vano timofIn the profileof attitude01.09.14, 16:23
Max NuttShellIn the profileAw, thanks!10.08.14, 18:13
ThornRenegadeSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi) - FirmwareFirmware, kernel, all with links - Thank you!06.08.14, 17:00
faorekhIn the profileFor the adequacy!05.08.14, 16:05
faorekhIn the profileThank you for your plus! I do not have anything, no straining!03.08.14, 14:55
Ckpe4HTC HD2 - firmware Android 4.0 - 4.4for firmware24.05.14, 19:35
RudzilHTC HD2 - making your Android firmwareGreat! But I like to sink more)23.05.14, 19:42
uzb777In the profileTashkent? ;)21.05.14, 19:36
bergerIn the profileHappy holiday01.05.14, 21:17
alcoholIn the profileMayday !!!01.05.14, 20:16
slopusIn the profileHappy New Year!31.12.13, 21:11
mishazemcovIn the profileHappy New Year! All the best!31.12.13, 19:43
FashiononIn the profileHappy you buddy! All the benefits you and your family!31.12.13, 18:37
fire_77HTC HD2 - firmware Android 4.0 - 4.4My friend, welcome!
Thank you all and mutual !!!
Holiday greetings!!!
24.12.13, 01:52
babulkaIn the profileThanks! and a Happy New Year !!! Good luck in the new year!22.12.13, 22:47
nafukIn the profileHoliday greetings! Health!22.12.13, 22:03
Maxim_DomnescuIn the profilethank19.12.13, 19:27
Maxim_DomnescuClub Mod APKthank :)17.12.13, 23:12
YOUR HATEClub Mod APKI could not do and this is the manifesto signature17.12.13, 15:23
accostHTC HD2 - firmware Android 4.0 - 4.4Thanks for the help!13.12.13, 17:29
dva161Order table (graphics only)For help06.12.13, 14:35
goroprodIn the profileapk02.12.13, 13:47
nafukOrder table (graphics only)thank23.11.13, 15:25
_yda4aHTC HD2 - firmware Android 4.0 - 4.4helped22.11.13, 21:34
nafukOrder table (graphics only)thank27.09.13, 15:19
TEL-MIn the profileTHX15.09.13, 15:00
SergirioIn the profile+ thank08.09.13, 14:48
maxberyanovIn the profileI earned for cheating!02.09.13, 18:50
nafukOrder table (graphics only)thank02.09.13, 16:15
nafukOrder table (graphics only)thank29.08.13, 15:54
Magus-AlexIn the profileThank you, Dan.13.08.13, 11:43
malsergIn the profilethank12.08.13, 10:38
slopusIn the profileIt's my pleasure!02.08.13, 20:27
NoviusHTC HD2 - firmware Android 4.0 - 4.4thank22.07.13, 16:51
Magus-AlexIn the profileOn health, Dan. Contact!14.07.13, 11:08
slopusIn the profileFor the order11.07.13, 21:12
AlexeyIn the profilereturned05.07.13, 17:59
Dr.PavlovIn the profileFor recipe barbecue07.06.13, 13:12
fire_77In the profileAnd you shake a crab! From the heart !!!06.06.13, 15:37
batman9286In the profileAnd thank you :)01.06.13, 14:14
fx_tashitClub Mod APK+29.05.13, 17:40
oleg_haker_proClub Mod APKThanks for the watch. I have long sought such.27.05.13, 19:47
Magus-AlexIn the profileFor moral support! GOLDEN MAN!17.05.13, 22:44
fire_77In the profileHeartily for your kind words! Clear skies, you and your favorite bro !!! Congratulations !!! Hurray !!!09.05.13, 12:10
Magus-AlexIn the profileDenchik, always please. Contact.07.05.13, 11:23
fire_77In the profileThank you! And from the heart !!!07.05.13, 10:52
bergerPhotoshopThe day of Photoshop;)))28.04.13, 00:19
Magus-AlexIn the profileGood man.27.04.13, 21:38
VeassiHTC HD2 - firmware from Mikhei777 [cLK] [MAGLDR]Thank.25.04.13, 06:10
Magus-AlexIn the profileFor striving to improve the firmware. For helping others.23.04.13, 14:08
cucushOrder table (graphics only)Thank you excellent!19.04.13, 14:00
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