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pavelA22Qumo libroQumo libro24.04.19, 15:37
ZzzetaForum Rulessavagemessiahzine.com. ExplanationsI agree!12.04.19, 15:01
-Blue-A collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comSolidarity05.04.19, 13:00
BubasIn the profileThank you for caring about the convenience of the curators!06.03.19, 12:28
iNemoS * 45RuIn the profilefor constructive, and efficiency decisions ...04.03.19, 14:41
F1L1MONSite and Forum Suggestionsthank01.03.19, 13:45
KennyIn the profileThank you for listening to suggestions!28.02.19, 17:57
mr-jsIn the profileFor competent management (read your post about the revolt onsavagemessiahzine.com)28.02.19, 07:05
sinner ™Site and Forum SuggestionsThank you so much for the clarification ...27.02.19, 12:19
gardenerSite and Forum SuggestionsThank)26.02.19, 22:24
radioguruSite and Forum SuggestionsFor the forum as a whole!11.02.19, 17:20
HeraldistIn the profileThank you for closing the topic "Removing Super ...". It is high time. :)01.02.19, 07:47
vsemenow2019TelegramFulfill the laws of the Russian Federation11.01.19, 14:42
KokweIn the profileIt was nice to participate!05.01.19, 00:23
4Serg13In the profileCurator Section Development05.01.19, 00:10
madgitIn the profileFor the invaluable contribution to the development of the forum!29.12.18, 15:29
NekoLoverIn the profileFor the creation of a better forum)29.12.18, 04:54
veabroIn the profileThank you for the new category of users "curators"22.12.18, 02:32
DenisGritsunovIn the profileFor the answer and the work on the forum21.12.18, 17:18
StavakvinIn the profileThank!21.12.18, 17:17
DarkShaperIn the profile+ For section Curators21.12.18, 08:15
iMiKEDIn the profileFor curator section20.12.18, 19:52
Nik2001Nik3006In the profileThank20.12.18, 17:13
KennyIn the profileFor the work done! For listening!20.12.18, 16:56
• XENOS •In the profileI wish you, good heart, wisdom and prudence in everything!
Thank you for the wonderful resource.savagemessiahzine.com! : thank_you:
All the best to you! : drinks:
20.12.18, 13:05
Kutep0vWhat's new has appeared while you were awayYou managed to make a trash out of a once good resource. Congratulations!18.12.18, 15:00
NiTRO_31Qumo librothank!18.12.18, 11:53
Lamer ™User Moderation - implementationUseful information16.12.18, 21:24
slava_ussrIn the profileFor Brian Lopez, we Catalans need such literature.10.12.18, 15:34
and-roidInform about what happened - the removal of Super Smartecs"+" For telegrams, in objective reality, it is better to lose one software than a whole forum, alas, many not the most intelligent people do not understand this ... just as they do not understand the situation with smartex: (07.12.18, 03:18
gabbyCyclistssavagemessiahzine.com,Thanks for the book "Riding a Mountain Bike"30.10.18, 16:36
Nik2001Nik3006In the profileat least some answer30.10.18, 12:14
Noble johnA collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comFor the correct answer.03.10.18, 15:49
JynzenbergSite and Forum SuggestionsQuote: ~ Santino ~ @ 09/09/18, 10:33 Given that the site gets financial profit ... -

Considering that you get financial profit from your work, you can make the entrance for you paid. BRAVISSIMO!
21.09.18, 13:00
washerronSite and Forum SuggestionsThanks for the code, useful.10.09.18, 20:11
DDDTKIn the profileMany thanks for the implementation of the wishes of the curators.16.08.18, 19:54
ByeA collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comThank you for clarifying the forum policy.15.08.18, 14:47
mrdi09In the profileremove telegram branches07.08.18, 07:43
katolik163What's new has appeared while you were awayFor 4pda!04.08.18, 10:24
StrangeIn the profileFor the deletion of the Telegram branch. Officially, the court’s decision has not yet been blocked. I should have downloaded the smaller version as a result. Therefore, the minus for this would be better restored, minus the deserved one.01.08.18, 08:43
KennyIn the profileThank! //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=368&view=findpost&p=7509162524.07.18, 18:44
ShaggyboggartAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsWhat is going on with this forum, if even here my post is silently deleted ...: (Where did those sensible moderators go, who are not afraid and who are able to speak and convey a thought, and what kind of "people" have come to their place. It's sad that rarely want to open the forum ...22.07.18, 00:34
Stealth3001Site and Forum SuggestionsThanks for attention.19.07.18, 17:49
gar_alexSite and Forum SuggestionsHere it is right!19.07.18, 15:24
Roc-7A collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comFor clarification!12.07.18, 16:06
RAPTORxDFTelegramFor unreasonable behavior, having no reason at the same time, except for the most base and mean.04.07.18, 16:11
SchenixTelegramHypocritical.03.07.18, 21:12
ĄlrĭcIn the profilePoor admin, attacked him, he is not guilty, that the cart was covered24.06.18, 00:22
StrangeIn the profileJust a plus .. Damn why you close the kumis when you want to ask questions and talk about the resource. It’s wrong to post it.19.06.18, 07:31
nikitakatIn the profileWe will not forget about the telegram .....16.06.18, 19:42
Lumen1313In the profileThis is not a political site. Or you lured your place.11.06.18, 21:59
DenisGritsunovIn the profilePro reputation agree09.06.18, 09:31
Ira_VRTelegramWhy you in addition to everything did not crash the branches connected with Telegram?04.06.18, 01:59
whocares777TelegramCollaborationism03.06.18, 20:53
alexeenkovTelegramThe position of "we are out of politics" is very bad. Your resource will lose from this.03.06.18, 03:26
koshi.donoTelegramThere is no court decision to ban the application only on restricting access to it which is performed by the RNC. Blocking entire subnets of the requirement to remove the application and other encroachments is illegal. Your hypocritical "we just execute the law" look disgusting. Vetka Zello by the way on the spot as LinkedIn.01.06.18, 14:50
NikIOS8CWMTelegramFor the cart. Underpants.28.05.18, 18:13
AlexS_XTelegramIt is very strange to see a branch of an application like this, but, of course, laws must be observed)25.05.18, 08:43
prostochelikIn the profiletelegram24.05.18, 08:25
Serg398TelegramHow can you bend so? That's what it would be with 4pd, if the cart branch was not removed? NOTHING!!! You drive yourself to the grave.23.05.18, 17:07
METALLURG66A collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comProsperity to you!22.05.18, 17:28
dorifutaTelegramdeflection counted19.05.18, 16:07
zojsaTelegramIf you are so law-abiding here, why is the Zello branch not removed, like a Telegram?17.05.18, 22:39
Pandora32Telegramtelegram return ATP16.05.18, 10:03
MarknessTelegram//savagemessiahzine.com/2018/05/15/351275/15.05.18, 12:23
TomatskillTelegramto comply with the law is correct, except when the law begins to border on marasmus.
