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DzenibaIn the profileThank! Confirmed my guess.18.05.19, 19:03
vlad433In the profilefor answer: 311.05.19, 15:58
DzenibaIn the profile+11.05.19, 10:55
VasilichIn the profileFor info: D08.05.19, 15:12
Sergey IvanovichIn the profileI completely agree. I was also surprised ...31.03.19, 19:37
evg_rodIn the profilegold words26.01.19, 12:33
velikashkinIn the profileThank!26.01.19, 09:59
VasilichIn the profileFor the cat: D30.12.18, 10:36
VasilichIn the profileBeardies: D26.12.18, 20:49
SimbaCurators ClubWhew, how beautifully he said ... Freedom ...24.12.18, 21:43
cherva70In the profile: rofl: What would the "children" are not amused20.12.18, 20:13
ninja88In the profileFor a sense of humor, great movies Danelia.20.12.18, 19:22
Sergey IvanovichIn the profileI liked the answer to the tyrant that he is not a colleague to us. I did not have time to put a plus from the post, they deleted it ... I bet it from the profile.20.12.18, 15:22
ZeroCold1981In the profilethank20.12.18, 11:38
andrey.medweCurators ClubHandsomely )15.12.18, 15:33
destroyer71Inform about what happened - the removal of Super SmartecsI will support For I understand perfectly what it is about. There was a time...13.12.18, 16:01
not_registeredInform about what happened - the removal of Super Smartecsthere are no atheists in the trenches under fire13.12.18, 13:53
cherva70In the profile: rofl:12.12.18, 19:17
slavar1Site and Forum SuggestionsThanks for the answers (if they are not funny) +01.12.18, 22:25
Abbat1985Site recordsKoumiss is great! It's nice to earn praise from Krolega))): good:18.11.18, 15:46
cherva70Site records: rofl:31.10.18, 09:19
RusmSite recordsAbout Banhammer said well: D31.10.18, 00:08
SkwoSite recordsVanya, respect! :) The old guard is uh! I am proud to study with you31.10.18, 00:01
alakhanSite records+27.10.18, 19:19
teodimSite recordsThanks from jokoloko013 "for the explanation"21.10.18, 20:12
Intel! NsideSite and Forum SuggestionsYes, with a humor: rofl:06.10.18, 18:10
Abbat1985Site and Forum SuggestionsKroleg, as always right!)))06.10.18, 18:01
bullik01Site recordsbetter naked women than naked men07.09.18, 01:54
Noble johnSite and Forum Suggestionsnaked women are better than naked men: rofl:22.08.18, 17:24
gar_alexSite and Forum Suggestionsnaked women are better than naked men21.08.18, 20:34
LeVеntSite and Forum SuggestionsSolidarity with super)21.08.18, 19:35
Bzzzz3In the profile+22.06.18, 16:24
artem1701A collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comWell done!19.06.18, 11:28
rulyarulyaCatalog of the Android section - Firmware> XiaomiFirmware23.03.18, 22:57
Jan95In the profileFor help!07.03.18, 13:41
L1sëñøkIn the profileI like your signature)08.02.18, 22:45
nitroplazmaIn the profileOnce upon a time ... There was such a place "Optimus 4 you" =)10.01.18, 17:04
KpacomkaSite and Forum SuggestionsTHANK04.12.17, 18:35
L1sëñøkSite recordsAbout the bottle to the point20.11.17, 11:42
G & gForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.com+15.09.17, 08:02
nonlocalIn the profileThis is a joke of the year, in which there is some joke, and everything else is true!25.07.17, 17:38
Abbat1985In the profileGreat answer. : good: Respect and respect!25.07.17, 17:22
Stealth3001Site and Forum SuggestionsAbsolutely right. Therefore, my post appeared.03.05.17, 10:47
vitLICH24In the profileTrue said. Requirements at home mom11.03.17, 14:41
galakti0nForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comjust understandable promptly exactly11.01.17, 10:32
dim ^ nSite recordsHappy you!30.12.16, 13:49
RznnikeUser Moderation - implementationYou are speaking the truth!11.12.16, 12:01
scileForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.com: thank_you:11.11.16, 19:59
alex99 ™In the profileModerators - creatures gentle and fearful: D30.09.16, 15:43
hyperion70In the profileSarcasm, however: "negative"
I'm talking about your avatar. : D
12.08.16, 21:49
niks255In the profileFor help04.05.16, 22:10
qq1978In the profileFine. Thank.16.04.16, 15:38
Oleg MikhalychForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comFor instructions!10.04.16, 20:39
saint44Forum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comThanks for the help.10.04.16, 15:18
kazantip3550In the profileFor understanding!!!26.03.16, 21:23
hollydenisIn the profileFor work!26.03.16, 20:46
Violence jackIn the profile"bald1984 is not right around"
: lol:
Cheered up!
