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NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?The normYesterday, 19:02
fforwardIn the profileItching in the ass is clearly not a parliamentary expression14.08.19, 23:03
Nameless anonymousWhy don't you love the iPhone?Rzhu))02.08.19, 06:54
blackofeAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?forced to spit.24.07.19, 16:50
Nameless anonymousWhy don't you love the iPhone?For the "laughed"))29.06.19, 22:42
boris_fIn the profileStitch on health29.06.19, 21:22
chpok_tunecWhy don't you love the iPhone?Clear vidos all darker23.05.19, 22:05
White OlegAndroid vs other mobile OSthank19.05.19, 16:46
avik-prAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Nasru karma lover shit in the comments wp1018.05.19, 11:58
Nameless anonymousWhy don't you love the iPhone?Furiously plus)24.04.19, 07:08
Nameless anonymousWhy don't you love the iPhone?Thanks for the constructive criticism)22.04.19, 20:59
DJ YakimSamsung SM-N910F Galaxy Note 4 - Official firmwareThanks for the help!19.04.19, 21:05
Nameless anonymousAndroid vs other mobile OSFor the link)19.04.19, 10:32
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSATP, Mishanya!27.03.19, 19:44
roriWhy don't you love the iPhone?Proxy26.02.19, 21:24
Andrewnice1I shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!+23.02.19, 00:07
- = TroK = -Why don't you love the iPhone?: D22.02.19, 21:29
wasia2000Why don't you love the iPhone?Let them get used to civilization.
It’s not forever to sit in the epicenter)
13.02.19, 09:31
vvalddI shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!A photo09.02.19, 18:51
KoyaniskaciI shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!For fota08.02.19, 00:49
kosmaks84I shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!Class06.02.19, 23:10
AmarockAndroid vs other mobile OSGgygyyy)))03.02.19, 23:00
SurokggSmoker "Three Brothers"provocation of conflict, mockery ....24.12.18, 00:53
Vladimir912Samsung SM-P9000 Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 - DiscussionFor the answer on note pro.25.11.18, 22:05
vvalddWhy don't you love the iPhone?Soaking nonstop08.11.18, 19:05
- = TroK = -In the profileLike28.10.18, 23:21
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For observing the oath of Hippocrates - for a desperate attempt to reanimate a corpse!14.09.18, 05:41
ALLEKSSANDDRRSamsung SM-P9000 Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 - DiscussionFor help with the tablet.26.08.18, 14:24
DimusejSamsung SM-N950F / DS Galaxy Note 8 - DiscussionFor the support!18.08.18, 22:03
AmarockAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?And he's done! Do not give up!)))13.08.18, 13:17
MastiFF555Android vs other mobile OSHow could I forget ☺06.07.18, 09:59
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?"So pray." Fit15.06.18, 22:26
AndreyR2In the profileHAPPY BIRTHDAY!09.06.18, 08:43
pasasAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For cooperation))27.05.18, 21:06
ALEX_54Android or Windows Mobile 10?Well done - here's a lollipop ...18.05.18, 21:59
pasasAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For the flea market))17.05.18, 01:23
evvukgIn the profileI agree with you13.05.18, 10:24
skalanaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?!11.05.18, 16:58
pasasAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Passed))29.04.18, 13:40
vvalddAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?It's 524.04.18, 23:45
zhuk.mSamsung SM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 LTE - DiscussionThanks again for the reminder. Flew off after cleaning.23.04.18, 09:43
skalanaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Yes, I don’t care about their opinion, but I want to warm up interest in the topic of the recording, because the thing is useful.20.04.18, 23:57
ALEX_54Android or Windows Mobile 10?The main thing that would help from not adversity ...19.04.18, 23:08
The Last of the MohicansIn the profileHello earth! Why don’t you go into the hall?12.04.18, 22:55
Perca123In the profileChrist is Risen!
Happy holiday!
