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MastiFF555In the profile+ That shit - is something that lives in or has already emigrated Raschke24.05.19, 14:03
Nameless anonymousAndroid vs other mobile OSExactly))12.05.19, 18:04
not_registeredWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxfor correct remark07.01.19, 19:14
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSLOL13.12.18, 23:27
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSIs fit05.12.18, 14:18
not_registeredWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxin a very true remark in the course of the debate29.11.18, 20:23
Slava733Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxthank29.11.18, 20:22
not_registeredWindows 7 vs windows 10for the transition to the individual, insult28.10.18, 19:13
MastiFF555Android vs other mobile OS+27.09.18, 11:37
MastiFF555Android vs other mobile OS+21.09.18, 12:59
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?Bgggg15.09.18, 00:27
mkudritskyWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxI learned useful information.02.09.18, 12:10
robinsonArmyWhich school where all children are raking in on the offensive military age 7 years
Trump approach.
01.09.18, 15:07
MastiFF555Why don't you love the iPhone?+01.09.18, 11:22
petermurzinArmyGreat idea)))01.09.18, 11:06
mishaneaIn the profileFunny))))28.08.18, 23:27
PorutchykWhy don't you love the iPhone?spam28.08.18, 18:04
mishaneaIn the profileBeautiful, but not in the horse feed14.07.18, 22:02
muza9Smoker "Three Brothers"For fantasy on "The train goes ..."17.05.18, 12:57
MastiFF555In the profile+01.04.18, 10:14
RyazancevDo we need or not official marriage for men?For Talmudic wisdom ✌23.03.18, 11:59
Svg77Android vs other mobile OSBruno suffered ...)))14.03.18, 16:26
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSThe year14.03.18, 16:24
Fahren-heitSmoker "Three Brothers"+10.03.18, 21:33
- = TroK = -Android vs other mobile OSlol02.03.18, 21:36
A.R.SWindows 7 vs windows 10+14.02.18, 15:10
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?Godnota such godnota09.01.18, 19:52
petermurzinRuth or not root? - that is the question..Lol07.01.18, 17:29
roriAndroid vs other mobile OSQualitative styob: D01.01.18, 14:43
rubilni4ekAndroid vs other mobile OSclearly)22.12.17, 18:52
mkudritskyWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxThank you about the Old e4defrag not know about, but on Linux since 1997!16.12.17, 18:02
A.R.SWindows 7 vs windows 10+12.12.17, 14:52
MastiFF555Why don't you love the iPhone?+08.12.17, 18:08
Svg77Why don't you love the iPhone?exactly))04.12.17, 11:53
mishaneaAndroid vs other mobile OS))))))01.11.17, 16:58
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?Great!20.10.17, 23:28
mishaneaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?+09.10.17, 20:36
SanyaLuxuryWindows 7 vs windows 10For the answer, and attention03.10.17, 15:42
Dutch78Android or Windows Mobile 10?Excellent quoting lyrics08.08.17, 17:03
Dutch78Android or Windows Mobile 10?logical: rofl:04.08.17, 14:25
Dutch78Android or Windows Mobile 10?Clip Available for about hanging or standing28.07.17, 17:40
Dutch78Android or Windows Mobile 10?For the "grow and grow"24.07.17, 16:30
AndrewP_1The best version of Android)))07.07.17, 22:42
G4M3R_In the profileJust krasava!24.06.17, 20:51
alroProstitution - good or evil?It was nice - about the dumplings.19.06.17, 13:31
mkudritskyWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxThe correct answer about the reasons for using MS-DOS and COM ports!07.05.17, 18:21
k4hamerIn the profileFor exceptional curiosity12.04.17, 20:10
k4hamerAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Witty08.04.17, 12:02
muza9Smoker "Three Brothers"Elegant paste ...20.03.17, 10:22
steelmIn the profileGold words!20.02.17, 01:12
werwolf696In the profileIt's like that!02.12.16, 19:05
North.In the profileGreetings from esigtolka :)11.10.16, 06:58
IP_slavaWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linux+01.10.16, 18:43
petermurzinWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxFor smart))29.09.16, 13:02
werwolf696In the profileSubtle and tasteful!
