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maluksa[WP8.1] DjVu ReaderFor DjVu Reader05.06.18, 07:36
BoulalaProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobilefor a hint07.07.15, 08:45
ixorekMSBUILD: How to add a version to the resulting file name?I will mean this option02.07.15, 23:39
sensbostonMSBUILD: How to add a version to the resulting file name?for help with msbuild02.07.15, 20:22
st235Windows xamlThank you for answering) Though I found everything myself, but you are also right, it would be a bit early))) Thank you so much and good luck.02.07.15, 11:02
VityaPdaProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile+18.06.15, 22:12
ixorekProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileOh, just what you need, completely forgot about this option.19.01.15, 17:38
cherepetsProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileBitmapdecoder19.01.15, 16:20
CubobobListbox data updatedidn't pass by25.11.14, 20:15
Serg046Programming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileEfficient option21.11.14, 13:27
SGregoryProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileThanks for the help!06.11.14, 22:10
SGregoryWindows Phone 8.1 SDKFor scale factor16.10.14, 11:55
SGregoryProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileFor OrientationChanged14.10.14, 20:09
ixorekLooking for enthusiasts to create a clientsavagemessiahzine.comthank!13.10.14, 11:32
SGregoryWindows Phone 8.1 SDKFor help :)01.10.14, 16:44
CH.U.SH[WP8.1] DjVu ReaderThank you for updating the WP program catalog.25.09.14, 08:12
SGregoryProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobilethanks for the help30.08.14, 13:50
andrey5757wartListView WP8.1 uploadThanks for the help with ListView!26.08.14, 10:39
kirk999Hydro thunder go+ by BandUEL09.01.13, 17:21
LolmakerYour opinion on the game (in development).http://1popov.ru/disc3/ - that's fine ... :-D24.06.12, 19:37
RomaNIn the profile+ from http: //savagemessiahzine.com/ forum /? showuser = 2134423 for http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=352678&view=findpost&p=1393863023.06.12, 08:56
RomaNIn the profileFor helping the user!22.06.12, 11:43
tabikusIn the profileThank you, take in FAK21.06.12, 23:16
Serg046Programming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileThank you very much.18.06.12, 13:16
sensbostonInvite to habrahabrFor the correct reaction to the plagiarist! :)01.06.12, 19:16
Serg046Programming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileTHX19.05.12, 19:13
kirk999Change top bar iconsI liked the post on XDA with the Russian speech more: rofl:18.05.12, 14:49
S.LiteWP7 3MktPlacethankful for the software26.12.11, 12:05
maxsuprunovIn the profilethanks forsavagemessiahzine.comFAQ for WinPhone7 :)30.11.11, 18:52
MinnsIn the profilefor help04.11.11, 20:11
PonfTileSlider control issuethank!23.10.11, 20:16
PonfProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileSuper service! :) Thank!)16.10.11, 12:57
RomaNDevelopment question+1 from netuser22221.09.11, 22:34
RomaNDevelopment question+1 from netuser22221.09.11, 19:43
vidempMango UpdateThanks for the help!10.08.11, 17:12
AlexMango UpdateThanks from ~ Red_Sky ~04.08.11, 07:01
Octavi4Programming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 MobileNeed advice04.08.11, 01:38
kirk999Mango UpdateLook not fool :))29.07.11, 17:03
RomaNProgramming for Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile+1 by Yuriy.Samorodov19.07.11, 10:45
NightshockEffects in XNA 2d gamesFor good advice :)24.06.11, 18:40
Ant-eaterSearch programsfor flashyt, not so much you and Yusles as sebe draw: D20.06.11, 14:05
AlexFlashlightThanks for updating the WP7 software catalog!18.06.11, 21:24
LolmakerGeoDefenseGeoDefense is a great game!17.06.11, 20:54
AlexIdea - applicationThanks from Maxim Droy17.06.11, 20:23
genartGeoDefensefor cured GeoDefence09.06.11, 13:00
ExcremanGeoDefenseTHX08.06.11, 18:14
RomaNGeoDefensePromptly! Thank!08.06.11, 17:16
vetal55rusHydro thunder goATP per game hydro thunder)06.06.11, 16:50
AlexIn the profileThanks from DuckLod30.05.11, 17:07
evgeny1503SH XAP SignerExplained the situation27.05.11, 17:35
RomaNHydro thunder goFor Hydro Thunder Go! Thanks It works!)26.05.11, 10:48
paheistHydro thunder goHydro thunder go25.05.11, 21:05
SerjioHydro thunder goper game Hydro Thunder Go25.05.11, 19:40
sam1984Hydro thunder goHydro Thunder Version:, 16:17
strazh666Hydro thunder gofor hacked Hydro Thunder GO25.05.11, 15:30
sam1984In the profilesavagemessiahzine.comFAQ11.05.11, 22:29
EmelmaniacAmbulance for WP and W10M newbiesspas10.05.11, 20:38
RomaNi Love KatamariThanks for playing! Reveal the secret - how to hack? ;-)08.05.11, 14:29
strazh666Search for gamesFor clarification07.05.11, 22:21
FrancNative keyboardThanks for the link06.03.11, 18:23
AlexPicoLyricsBut.03.03.11, 18:50
Head @ HunterIn the profileI hope for help)08.02.11, 19:42
Neo_LioNNative keyboardThank you, I foolishly decided what HD7 can do for the cast ... :-)04.02.11, 18:33
VipstormChicks'n'VixensFor a hint04.02.11, 02:05
AlexAdvanced Configuration ToolThanks for the translation27.01.11, 16:48
kzvsMax & the Magic Marker+1 by baton18224.01.11, 12:28
denominator77In the profilefor assistance in developing a Russian keyboard for WP715.01.11, 21:04
Lord_3DNeed for Speed ​​UndercoverThank you so much for the NFS Undecover for HTC HD7 unlocked. In general, thanks for giving hope that you can not pay Market dough for their games)))07.01.11, 15:27
AlexIn the profileThanks for the update04.01.11, 19:16
romchkIn the profile+ from MonDee, thanks.29.12.10, 03:22
SLAVA_KyivNeed for Speed ​​Undercoverthanks for playing28.12.10, 22:13
kirya-in-siteHTC 7 Trophy - Discussionza sovet pro pochtu25.12.10, 18:19
kzvsTranslation of interpreterssavagemessiahzine.comThanks for the keen eye02.12.10, 13:34
romchkAmbulance for WP and W10M newbiesFor the first answer? :)14.11.10, 03:19
IgonkinDIn the profileFor the program - the first one on 4pd!14.11.10, 01:41
IgonkinDWindows Phone: news, rumors - Archive # 1Super!13.10.10, 21:43
vangriegWindows Phone: news, rumors - Archive # 1For information about Marketplace in WP713.10.10, 21:04
RiffinWindows Phone: news, rumors - Archive # 1Thanks for the news!13.10.10, 20:15
zusicks438In the profileWell, you're cool ... Unexpected news.13.10.10, 20:09
AlexCreating and editing firmwarefor translation28.08.10, 17:11
DAJITHard reset - how to dohardreset evo x818.12.09, 09:44
valdemardHard reset - how to doATP for info about xp08.12.09, 23:53
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