08.04.18, 11:49
AsanezSamsung SM-P9000 Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 - DiscussionBoard24.03.18, 20:52
zlobixSamsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4 - DiscussionFor vermox, it would be better to keep silent ...04.03.18, 04:11
Killer_13Microsoft Lumia 950 XLNorm You rummage17.02.18, 19:55
mkudritskyAndroid vs other mobile OSThe doctor, as always, is objective and does not forget about the Hippocratic Oath!20.01.18, 08:52
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSYou may be surprised - they know how.13.01.18, 22:11
AndreiLAndroid vs other mobile OSUh, sure!07.01.18, 23:09
dmg77In the profileHappy New Year and Merry Christmas!06.01.18, 11:15
AndreyR2In the profilemutually!06.01.18, 11:12
magnatttWaiting hallHappy New Year and Merry Christmas !!!06.01.18, 09:57
FoxFox4444Android vs other mobile OSApparently, we are dealing with Dr. Popov, walking in bast shoes, treats hemorrhoids with cucumber: D06.01.18, 02:13
CatAlexAndroid vs other mobile OSYeah. After his knocking I can no longer.03.01.18, 23:53
manlider2Waiting hallHappy New Year!31.12.17, 22:01
Lestor GLSamsung SM-P9000 Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 - Discussionfor Claudia)09.12.17, 15:19
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?:))19.11.17, 14:19
AmarockAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Ggygyyy)))15.11.17, 22:54
AmarockAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Ggygyyy)))13.11.17, 21:48
FoxFox4444Android or Windows Mobile 10?"If you answer incorrectly, then your point in this game will go to the gym." : rofl:11.11.17, 01:29
CatAlexAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Yeah, he’s very “average.” )))11.11.17, 00:35
AmarockAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Ggygyyy)))10.11.17, 22:27
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?exactly :))01.11.17, 17:36
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?I join this opinion!04.10.17, 04:25
ZagSer168Windows 10 Mobile+01.10.17, 10:40
FoxFox4444Android or Windows Mobile 10?It win02.09.17, 22:17
The Last of the MohicansIn the profileMisha, thanks for the congratulations.
Yesterday was Sabantuy, so I answer only today
25.08.17, 12:37
manlider2In the profilethank22.08.17, 22:48
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?“So hold on there” - five points! : D22.08.17, 10:04
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Interesting information!20.07.17, 05:54
CatAlexIn the profileRussians do not ZTsTsa! )))19.07.17, 00:24
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?for sure))))08.07.17, 20:38
AmarockAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Ggygyyy)))08.07.17, 15:06
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?welcome back :)05.07.17, 22:28
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For the Indians, jewelry and white guests!01.07.17, 05:17
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?: D30.06.17, 15:38
swetozarIn the profileBoard27.06.17, 23:50
CatAlexAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Yeah! )))27.06.17, 23:27
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?: D +13.06.17, 06:05
Slava733Android or Windows Mobile 10?thank10.06.17, 23:17
AmarockIn the profilenot at all)))09.06.17, 23:13
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?: D +09.06.17, 22:36
Slava733Android or Windows Mobile 10?Thank. Well written.09.06.17, 22:35
AndreyR2In the profileWith Dnyushechkoy!09.06.17, 00:04
AndreyR2In the profilemutually29.05.17, 11:16
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For a link to an interesting video28.05.17, 04:58
Dr.LiveseyIn the profilefor support and a fun sequel :)27.05.17, 23:03
nick_stokesSamsung SM-P9000 Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 - DiscussionThank! Exactly what you need!27.05.17, 21:22
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Doc, welcome back!17.05.17, 20:37
- = TroK = -Android or Windows Mobile 10?Cool: D13.05.17, 20:10
A.R.SAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?+10.05.17, 19:35
Dr.LiveseyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?dropped - which time already: D10.05.17, 14:33
Slava733Android or Windows Mobile 10?Thank.09.04.17, 11:30
mkudritskyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For a series of sparkling comments in a meat grinder on the topic of comparing Android and W10M05.03.17, 11:41
AndreyR2In the profileMutually!23.02.17, 21:50
DSN2010Waiting hallHappy holiday, friend!23.02.17, 19:39
magnatttWaiting hallHappy Holidays !!!23.02.17, 13:15
AdanedhilAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?nie mogu ot smeha17.02.17, 23:03
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