Reward me! $ 20, details of the request to the PM
13.09.16, 04:35
werwolf696In the profileFor theme support Legalayz-ON :)18.08.16, 09:04
A.R.SWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linux+22.07.16, 02:02
mkudritskyIn the profileFor information about increasing the fines by using non-certified communication means.26.06.16, 06:52
muza9In the profileFor three or four.26.06.16, 03:11
zusicks438In the profileAlso I thought about it.25.06.16, 11:26
ChesterBYAndroid vs other mobile OSBold))))13.05.16, 20:02
muza9In the profileHarmful you ...13.05.16, 19:35
IP_slavaWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linux+24.02.16, 14:12
petermurzinWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxThank you for lifting the mood)))24.02.16, 13:07
A.R.SWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linux+19.02.16, 01:00
Nick NikalsWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxthank10.02.16, 20:50
wiz85Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxfor a joke30.09.15, 12:19
Mikhail BitkanovichAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?I had to live in the private sector and sip all the charms of the mobile Internet.
28.09.15, 22:24
A.R.SWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linux+05.08.15, 20:04
somerosacrewTorrents on unlimited internet from YotaOver the history of the other from 90: D31.07.15, 23:03
IP_slavaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?brutally16.07.15, 21:30
IP_slavaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Electric-fonarist - it's hard)25.06.15, 12:17
mishaneaLegalization of drugs.well I paraphrased30.05.15, 21:39
rastomanzzzTorrents on unlimited internet from YotaGood joke21.04.15, 16:40
alixeyProstitution - good or evil?For inserting witty. ))16.04.15, 14:22
ChesterBYProstitution - good or evil?Then I broke16.04.15, 14:16
IP_slavaWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linux+06.02.15, 19:52
wiz85Windows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxYeah, there are!06.02.15, 19:48
SteklorezMeizu MX2 - Flyme OS FirmwareThis solution works for a mouse, she did not want to work for nothing. with HUB + power has thought26.01.15, 13:39
mishaneaAndroid vs other mobile OSstrong29.12.14, 00:47
dkonstWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxdisable adobe update22.01.14, 22:31
nickniceIn the profile))))28.11.13, 15:55
alixeyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Scattered all the corners :)25.09.13, 21:05
badhorse-ariorhAndroid vs other mobile OS(.Y.)07.09.13, 03:04
robinsonIn the profile[Quote name = 'Alex Klein' date = '31 .08.2013, 00:37 'post = 24681438] And then all managed to pervert perverts proklyatye.Fobiya - irrational uncontrollable fear. And I fear not ispytyayu in front of them. They told me to put it mildly, quite unpleasant. [/ Quote]31.08.13, 00:31
alveugIn the profile+04.08.13, 23:21
Vitee_OkIn the profile+02.08.13, 11:07
robinsonWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxThanks I'll know24.07.13, 20:20
cyberdamnIn the profileI agree22.07.13, 22:52
Kom-siWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxfor the wind and the eagle ...))20.07.13, 20:54
zolotitMeizu MX2 - Discussion (Archive)for help06.07.13, 13:53
alroIn the profileThe last two lines are just marvelous!18.05.13, 10:57
gravis41In the profilecool +12.05.13, 18:59
vadimko83MK802 MINI PC - Discussionthanks for the answer30.03.13, 19:11
DoctorRootMK802 MINI PC - Firmware (Android)For the support30.03.13, 17:32
Berzerk.KdKUgood UG802 - DiscussionFor information about Rikomagic Remote Client16.03.13, 22:46
$ iLenceIn the profileby leno4ekig: Thank you11.03.13, 00:09
NatachaMK802 MINI PC - Discussion+ Leno4ekig-by for help in selecting a hub.10.03.13, 18:27
NerekanMK802 MINI PC - Firmware (Android)thank26.02.13, 12:48
ViktuKMK802 MINI PC - DiscussionFor a review of MK803III Remote Client26.02.13, 10:33
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