19.03.16, 17:20
Oleg MikhalychIn the profileFor inconsistency))13.03.16, 21:35
NeuropapaIn the profile+ for help and responsiveness: D04.03.16, 21:08
ZyomichIn the profileThanks for the help!21.02.16, 13:48
Oleg MikhalychIn the profileFor courage)18.02.16, 20:46
Oleg MikhalychIn the profile+100500 noticed the same thing13.02.16, 15:39
Roman HorulskySite records+02.02.16, 20:10
RaveboyIn the profileThanks, buddy)30.01.16, 07:29
devsergCatalog of the order section Android - Firmware> Motorola+ by yasem20.12.15, 13:58
NitrooxidIn the profileFor help, and wasted time about the Galaxy S519.12.15, 23:56
brygseIn the profileFor help!05.12.15, 18:30
MgalexIn the profileThank you for help.30.11.15, 15:42
MagnifikusForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comanchor10.11.15, 04:17
xoze72Forum FAQsavagemessiahzine.com6!08.11.15, 21:54
valeron2000Forum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comFor help on the forum08.11.15, 12:32
Noble johnAppeal against the incorrect actions of the curators and moderators: rofl: If you have a fountain, shut it up; give a rest and a fountain.05.11.15, 00:13
MgalexAppeal against the incorrect actions of the curators and moderatorsThanks for the kind words.04.11.15, 17:33
zevs3344In the profilehelped once again27.10.15, 23:31
Snow volfIn the profileI first found out about such a way to find out who you raised your turnips to ... :-)05.10.15, 12:33
Belii81Dead Trigger 2 Players ClubCheered up)16.06.15, 00:54
hollydenisPrestigio MultiPhone 5044 DUO - Firmwarefor labor01.06.15, 23:01
HunterIn the profileThank!18.05.15, 22:08
bullik01Site records+10.04.15, 17:06
BigdefIn the profileThanks for the answers and explanations !!!29.03.15, 23:12
hollydenisIn the profilefor work29.03.15, 20:22
avantraIn the profileThank you so much for the book!29.03.15, 17:10
hollydenisIn the profilefor fair moderation25.03.15, 11:57
extravaganjDead Trigger 2 Players ClubClear facepalm: D16.03.15, 14:42
urpekForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comthanks, there is nowhere more clear)07.03.15, 19:53
vadim4everIn the profilefor help07.03.15, 15:09
hollydenisPrestigio MultiPhone 5044 DUO - FirmwareFor trust and efficiency05.03.15, 23:03
Vitaly LeerIn the profile+ for trust.04.03.15, 20:34
kompressor10In the profile[color = purple] [i] [b] Thanks for the help and support! [/ b] [/ i] [/ color]02.03.15, 23:53
dim ^ nSite records: rofl:25.02.15, 14:24
velikashkinIn the profileFor help.24.02.15, 15:04
vadim4everIn the profilethank20.02.15, 22:19
RaveboyIn the profileWell for the status, Wan)16.02.15, 11:47
snektIn the profileThanks for the prompt assistance!16.02.15, 10:58
Gonza555In the profile+ Thank you! Details in QMS15.02.15, 11:38
greenchIn the profileThanks for the information, the question is decided.12.02.15, 22:56
MannurForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comAn intelligible explanation about the anchor.31.01.15, 11:44
Jedi-svAndroid and cons."Your derivative is much better and more nazhischee" I read about the cons in reputation - neighing.29.01.15, 11:26
HunterIn the profileFor help27.01.15, 12:03
NitrooxidIn the profileFor Open Sea! excellent kazyulya. thank23.01.15, 15:01
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