there is a law, but besides the law there is common sense.
and when the administration of the largest platform on mobile devices in the Russian Federation acts in a similar way, it leaves a huge imprint on the entire resource.
14.05.18, 12:07
VitaliporTelegramBranch with a cart13.05.18, 22:26
vanya007_10In the profileYou and Zharov do not work in the same organization?11.05.18, 22:47
JetonZTelegramgame!11.05.18, 16:07
Nik2001Nik3006TelegramAnd I agree. I don’t want to block the whole site and forum because of one application10.05.18, 08:58
fsangelTelegramThe resource is not obliged to fulfill the requirements of the authorities.09.05.18, 23:23
tania.ignatowaIn the profileFor a telegram! You are already a political (slutty) playground! Very upset by the behavior and action of our administration!09.05.18, 13:32
pavlik9rus46123TelegramI do not agree! All the works of people down the drain.06.05.18, 14:06
maxitrainTelegramterrible position06.05.18, 11:29
TravelPavelTelegramSparrow cannon. And turning 4pda into a political platform.05.05.18, 01:28
GremTelegramNo comments03.05.18, 22:48
KalSerTLTTelegramSorry, but Telegram is not Out of the Law. Only its operation is blocked, but the distribution of the application is NOT prohibited, as is the distribution of information on the circumvention of the blocking of the messenger.02.05.18, 19:00
travka060In the profilecart02.05.18, 17:22
VictorSpTelegramI agree completely!02.05.18, 11:57
METALLURG66TelegramI agree with you about the cart01.05.18, 20:43
Aleks.74TelegramVery useful post, informative. Surely everyone became extremely clear. Be sure to keep us informed about Telegram, when Roskomnadzor recognizes the impossibility of its blocking and the messenger will again be "legitimate." To return a subject, as well as to delete - time to spit.01.05.18, 18:18
mrFFFFFIn the profileThanks for the telegram, "freedom of speech" in all its glory, then, too, delete all the topics about Vpn, all of a sudden with their help they go to forbidden resources01.05.18, 11:03
SnorkuIn the profiletelegram return ATP01.05.18, 03:25
redbladeTelegramReturn the cart29.04.18, 16:53
mcarrowlawIn the profileFor understanding and ability to negotiate.
Although probably the tone was at first too high;)
28.04.18, 11:45
GlebfoxTelegramShow me the law which says that the telegram is forbidden ??? At least, it was possible not to delete the months of labor of people.28.04.18, 00:12
Jan95TelegramFor the removal of branches telegrams. For neglecting the freedom of speech. The Constitution (Article 29p.5): "Freedom of mass information is guaranteed. Censorship is prohibited."27.04.18, 14:36
AxgurnovTelegramBlocking does not mean that the application (.apk) is forbidden to store and distribute. Banned only site.27.04.18, 03:53
DaredeeTelegramfor mob law, when Stalin was not like this! : D26.04.18, 17:38
super.nikita100In the profileI will not put a minus. In the eyes fall gradually.26.04.18, 13:51
sect0rTelegramI can not join other people who put a minus for the removal of those on the TG. Guys, you yourself do not understand what mistake you make. Well, also for lowering karma to many points at once, making it difficult to write in topics. It was 14.9, then again returned to 15, although there were no warnings.26.04.18, 09:37
boodyskarfTelegramfor deleting a branch telegram25.04.18, 19:55
ALEX @!TelegramSpoke nonsense. Blocking does not mean that the application (.apk) is prohibited to store and distribute. Banned only site.25.04.18, 18:49
Mybeauty2304TelegramHmm25.04.18, 14:54
bikkeyTelegramTelegrams in Russia are illegal, whether we like it or not. Alas.
This means only one thing: any resource of the Russian Federation is obliged to fulfill the requirements of the law.

Any other arguments, speculation and reasoning do not make sense, as long as Telegram is outlawed.
Turnsavagemessiahzine.comIn the political platform, we have not planned and will not.
25.04.18, 11:00
VasilichIn the profileFor work :)25.04.18, 09:15
AdeptuzTelegramInfringement of freedom of speech, ignoring the constitution of the Russian Federation25.04.18, 01:25
HOCOBTelegramFor the removal of the branch telegrams22.04.18, 08:32
DREAMER ™In the profileI am not satisfied with the fact that the telegram topics have been deleted, but the minus is not set correctly and low)21.04.18, 23:04
domovenok68In the profileFor patience.21.04.18, 22:51
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